Amorous Anglican


Standard Media reports…

“Now to that story of a man of God who was allegedly caught in the act – pants down. The pastor is said to have been found in bed with a woman believed to be his church member. The man claiming to be the woman’s husband rained blows on her as shocked residents watched. Ian Wafula reports on the incident that has rattled the Anglican diocese in Nairobi.”



One thought on “Amorous Anglican

  1. @Lionfish,
    Sorry I was wrong. Anglicans aren’t dead. They’re quite active it seems …
    Especially in Africa.
    But don’t worry. This kind of thing wouldn’t happen in the West because the priests are either gay or old and unable to afford viagra on their meager salaries.
    Which brings smiles to their wives who can stop thinking of England and instead dream about their next thrift shop purchases or what they will wear at the next Women With Boring Husbands and Disappearing Congregations Auxilliary Tea Party.


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