Jim Bakker cashes-in on doomsday preppers

Jim Bakker Show video


HobNob Branson reports…

“Morningside, Home of The Jim Bakker TV Show, will host The Ready Now Expo on October 20th – October 24, 2014 with expert speakers and special guests discussing topics on survival and preparedness.

Activities will begin on Monday, October 20 at 9AM with a seminar on How to Survive on Junk with guest speaker Bill Whaley. A variety of educational seminars throughout the week will include Basics of Emergency Care with Dr. James Caesar, How to Pick and Use Firearms with Darren Parker, Farming for Life & Gardening Basics with John Musser, Canning Food with Teresa Musser, and other interesting topics.

The Jim Bakker TV Show, hosted by Jim and Lori Bakker, will be taped at 11:30AM each day with special guests American Historian and Author William Fortschen, Prophetic Visionary John Kilpatrick, White House Correspondent William Koenig and Prophet in the Desert John Shorey. Evening services will continue at 7PM each night.

Morningside is located, just a short drive from Branson, on Hwy. 86 and Hwy 13. in Blue Eye, Missouri. Admission is free to all events. For more information, browse their website at http://www.jimbakkershow.com or call 417 779-9000.”

From http://hobnobbranson.com/news-crime/morningside-home-of-the-jim-bakker-tv-show-will-host-the-ready-now-expo/


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