Sideshow Danny denies he’s a ‘crazy lunatic’


A Rise Up Australia media release announces…

“During the 2013 Federal Election Campaign, ‘The Morning Show’ on Channel 7, in particular special guests James Thomas and Laura Sparks, mocked and made fun of the National President of Rise Up Australia Party, Daniel Nalliah, because he called for an end to the word ‘Multiculturalism’ and for it to be replaced with the word ‘Multi-Ethnic’, despite that fact that Mr Nalliah made it very clear that he was not against immigration in the shown footage from Sunrise.

Nevertheless, this did not prevent the un-informed James & Laura from calling him a ‘Crazy Lunatic’.

You may click the following link to watch 4 minutes of video footage from Channel Seven Morning Show.

Rise Up Australia Party President Daniel Nalliah stated, “If I was a Crazy Lunatic then why has our new PM Tony Abbott removed the portfolio of Minister for Multicultural Affairs and changed the name of the Immigration Department from Immigration & Multicultural Affairs to Immigration & Border Protection???“

Furthermore, on several occasions David Koch from Channel 7 Sunrise who interviewed Mr Nalliah, challenged him on his views on Multiculturalism.  Well, who is the winner??  Several of RUAP policies have already been put into place by the current government and we say hats off to PM Tony Abbott for taking these points up and implementing them within the first few months of taking office.

Will Channel 7 have the common courtesy of giving the RUAP National President the due credit for standing up against Multiculturalism as RUAP was the only party who was willing to take a stand against Multiculturalism, which has proven to be a failure in UK, France, Germany, Holland and in most parts of Europe.

The former ALP Minister for Multicultural Affairs, Kate Lundy, who was very disappointed that PM Tony Abbott took such quick steps to remove the Multicultural Ministers portfolio, stated “I think it’s profoundly disappointing for all of those people who devote themselves to that part of our community sector and are engaged in our multicultural communities.  We worked very hard as a federal Labor government to lift both the status and the substance of the multicultural affairs portfolio and unfortunately the coalition government has taken some pretty giant steps backwards.”

Mr Nalliah stated from his office this morning, “I am very pleased that our PM has not bowed down to political correctness. Removing the word Multiculturalism will protect Australia for generations to come. It was just ONE word called ‘Nazism’ saw the deaths of millions. It was just ONE word called ‘Communism’ which also saw the deaths of millions. The West needs to wake up quickly.  If not, Multiculturalism might be worse than Nazism or Communism.”



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