Car drives into Westboro protesters


The Kansas City Star reports…

“A Sunday night protest in Kansas City by the Westboro Baptist Church was interrupted when someone drove a car onto a sidewalk and into the group.

None of the 12 protesters was injured. The female driver eluded police who were monitoring the protest when the incident occurred just after 7 p.m. near 18th and Oak streets.

The Topeka-based group, known for its anti-gay stance and picketing at the funerals of U.S. soldiers, was protesting an event at the CrossroadsKC at Grinders venue, according to Kansas City police reports.

The venue’s website shows that the group Panic at the Disco was performing there Sunday night.

According to police reports, two officers saw a gold Mercury Sable drive onto the sidewalk and “into” the group of protestors at the corner of 18th and Oak.

The vehicle then headed west on 18th Street “at a high rate of speed,” police reported.

The officers attempted to catch up but the Mercury eluded them and last was seen heading north on Broadway from 18th Street.

Westboro group members did not want to prosecute or provide information to police. They continued to protest for about 10 minutes before departing, according to police.”


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