Somebody’s knockin’ – updated*

Vodpod videos no longer available.


The Tennessean reports…

“The former preacher accused of breaking into his parishioners’ homes and stealing their pain pills was sentenced today for his Nashville arrest.

Rickey Reed, 57, appeared before Judge Cheryl Blackburn in May, but his official sentencing had been postponed until he could be sentenced in Rutherford County for violation of probation in the same arrest. Reed was charged with aggravated burglary of Jewel Proper’s home in 2013, when she arrived home to find him leaving her house with a handful of painkillers. He pleaded guilty on March 27.

Rutherford County Judge David Bragg sentenced Reed earlier this month to spend a year in Spring 2 Life rehabilitation center in Woodbury. On Friday, Blackburn sentenced Reed to three years of community corrections to begin immediately after his Rutherford County sentence ends.”



5 thoughts on “Somebody’s knockin’ – updated*

  1. ” I’ve tried some other churches, and it’s just like putting on a brand-new pair of shoes; they just don’t feel as good.”

    I think this is the most interesting quote.


  2. I think there may be more to it than that when someone speaking for Reed says

    (from the article)
    “Balzer said. “There has been a problem with some pain, and that took him places he didn’t want to go.””


  3. So they have a video of him rattling a door handle, so what?

    May be the kid wasnt a mongoloid after all, he might just have been stoned all the time.

    The old bag shouldnt have been so greedy anyhow.


  4. ” She said church members pressured her not to go to the police.”

    Most likely, there’s a fair chunk of those members who are themselves addicted to drugs, medically prescribed or not.


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