The Lamest Story Ever Told


Hallels reports…

“Alcorn Entertainment together with Warner Brothers will be releasing HILLSONG – LET HOPE RISE, a documentary film about the rise of Hillsong United in 2015….”



2 thoughts on “The Lamest Story Ever Told

  1. Hi, salt and light i am wondering if you follow Christ or you are one of those who prefer to follow Brian and Bobbie. They are one of the most heartless human beings you will ever come across. They will take money from anyone to promote their lust for power and fame and call it serving God or putting God first .please read 2 Timothy 6:3-10 AMP then read 2 Corinthian 8:12 NLT Paul warned christian about these money hungry wolves. Run for your life they are selfish and arrogant deceived by their own greed and selfish ambition. I know them well. PS I am a very wealthy business man blessed by God who received everything through faith in Christ for free. Faith in Christ is all you need not giving your money to these wolves, financial blessing is included in Gods Grace that is free for anyone who believes.


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