A flimsy excuse to post a John Oliver video


Gay Star News reports…

“British comic John Oliver is being attacked by the anti-gay rights pastor Scott Lively.

In a recent segment highlighting the US influence on Uganda’s homophobic law on his HBO show Last Week Tonight, Oliver named Lively as one of the evangelicals who travelled to the country.

Back in 2009, the pastor did fly to Uganda to promote his homophobic views and was allowed to speak for five hours in front of parliament.

‘If your hard on for homophobia lasts five hours,’ Oliver joked, ‘you need to seek medical attention.’

He also shared clips of Lively telling Ugandans it is common in America for ‘lesbians to molest other women’, equating homosexuality with pedophilia and calling gays ‘monsters’ and ‘Nazis’.

Oliver did share a clip of Lively disavowing any responsibility to do with the law.

‘Oh no, no, of course not,’ Oliver said. “You were simply saying: ‘Look guys, gay people are dangerous insidious Nazis,…do with that information what you will. Lively out. Lively out.’

But now, Lively has called Oliver out for his ‘malicious LGBT propaganda’.

Writing on his website, the pastor said: ‘I’m calling out John Oliver as a liar and a fraud who couldn’t go ten minutes with me in an unscripted, unedited debate.

‘Without his teleprompter and his cheap-shot, out-of-context video clips he would be exposed as just another left-wing loony.

‘Oliver is lying through selective editing re Rwanda and several other points. His show was one continuous stream of malicious LGBT propaganda in the guise of comedy.’

Lively is currently on trial for crimes against humanity over his alleged influence on the Ugandan anti-gay law….”

From http://www.gaystarnews.com/article/john-oliver-attacked-pastor-his-malicious-gay-propaganda030714#sthash.HHbBGVFP.dpuf

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