Bishop Gene Robinson to divorce husband


msnbc reports…

“Gene Robinson, the first openly gay Episcopalian bishop who became a symbol of how faith and support for LGBT rights can coexist, is getting a divorce from his longtime husband Mark Andrew.

In a column for The Daily Beast, Robinson writes that “It is at least a small comfort to me, as a gay rights and marriage equality advocate, to know that like any marriage, gay and lesbian couples are subject to the same complications and hardships that afflict marriages between heterosexual couples.” 

Robinson’s selection as bishop of the New Hampshire diocese in 2003 was the beginning of an ongoing schism between conservatives and liberals within the Anglican Church over the issue of LGBT rights. In 2010, Robinson announced his intention to step down in 2013, citing “death threats” and “the worldwide controversy” over his selection. 

“Everyone acknowledges they know where this is going, that gay marriage is becoming a reality,” Robinson told the New York Times in 2009, shortly after the Episcopal Church voted to allow same-sex marriages. “But we’re trying to bring our people along.”



11 thoughts on “Bishop Gene Robinson to divorce husband

  1. Sure, you can sleep with anyone you like Bones. Especially now that you aren’t a Christian.

    Gene is available now too. Maybe you can give him a call. lol


  2. A New Sexual Alphabet

    Do you get confused right after the first “T” in LGBTTQQIIAA? Me too. And do we even need all those letters? Must we place people in sexual categories? Of course we must. But I think we can do a better job with that than we are. For sexual descriptives, I would like to suggest that we should employ every letter of the alphabet to stand for:

    None of your business


  3. But everything aside and in all sincerity, I hope Gene Robinson finds happiness. God loves him.
    I think he did and is doing what he thinks is right, as most of us are. We all see through a glass darkly. Most of all me.


  4. OH, I didn’t even post it…got carried away! lol Gay marriage is an interesting topic for me because not only is it so important that evangelicals or anyone opposed are now losing jobs over it, but on a personal note, I’ve been harassed by homosexuals who couldn’t keep their hands to themselves. (not saying all are like that..

    anyway, here’s one article for a start.

    “What gays can teach straights about marriage, according to some people.

    Of all the things that Tom and Tina Average might want for their marriage, one they have quite likely never thought of is innovation. It is the kind of word they might look for in the home improvement pages of the weekend paper or on their favourite consumer website, but not in a marriage guidance brochure.

    Yet California author Joe Quirk, for one, believes that “traditional American marriage is in crisis” and a new look is what it needs. What does he have in mind? For a start, “insights” from married gay and lesbian couples. Interviewed by the New York Times, Quirk argues that, “If innovation in marriage is going to occur, it will be spearheaded by homosexual marriages.”

    If you are you wondering what kind of brave new marriage that would be, two recent studies give us an inkling of what to expect.

    The recently published Gay Couples Study conducted by Colleen Hoff at the Center for Research on Gender and Sexuality, San Francisco, looked at the relationships of 566 committed gay couples (males) over a three-year period. The study showed that 47 per cent of gay couples had “sex agreements” that specifically allowed sexual activity with others. An additional 8 per cent of couples were split: one person favored sex outside the relationship and the other expected monogamy. Only 45 per cent described their relationships as monogamous.

    Proponents of “marriage equality” sing their refrain over and over: “Our relationships are just the same as yours.”

    Not even close. While just 7 per cent of Americans believe that adultery (sexual infidelity by married, heterosexual partners) is morally acceptable, Dr Hoff’s report emphasizes that nearly 50 per cent of gays in committed relationships specifically affirm sexual infidelity. Other research shows shockingly higher rates (75-95 per cent) of non-monogamy in long-term gay relationships.”

    YEah, so Greg, I think many adding other people into a relationship complicates things.

    If you want I can keep posting. I’Ve learned a thing or two from Talmud Bones from Bundaberg!


  5. If you like, I’ll post other studies, and quotes from homosexuals.

    But he’s one, but not the original one I was thinking about.

    Obviously, some people will argue that monogamy is not all it’s cracked up to be.

    By the way, did you see the article about the three lesbians? They call themselves “poly” because they say they were “born” polyamorous”. So you might have to add another letter to the gbt whatever.

    Wait, glbtq no GLBQT, i forget. But let’s call it GLBQTP. It just keeps getting longer. Probably next year there’ll be another special interest group that wants to add a letter.

