George Pell at the Royal Commission – updated*


The Australian reports…

“Cardinal George Pell has ended his appearance before a royal commission into child sexual abuse with a formal apology to the victim of a paedophile priest.

However Dr Pell read out the formal apology to John Ellis without once looking at the former altar boy, even though he was sitting just metres away.

Dr Pell said that, speaking personally, the church had failed Mr Ellis and that as the former archbishop of Sydney he took ultimate responsibility for the suffering and the terrible impact on his life.

“At the end of this gruelling appearance for both of us at this royal commission, I want to publicly say sorry to him for the hurt caused him by the mistakes made,” Dr Pell said.

Dr Pell kept his eyes down while reading the statement and, after being excused, walked from the hearing room afterwards without looking at Mr Ellis, who has sat in the front row throughout the hearing.

Observers in the room became agitated during Dr Pell’s statement, with some people calling out “look at him”.

Mr Ellis was a 13-year-old altar boy in the Sydney parish of Bass Hill when paedophile priest Father Aidan Duggan began abusing him.

Dr Pell takes over as head of the Vatican’s finances in Rome on Monday.”



2 thoughts on “George Pell at the Royal Commission – updated*

  1. “Pell told the commission that up until 1996 Australia was leading the way in the Catholic Church’s treatment of victims of sexual abuse by priests…”

    Now that can be read a couple of ways….


  2. Pell is a disgusting individual who needs to resign as a Catholic priest, then turn to Jesus and repent.


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