What not to wear to the church Christmas party



Filipino Freethinkers reports…

“For their Christmas party this year, Christ’s Commission Fellowship Executive Pastor Ricky Sarthou dressed up in traditional Arabic garments. The twist, however, is that strapped to his chest was a mock explosive device.

The Executive Pastor of one of the country’s largest Christian churches chose the outfit for their Church’s party’s theme, “Heroes and Villains.” The photo shown here is a screen-capture of a now-deleted post on Instagram by Ickhoy de Leon, another CCF Pastor. Along with a mock improvised explosive device, Pastor Sarthou can be seen in the photo wearing the traditional Arabic headdress called a keffiyeh.

While the intentions for dressing up in the costume may have been innocent, what message does it send for a high-ranking official in a Christian church to portray a violent stereotype of another religion?”

From http://filipinofreethinkers.org/2014/12/18/ccf-executive-pastor-dresses-up-as-arabic-suicide-bomber-for-church-christmas-party/


One thought on “What not to wear to the church Christmas party

  1. Idiots! Does anyone really need more evidence why “church” as we know it today is absolutely useless? I wish these kinds of stories were the exception, but I am seeing so much more of this kind of lunacy today. Oh, in case anyone is offended by my use of the term “idiot”, allow me to define terms so as to avoid any confusion…

    Idiot: a stupid person; an utterly foolish or senseless person; a person lacking intelligence or common sense (synonyms: fool, ass, halfwit, dunce, dolt, ignoramus, cretin, moron, imbecile, etc.)


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