The Genesis II Church bleach scam – updated*

Genesis II Church video


The Herald-Sun reports…

“‘Medical authorities are calling for a controversial healing cult to be banned from Victoria after its bleach-based “miracle” cure put at least four Victorians in hospital.

Genesis II Church of Health and Healing leader James Humble is coming to Melbourne in mid-November as part of an international tour spruiking his “Miracle Mineral Solution”.

Ten Victorians have reported being poisoned by MMS in the past five years – which is believed to be a “vast under-­reporting” of cases – and critics say the bleach is potentially deadly.

The cult recommends MMS “sacrament protocols” to treat diseases including cancer, HIV/AIDS, asthma and ­autism, even suggesting it is a “promising” treatment for Ebola.

The product, also known as “Master Miracle Solution”, is a sodium chlorite solution mixed with acid in water but critics say it is a poisonous bleach that should be used for cleaning.

AMA Victoria president Dr Tony Bartone slammed “snake oil salesmen” for preying upon vulnerable sick people with “magic potions”.

He said the church should be banned from promoting MMS, which is not listed on the Therapeutic Goods ­Administration’s register and cannot be legally sold as a health product.

MMS is available online as a “water transformation ­treatment” based on Mr Humble’s formula and the Herald Sun was able to buy it last week.

“There’s no evidence whatsoever and certainly no clinical trials to suggest this is anything more than a bleach,” Dr Bartone said.

“It certainly should be banned.”

Tickets to Mr Humble’s Clayton seminar were advertised for $500 but organiser “Bishop” Paul Treacy said there was no fee and attendees were asked to donate only to the church.

Victorian Poisons Information Centre specialist Dr Dawson MacLeod said people had reported symptoms including vomiting and diarrhoea after using MMS. Of the 10 people who had reported being poisoned by MMS, four had to be hospitalised, he said.

“Our calls seem to stem from people not diluting it … People make it very strong because they think it might be more effective,” Dr MacLeod said. “There’s no basis in science for it being effective.”

He said it could cause ­“potentially life-threatening illnesses” and the long-term consequences of using MMS were unknown.

Mr Treacy refused to be ­interviewed and hung up when contacted by the Herald Sun.

He later emailed to say the seminar would be a “creative, friendly environment” for people to learn about the church’s “sacramental protocols” but MMS would not be sold there.

A recent Genesis II newsletter claimed MMS was a “promising” treatment for Ebola”.



4 thoughts on “The Genesis II Church bleach scam – updated*

  1. It’s time to quit acting like Junior High people and understand the science behind chlorine dioxide which is been used to treat water and sterilization for over 100 years. If your 13 years old then we can continue to reject the results that we’re having with MMS. If we grow up a little bit past the age of 18 and we’re going to see that you can retain your health and maintain Wellness by paying attention and having an open mind. I know an open mind is not necessarily legal anymore that if you have one keep it to yourself and pay attention


  2. MMS is Sodium chlorite, the same mineral used by the Red Cross when they cured 154 cases of Malaria in Uganda, 2012. ( ) Nobody has EVER died from taking MMS (Sodium chlorite 22.4%) or MMS1/Activated MMS (Chlorine dioxide) when following Jim Humble’s MMS protocols, and clearly those people who got put in a hospital, either did the protocol wrong _or_ due to odious mainstream media propaganda, decided to head down in their cellar to cure their ailment with Clorox household bleach, which of course has nothing to do with MMS.

    Sodium chlorite (NaCl02 or MMS, 22.4% solution) is NOT Sodium hypochlorite (Clorox household bleach).
    Chlorine dioxide (MMS1 or Activated MMS: Cl02,) is NOT Chlorine (Cl).

    For a basic understanding of MMS, check out Basic Science of MMS: (Make a note of how that wiki article is actually citing serious sources, as to opposed Wikipedia which is sourcing newspaper articles that all have their roots in the FDA’s unsubstantiated “press release” article from 2010, without a single piece of data to back up their statements.

    For actual links to scientific studies on Chlorine dioxide published on pubmed (there is even a Chlorine dioxide solution out there patented as a treatment for HIV), proving how effective and most importantly how SAFE it is, check:

    Chlorine dioxide is also used all over the world to clean drinking water, meat, fruit and vegetables WITHOUT rinsing it off after, as Chlorine dioxide (activated MMS) is considered safe enough for that, as it does not create any harmful by-products. It is even approved by the FDA for that very use.

    Sodium chlorite is also an approved (in 2013) orphan-drug for ALS, you know, the icebucket challenge disease.

    MMS has never been peddled as a cure-all. There are certain cancers and rare fungi that MMS does absolutely nothing for.

    People are having great results with this stuff, just look for yourself at — with hundreds of testimonials, both in written form and on video. Especially be sure to check out the latest MRSA/Staph testimonial in writing. it contains at least 100 photos documenting how the guy cured his staph infection in two to three weeks. Some very good video testimonials on the frontpage of as well.

    The Genesis II Church is also non-religious, which they openly state on their website. Their church is “the only church in the world set up to serve mankind”. The only reason why they sat up that church to begin with was to protect themselves from the FDA in the US, who have a problem with any quackery (competition) that might fuck with the ecconomy, and rest assured, MMS is in direct competition to pharmaceutical drugs already on the market, selling annually in the tens of billions of dollars.

    Meanwhile the president no less of the AMA is talking about this world renowned mineral, oxidizer (with an oxidation potential of 0.95 volts which is lower than Oxygen’s oxidation potential at 1.28 volts which our bodies can handle just fine in moderation which is why we have lungs) and killer of pathogens as merely; “a magic potion”, which is of course — completely and utterly asinine.


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