    Anyway, read up on the three lesbians. One lesbian has divorce two women and only then realised that she should accept who she was. A “Poly”. She wants legal recognition. As do the others.

    But in any of our discussion, nobody has ever answered me about bisexuals and their “rights” and “plight”, and how we can arrange some kind of equality for them.

    Obviously those who aren’t P or B (poly or bisexual) but only G or L will argue that we should uphold the “traditional” understanding and definition of marriage as being between ONLY two people who love each other.

    But Bs and Ps will no doubt, ( and in the case of the three Ls who married in some kind of wedding ceremony ( it would have brought a tear to the eyes of may liberals when they saw the love and three lesbians expressing the way they were born…….), okay lets get back to it.. Bs and Ps will no doubt argue that they will only really be fulfilled and be able to exercise their rights if they can have at LEAST a three person marriage. Remember the song “torn between two lovers…..”.

    Well imagine a person BORN bisexual. This poor man loves a man, and another woman equally. And they love him. They believe in “marriage” and want the same right to formalise their relationship.

    And lets remember, psychiatrists tell us that yes virginia, there really are bisexuals and they aren’t bad, and they aren’t sick. That’s the beautiful way they were born. Like a, well like a beautiful rainbow!

    So, Mr B (short for Mr Bisexual, is faced with complete discrimination. HIs homosexual lover who you tolerate to an extent liberals will allow to marry can have hospital visitation rights. But MR B is also in love to the same degree with a woman! But under the current law, homosexuals can visit their spouses. Heterosexuals can visit their spouses. But he will call me a bigot because I define marriage as being between a man and a woman, but he will also attack the narrow minded bigots who recognise only a marriage between two people! So, the person who loves him equally, will not be able to visit the dying lover. WOw. Maybe there will be a suicide over it!!!!!! And we all know, that we need to stop this terrible situation where people are committing suicide.

    And of course this applies to the three poly lesbians too… Now they have had some kind of legal agreement, but for them it doesn’t go far enough. And

    Now, what will get really interesting is what happens to those beautiful ULTRA splendid double rainbow people who are PBs (polyamorous bisexuals).

    Every argument that anyone brings up against polyamorous bisexual marriage, is the same as being brought up now. Namely, the big SS argument. SS, hey just thought about that. Gay nazis and their SS argument. “Shellfish and slaves”. Can’t argue anything from the BIble because if polymarous bisexual relationships are wrong, then so is eating shellfish….

    And of course Christians justified slavery, So we can’t let them stop us from re-redefining marriage to allow for REAL marriage equality.

    So, let’s rewrite those schoolbooks. Kids need to learn that some people will only really be sexually, romantically and emotionally satisfied and have true equality if they can marry two men AND two women. So then there were five. Bit more radical that the three beautiful polyamorous lesbians in the US, but, pretty understandable when you realise that …they were BORN that way.

    update. should be GLBTQP(PB). See you at the mardi gras.

    ANyway, I’ll keep copy and pasting more articles WRITTEN by HOMOSEXUALS themselves who talk about the little secret – that are radically large amount of homosexual men in COMMITTED relationships have open relationships. But, they still want the right to get married.
    And that would be legal. As for the church’s response, Christians are going to have to think about how to handle poly people and bisexuals who want the church to bless their relationships.

    Which for me will be easy, because I have always argued that Jesus defines marriage as between a man an a woman. But, some of you will argue that Jesus actually spoke a lot about the poor, but didn’t say anything about bisexuals, or polymarous lesbians. Though, he does love them! I’ll give him that..

    Sorry for the long post.

    Hey wouldn’t it be funny if this Gene guy whose homosexuality was so important that he didn’t care if he split the church decided that he wanted to go back to his wife?

    Nah, probably just found a nice young homo guy with nice abs?
    Maybe a footballer eh Bones? Then you couldn’t blame him…
    There’s just something about strong manly gay footballers that Bones finds strangely irresistible…..


  6. Not my view , but what I’ve read. I’ll try and find the article. not all but a high number of male homosexual couple have open relationships,

    That then becomes a different concept of marriage.
    And brings complications.


  7. “like any marriage, gay and lesbian couples are subject to the same complications and hardships that afflict marriages between heterosexual couples.”

    Actually homosexual marriages face different challenges. They aren’t exactly the same. Many gays acknowledge that.


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