Black Mass protest


The Oklahoman reports…

“About half the people who bought tickets for a satanic group’s “black mass” showed up for the event Sunday at the Civic Center Music Hall, 201 N Walker.

Even so, the group’s leader Adam Daniels said he was pleased with the outcome — calling it a victory because “we got it done.”

As hundreds of people outside the venue chanted prayers and sang songs of Christian faith, Daniels and a group of about five people with his Dakhma of Angra Mainyu Syndicate, acknowledged Satan as their ruler in a parody of a Catholic Eucharistic Mass.

“I proclaim that Satan, Lucifer rules the Earth,” Daniels said during the black mass.

Daniels, wearing jeans and a black T-shirt, confronted the audience gathered in the CitySpace Theatre on Sunday night a few minutes before the black mass.

“If you’re here to disrupt things, get out. If you don’t like me and you don’t like my background, get out. We’re here to educate,” he said. “Yes, we’re anti-Catholic. Yes, we’re anti-Christian in general, but that doesn’t mean I don’t respect each person as individuals so I expect that same respect.”

About 42 people sat in the audience, although 88 tickets were sold. A band played four songs before Daniels appeared again, this time dressed in a black robe typically worn by priests. He promised to be as authentic as possible to the original black mass events that he said were rumored to have started in the 1300s by Catholic priests and nuns involved in illicit encounters together. He said the Eucharist ritual that the Catholic Church uses today stems from pagan rituals.

Daniels was followed out on to the stage area by three other people garbed in black cloaks and a man dressed in a black shirt and jeans. The lights were dimmed slightly. A woman who Daniels earlier in the evening identified as his wife Kelsey Daniels, lay on her back on an altar table with her legs bent at the knees and splayed open.

Daniels put a silver chalice of grape juice on the table between his wife’s legs. He then took a piece of black bread, which was to symbolize Christ, and held it up for the audience to see. Daniels and the others participating in the ritual stomped on the bread several times.

“We do not have a consecrated host. I’m sure everybody is aware as to why,” he said, alluding to the fact that he agreed to return consecrated Eucharistic bread to the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Oklahoma City so that the archdiocese would not proceed with a lawsuit about the use of the bread.

At one point during the ceremony, the theme song to the movie “The Exorcist” played in the background as Daniels and his group paid homage to Lucifer.

“We call upon the Morning Star, Beelzebub, Lord of Regeneration, Angel of Destruction, Leviathan, Beast of Revelation, Demon of Lust … and all the nameless and formless ones,” Daniels said.

“Lead us to temptation. Deliver us from false piety … and let reason rule the Earth.”

During another part of the ceremony, a participant waved a rubber penis before the audience saying “We bless thee with this, the symbol of the rod of life,” and a few people in the audience giggled.

The event was about an hour long, not including a band’s performance. After a brief intermission, Daniels said he planned to perform a satanic exorcism.

Daniels said the whole point of the black mass was to mock the Catholic Church so that people would not be afraid of it.

“That is the point of this — to destroy that fear of the Catholic Church,” he told the audience gathered.

Kevin McFerrin, of Tulsa, was one of the audience members.

“I’m just here for a cultural experiment to see what it’s like,” he said. “I’m not a Satanist.”

McFerrin said he thought the black mass was “interesting.”

One woman who said she traveled from Dallas to see the black mass was ousted from the event before it started when she began screaming at a broadcast TV crew member because he was videotaping the black mass audience as well as a band performing.

“Film the show, not the audience,” she screamed at him repeatedly, before Daniels had her escorted out of the theater.”




10 thoughts on “Black Mass protest

  1. “A blind man can see what your trying to do – get me to say i use the Bible as my authority, ad then you’d say “but you don’t believe in the bible”, and then I’d say “yes I do”, ad you’d say “no you don’t”, and then I’d say “yes I do”…and it’ll go on and on like that.”

    No “tit for tat” required chromedome because a “blind man” could see that you (and your liberal compadres) cant use the bible as your authority…so in the interests of just losing “the law court bullshit attitude”, lets have a little more fun, coz when I read all of your comments together, I must conclude this scene in Billy Maddison was written for you:


  2. I’m confused though – not one of your questions under this thread actually relates in any discernable way to what I actually said in my first comment.

    So will ya just lose the law court bullshit attitude and either just come straight out and ask me what it is you think you need to know. I’m not interested one little bit in playing silly theological or rhetorical games with you, so just be straight up with me, and I’ll afford you the same respect. What do you say?


  3. I don;t believe i’ve said in my original post that the Satanists has to be subject to any authority – I remarked that rather than protesting about them Jesus would be far more likely to be asking God to forgive them.

    A blind man can see what your trying to do – get me to say i use the Bible as my authority, ad then you’d say “but you don’t believe in the bible”, and then I’d say “yes I do”, ad you’d say “no you don’t”, and then I’d say “yes I do”…and it’ll go on and on like that.

    I’ll make it easy for you. I’m a satanist


  4. so, what authority you are referring to that requires “them” (that is, the subject Satanists) to do anything other than what they are doing – and why should they be subject to that authority (if any)??


  5. Just wondering if that rule applies on this site too?

    How nice of you to remember my old posts over at Signpots02. Yes, I did post that page, not that many people actually bothered to follow the best practice rules for debating over there, myself included. Logical fallacies hold true no matter where you debate, so in that sense, yes the ‘rules’ apply here as well to situations of debate. However, I’m not the owner of this site, so I can’t say wether those particular guidelines have been adopted as best practice or not.


  6. Hi Greg…..ok…..just out of interest, were you the one who posted the menu post on Signposts02 entitled “Logical Fallacies: How to Debate Well on This Site”???? Just wondering if that rule applies on this site too?


  7. I don’t believe I’ve said that anyone needs correction…though no doubt we all often do, however it’s usually the ones wanting to bring that correction most that understand things least.

    I must have pissed you off good in another life for you, whoever you are, to feel the need to jump on my every comment with interrogation.

    Perhaps if you lose your attitude and speak to me with some respect I might have a conversation with you. I’m not going to play the old games of attack and attack back.


  8. Indeed Greg….. but you may be a little prejudiced….

    Given that there is no discernible content to YOUR faith on the basis that you have consistently attacked and rejected the perspicuity and authority of the source by which you could possibly obtain that content, can you please therefore describe the precise nature and content of authority you are referring to in order to determine whether these people are in need of correction any more than what you are???


  9. I’m inclined to think they are invoking the pity and love of Christ more than any wrath by their actions. I can just imagine Jesus, arms outstretched, asking the Father to forgive them as they don’tt know what they’re doing.

    The Christians outside were, I hope, focused on loving the people inside rather than berating or calling on God to punish them for mocking a central aspect of our worship.


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