Don’t mess with this Baptist Church – updated*

Pic:Toowoomba Chronicle


The Toowoomba Chronicle reports…

“Ron Williams is now waiting for two judgments – one from the High Court and the other from somewhere even higher.

The anti-school chaplaincy campaigner was taken aback by a church billboard which seemed to warn of what may await him at the Pearly Gates yesterday.

However, it may be a simple case of first-day-on-the-job oversight by the Eiser St Baptist Church’s new volunteer billboard writer.

Ken Clark said naivete about the world of text messages or “txt-speak” had contributed to the Freudian-sounding slip.

“Sometimes when my daughter is texting, she’ll write ‘meet you later ron’ instead of ‘later on’,” Mr Clark said.

“I’m not actually having a dig at anybody – I even have a brother called Ron.”

Mr Clark said he never imagined his first attempt at writing the church’s billboard would create such uproar.

However, he did believe the fight to stop chaplains operating in state schools was unwise.

“From what I’ve heard, a lot of kids that won’t talk to their parents or teachers will talk to a chaplain.

“It could be the difference between life and death when it comes to suicide.

“Kids do it, and we wouldn’t know until the statistics are released three years down the track.”

Mr Williams took the public message in his stride.

“It’s an uncanny coincidence,” he said.”



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