Phoenix pastor Steven Anderson on Robin Williams



3 thoughts on “Phoenix pastor Steven Anderson on Robin Williams

  1. I prefer seeing Steven Anderson lying bleeding at the feet of those who profoundly tazered his dumb ass:


  2. To the preacher in the video: I get your point preacher man and yes, you’re right, that these things sometimes happen because so many folks in Hollywood are miserable inside, since they don’t have the Lord in their lives… However, the fact is that you don’t know what went on in the last moments of this man’s life. It’s the Roman Catholic Church that teaches suicide is an unforgivable sin, but God’s Word does not teach that (and, no, I am not condoning suicide). We simply do not know whether Robin was crying out to God in the midst of his tormented last moments on earth, so neither you nor anyone else can definitively say that Robin is in hell. Certainly this should give people pause to think, but be careful sir…

    And also, where is your compassion? We’ve all seen plenty of the so-called preachers of the Gospel, who spend more time working on homilies to orrate from their fancy church pulpits than they do trying to reach out to hurting people like Robin? You speak rather harshly of him, but I wonder how often you prayed for him? I wonder how many times you tried to write him or visit him. It’s one thing to mount your golden pulpit to tell everyone how it’s supposed to be done… It’s quite another thing to demonstrate the love and compassion of Jesus with your life. Where is the expression of sorrow in your words? I did not hear or see it. I would expect someone so sure that this man is in hell would be weeping from the pulpit, but you were not.

    Before you speak so confidently and judgmentally about people in Hollywood, you ought to consider your own life lest you fall. It might be said, in one respect, that you too are an “actor” of sorts, when you play religion from the comfort of a church building, while the world is outside needing someone to demonstrate the example of God’s love and concern. While you stand there in a pulpit, you might consider the whole man-made invention of organized religion you support that Scripture absolutely does NOT. Or the professional role of Pastor, which also does not exist in Scripture. There are plenty of things I am certain that you support, probably in ignorance, that are no more a part of God’s plan than Robin wearing a dress to make people laugh.

    The word hypocrite means “actor” and certainly Robin was an actor (by profession)… However, Jesus (despite His often harsh words to the Pharisees, whom He also called hypocrites/actors) loved them too. He went to their homes for dinner. He shared the truth with them, He demonstrated God’s love to them, and yes He died for them too! He cried, “Father forgiven FOR THEY KNOW NOT WHAT THEY DO!” He showed love to thieves, prostitutes, and the religiously-despised… AND THEY RECEIVED HIM! While the religious rejected others, Jesus was talking about non-religious Samaritan’s who demonstrated true compassion for those like the man beaten by the side of the road. While the religious would not associate with some people in society, Jesus would sit down by a well and talk. While the religious despised sinners and were plenty vocal about them, Jesus healed their lame, commended their faith, and touched their lives. While you stand in a cozy church building, Jesus is out on the streets, in the gutters, in the strip clubs, in the darkest places on earth, wooing the hearts of sinners to come home.

    And aren’t you also an actor by profession? You pretend to be a mouthpiece for God, yet you take money for it in your paid position as a pastor? Didn’t Jesus say you cannot serve both God and mammon? Didn’t Jesus also say in John 10 that a hired man is NOT a real shepherd (pastor)? There are all kinds of “actors” out there my friend. Don’t be so arrogant to think the label cannot apply to you. And if I am wrong about you in this, then I beg your pardon, but I encourage you to walk with grace and humility and pray for others and set an example that demonstrates the heart of the Lord, which is mercy.

    I have no problem with a call to repentance or that you preach the Gospel and even warn people of hell, just make sure you walk in an attitude of grace, mercy, love and truth. I’m not saying you have to be soft. But you need to allow the Lord to humble you and His heart needs to shine through. Instead of using Robin as a platform for you to dance on stage and act like you’re a fiery preacher, why not weep and cry for Robin’s family who is hurting right now. Why not call your church to pray for his wife and kids? Why not make some attempt to reach out to them in love and demonstrate the goodness of God – for don’t you know it is HIS kindness that leads us to repentance. Where is your kindness? I am waiting to see fruit brother! We’re all waiting! We have heard enough noisy gongs clanging in the wind throughout Christendom!

    Show us the heart of the Lord! Let us see a demonstration of God’s love and passion! We’ve seen enough of yours. The world has seen enough religion… Time to show them some reality! Sadly, I doubt they will see much of it from those who are content to sit in pews and preach only from pulpits and play church games. I fear more for your souls than those in Hollywood that are crying out for freedom… Would to God that more of His people would hear the cries the Lord hears and go and be His vessel. This challenge includes me. I do not want to turn a deaf ear any longer to the things that break God’s heart and to those He longs to touch through us.


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