Marketing Mark Driscoll – updated*


Opposing Views reports…

“Mars Hill Church in Seattle, Wash. made news last week when it was revealed that the mega-church paid more than $200K to a marketing company get a book written by Pastor Mark Driscoll on numerous bestseller lists.

Now, college professor Warren Throckmorton reports on that Mars Hill Church requires its employees to sign to non-disclosure agreements, which they must obey or face losing their health insurance and severance pay when they leave their church jobs.

According to WORLD Magazine, Mars Hill Church’s non-disclosure agreement  threatens legal action if the employee has “any intentional or unintentional violation,” which includes saying anything disparaging about the church. This also includes the employee’s spouse.

Former Mars Hill Church elder Dave Kraft, who refused to sign the agreement, told WORLD magazine that it “amounts to a gag order.”

Throckmorton notes on that former Mars Hill Church leader Jeff Bettger has spoken out on Facebook in support of Kraft and claims Mars Hill Church members are “experiencing a form of Stockholm syndrome.”

In Jan., The Charlotte Observer reported that another mega-church, the Elevation Church in Charlotte, N.C., requires employees and volunteers to sign a “confidentiality agreement” which also threatens legal action, if violated.”



10 thoughts on “Marketing Mark Driscoll – updated*

  1. $200 000 for a plagiarised book?

    How do you get in on this scheme?

    “However, it’s not clear How Mars Hill Church buying its own pastor’s book is telling “lots of people about Jesus.”

    College professor Warren Throckmorton has noted numerous times on about possible plagiarism by Pastor Driscoll in Real Marriage.

    Throckmorton noted how passages from Religion Saves: And Nine Other Misconceptions published in 2009 were nearly identical to Real Marriage published in 2012.

    In another article on, Throckmorton noted the lack of citation credit in Real Marriage was given to another “source” book, Rid of My Disgrace by Justin and Lindsey Holcomb, which was published in 2011.

    Real Marriage also used extensive content from the book The Wounded Heart by Dan Allender, but failed to give proper citation, reported Throckmorton on

    Most recently, Throckmorton noted in how Pastor Driscoll used content from Pastor Tim Keller in a 2009 speech.”


  2. For reason I was thinking it was 20k.

    But, 200,000 is a lot of money.

    My personal feeling is that either Pastors need to be putting all the money back into the church and not getting the royalties, or accept that they are benefitting financially from all this and not expect all the volunteer work.

    It would be one thing if people gave their time freely, and church funds were used to promote literature as ministry and outreach etc, but there’s a clear benefit for the ones writing the books.

    And most writers (and musicians.public speakers) don’t get the benefit of the time and energy of hundreds of volunteers. eg. Stage hands and people who work in bookshops usually get paid.

    But if everyone in the church is happy with it, that’s their business I suppose.


  3. @Signed&gagged.

    Ministry is tough. All you can do is remember in the future to treat people how you would have liked to been treated.


  4. Funny thought… “a friend of mine” got fired that year from Mars Hill cause they couldn’t afford to keep him as paid staff however they offered him to stay on as a lay pastor…so kind. Anyway I wonder how many other folks lost their jobs due to negligent use of church funds. hmmm…
    signed & gagged


  5. And Ron don’t you think the sermon series was also timed to increase sales to those diligent members who want more info


  6. You realize that the week that this book became #1 in the “Advice and Misc Category” was the week after the sermon series started at the Mars Hill Locations, right? I think that is the reason that “It immediately fell off the list” more so than an ploys or marketing tricks.


  7. The way people get on best seller lists is pretty fascinating. The days of just writing a song or a book or making a movie and hoping people will like it are long gone

    Driscoll is pretty good with PR.


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