I can explain, darlings


NTV reports…

“In a rather dramatic turn of events, a pastor was accused of dating two girls who are members of his church in Pipeline. The man of God was allegedly seeing these two girls who happened to be completely unaware that they were two sides of his one coin.

The pastor of the Esteemed Gospel Chapel along Pipeline was dating two female members of his flock.

All hell broke loose for the pastor, when the two female members realized that they were dating him at the same time.

Angered by these revelations, the two ladies decided to air their dirty laundry in public and at the same time confront the pastor. The confrontation between the two women and the pastor drew large crowds as many curious onlookers gathered to witness the spectacle.

The two women who have been avid members of the church demanded answers from the pastor.”

From http://ntv.nation.co.ke/news2/topheadlines/double-dealing-pastor-two-women-accuse-pastor-of-betraying-their-love/


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