Australia’s ‘English heresy’


One thought on “Australia’s ‘English heresy’

  1. The dude who delivers the main message of this clip and the dude at the end of this clip both make mention of the instruction (presumably given by Jesus) to “baptise all nations.” But when we read Matthew 28:19 (King James Version) about the great commission, it gives the instruction “Go ye therefore and teach all nations…” followed by “…baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and the Holy Ghost:” Whether reading the literal English or by exegesis, it is clear that there are two instructions that Jesus gives in the verse. The first to “teach all nations” the second to “baptize them into…”

    Has the first instruction been replaced by the second, and now become the primary instruction?

    The Greek word “matheteusate” for the English word “teach” has as its parsing: 2nd person, plural number, aorist tense, active voice, imperative mood. The parsing of this word alone approximates its literal meaning (teach) to include an expanded meaning for example: “Jesus is commanding us, not asking us or suggesting to us (imperative mood), that we teach or discipline or instruct all the nations.” Obviously, to teach discipline and instruct all nations to be followers of Jesus. Not to be followers of oneself or followers of a particular denomination over that of another. This is clear.

    In this regard, does anyone know what denomination is linked or aligned to? In this article it seems to be aligned to the Catholic Church. Does anyone know? I ask because both dudes talk about what seems to be the only great commission as that of “baptize all nations” rather than “teach all nations”. No mention was made of “teach all nations” and the emphasis seemed to be only on and about “baptize all nations”. And if this is what is actually meant, to me it has profound implications in terms of what is the common practice by denominations of engaging believers for the purposes of allocating them to membership in a church by baptism, rather than allowing the Holy Spirit to embed them into the body of Christ and doing everything the Holy Spirit does for us, from that point on.

    So, does anyone know what denomination is linked or aligned to? And has anyone else seen this change of instruction for the great commission being articulated this way in other churches? Cheers.


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