Christians ignore ‘homeless’ pastor


Donnie Hatcher writes…

“I am a local pastor who lives 10 min south of Baltimore. I was convicted of my own actions and it prompted a social experiment.

Sadly, I found too many church leaders like myself who ignore people with needs.

Let’s all live with new awareness. Let the Church rise up and be the hands and feet of Christ as we serve those in need, first in our own communities and then outwardly in our states, regions, country, and the world.

May our goal be to honor Christ with our actions because it is by our love that others will know that we are disciples of Jesus.”



2 thoughts on “Christians ignore ‘homeless’ pastor

  1. “and it seems that almost everyone has something to say about the Catholic church. ”

    A opposed to Mr Allan G Reid who has something to say about EVERYONE!

    Sorry, that should have been Allen G Reid! From the Breton language I believe….

    Anyway, thanks for the Greek lesson Mr Allen G Reid.



  2. A basic examination of the Greek text will show that the church is not the body of Christ. And a basic examination of the etymology of the English word church shows it is from the Greek word kuriakos which variously means lord, master, despot etc. depending on the context.

    The ekklesia is the body of Christ, not the church. Trying to get a thing called church to stand up and be something it is not, nor could it ever be, is looking in the wrong direction for the right thing and taking believers in the wrong direction. The ekklesia is made up of people, believers like you and me. The Greek text in the epistles will talk about the ekklesia in Corinthe, or the ekklesia in Phillipi, or the ekklesia in this locality, or in that locality. It is always about the ekklesia, not about the locality. Our Lord (kuriakos) brought the principle and practice of unity to a divided world but churches successfully divide the ekklesia into this denomination or that denomination. Saturday worshippers disagree with Sunday worshippers and it seems that almost everyone has something to say about the Catholic church. When churches divide what Jesus made whole and into one, I call that a crime against humanity.

    Furthermore, the body of Christ is a spiritual entity. It doesn’t have corruptible flesh blood and bone and it doesn’t need to have membership registers and rules of engagement that comply with the laws of the land. It is not a physical building and it cannot be seen with physical eyes. It doesn’t observe specific days of the week to engage and to worship our Creator but is always in 24/7/365 direct connection with Jesus and the Father through the Holy Spirit. The body of Christ, composed of all its ekklesia members in the past present and future is nothing like the thing we today call the church, that is based on the template created for it by human design in what was then the Roman Catholic church, later expanded to include the Protestant church/s and later Pentecostal church/s.

    The ekklesia is the body of Christ. The church is not the body of Christ. It cannot stand up and do what the author of the above article hopes it will do. Never could, and never will. But please don’t just take my word for it, check it out yourself. Kuriakos in the Greek text is never translated into the English word church, but ekklesia often is.


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