Hill$ong – just misunderstood

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11 thoughts on “Hill$ong – just misunderstood

  1. Rubbish.

    Steady Eddie would get a bigger crowd than Brian and make more sense.

    Why would you invite Brian anywhere?

    I’d prefer Spong.


  2. Meaning that if Brian accepted every invitation to speak he wouldn’t be in his trendy atmosphere anymore he’d be constantly traveling around. So he’s obviously appealing to more people than a lot of other preachers.


  3. It’s the trendy atmosphere.

    Nothing at all to with the preaching.

    Take away the music and they’d all go somewhere else.

    Most are from other churches.


  4. If this wasn’t groupsects and I didn’t have to worry about offending anyone …..I’d say that Brian looked really gay with the blue jeans and mustache in his early days. 🙂


  5. Funny the way they call Hillsong a religion.

    But this was a ridiculously favourable interview. Looks like Hillsong has won! Maybe all the attacks have helped. Someone should write another book against Hillsong so they can break the 50,000 barrier.


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