Christian slushie protest


Gay News Network reports…

“An anti-gay protestor in Grandville Michigan got more that she bargained for on Mothers Day when an angry woman threw a slushie over her.

Christine Weick decided to celebrate Mothers Day by standing at a busy local intersection holding up a large banner reading “Thank your Mom today for not being gay”.

As a crew from a 24 hour news channel turned up to interview Weick, another woman Jessica Prince approached and threw a slushie over Weick, and swore at her. An altercation ensued during which Weick threatened Prince with pepper spray.

Police arrived on the scene after Prince had already left.

Other pro-gay protestors turned up with their own signs, such as one that read “Thank your Mom if you’re not a bigot. Judge not.”

“Truth is hate to those that hate the truth, and this is the truth,” Weick told 24 Hour News 8

“They don’t like it and they label me a hater, and it isn’t that at all. I love them enough to tell them they are on the wrong path.”

Weick told police she intended to press charges against Prince.”



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