Deadbeat pastor confronted at church


Standard Digital reports…

“There was drama in Kariobangi South, Nairobi, yesterday when a woman stormed a church allegedly run by her husband, accusing him of neglecting her and their son.

Jane Wambui disrupted the Sunday service at God’s Gift Favour Church at around midday, claiming Mr Charles Muchanji, who she claimed was her husband, had abandoned them.

Frightened worshippers took to their heels as others hurriedly closed the door, with Wambui inside.

She emerged from the church a few minutes later and accused some members of the church of attempting to rough her up. “Come out and fight if you are men,” she shouted as she smashed the church’s windows.

However, police officers arrived at the scene moments later and took her and a young man she claimed had tried to assault her to Langata Police Station.

Muchanji, who had all the while remained inside the church, declined to talk to journalists. A few faithful we talked to confirmed that he runs the church.

Wambui claimed that the man left her and their son for a another woman they had met during their honeymoon. “We got married in church in 2000 in Kariobangi South and we met the woman in Thika during our honeymoon,” said Wambui.

According to her, they lived together for three years before they were blessed with a baby boy and that is when trouble started.

“We named him Victor because we had tried to conceive for a long time and even at times fasted and prayed at Ngong Hills. We would have her named her Victoria if she had been a girl,” explained Wambui while addressing press outside the church.

She said her husband abandoned her at St Mary’s Hospital Otiende in Langata where she had undergone a caesarian section to deliver their baby.

“He left me in the hospital for two days before I was rescued by friends and relatives. I went home only to find the woman we had met in Thika in my matrimonial home,” she exclaimed.

Wambui said the husband explained that she had travelled to Nairobi to visit her at the hospital but decided to do it the following day as it was already late.

She allegedly believed him as she still too weak to be involved in a confrontation.

But before long, her husband allegedly started being abusive and at one point kicked her and their baby out of the house.

“He ruined his life and mine and now he wants to do the same to my son, but I will never allow it,” she said.

Wambui claimed that she has even previously filed a case in court to have him compelled to pay her money for their son’s upkeep, but all he has done is to make promises he had not kept.

Wambui said she even took him back early last year, but he has neglected them despite running a school.”


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