Hill$ong pastors leave after ‘disagreements’



The Christian Telegraph reports…

“Evgeniy and Vera Kasevich, the former senior pastors of the “Hillsong” church in Kiev and Moscow, decided to start [a] new church in Miami (Florida, USA). They reported this in a letter to the editor of NCW, reports Christian Telegraph invictory.com in reference to the NCW.

“First of all, we want to express our love to all the churches, pastors and believers in all Russian-speaking countries. Those who stand firmly on the foundation of the Word of God, and for those, who in this difficult time for our people (we do not separate the Russians from Ukrainian people), and in the power of the Spirit preach about peace, love, patience and unity. For us, it was a difficult time as well, but it was a very blessed time. We deliberately took a break to spend more time with God to get a direction for our future ministry for Him. We are extremely thankful for our radical conversion, for all the years which He has entrusted to us the honor and privilege to build His Kingdom in “Hillsong” church in Kiev and Moscow,” noted Evgeniy Kasevich.

“God knows, we have tried to do the best we could and what we were capable of as humans, and often we did more, even beyond our ability… And God has made it clear that because we were faithful to Him in the place, where He has called us to build for almost 22 years, now He will bless the new place and the ministry there, which we will select. We tried to be open to the need of building the Kingdom of God and with the confirmation of the prophecies and councils, we decided to become pioneers and open His church in a place, where there is a very acute need for it, and that’s Miami (Florida, USA),” said the ministers.

“As ironic as it would seem, the fact is that for about one hundred thousand people from the Russian-speaking population in the city, there are none living, modern Russian churches. We know that it is a difficult demographic group of people and that in America there should be English-speaking churches. Therefore, we will build a multi-ethnic church… We are grateful for the prayers and any kind of support, because we believe that it is God’s work to save people, and it will succeed with the support of many people,” told Kasevich.

Recall, that Evgeniy and Vera left the pastoral ministry of Kiev “Hillsong” Church in February, after 16 years of service and some disagreements with the central community in Australia.”

From http://www.christiantelegraph.com/issue23851.html


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