Amusement Park Christianity


One thought on “Amusement Park Christianity

    by A.W. Tozer (Hat Tip to Andrew Strom!)

    Surely we need a baptism of clear seeing if we are to escape the
    fate of Israel (and of every other religious body in history that forsook
    God). If not the greatest need, then surely one of the greatest is for
    the appearance of Christian leaders with prophetic vision. We
    desperately need seers who can see through the mist. Unless they
    come soon, it will be too late for this generation. And if they do
    come, we will no doubt crucify a few of them in the name of our
    worldly orthodoxy. But the cross is always the harbinger of the

    Mere evangelism is not our present need. Evangelism does no
    more than extend religion, of whatever kind it may be. It gains
    acceptance for religion among larger numbers of people without
    giving much thought to the quality of that religion. The tragedy is
    that present-day evangelism accepts the degenerate form of
    Christianity now current as the very religion of the apostles and
    busies itself with making converts to it with no questions asked.
    And all the time we are moving farther and farther from the New
    Testament pattern.

    We must have a new reformation. There must come a violent break
    with that irresponsible, amusement-mad, paganized pseudo-religion
    which passes today for the faith of Christ and which is being spread
    all over the world by unspiritual men employing unscriptural methods
    to achieve their ends.

    When the Roman church apostatized, God brought about the
    Reformation. When the Reformation declined, God raised up the
    Moravians and the Wesleys. When these movements began to
    die, God raised up fundamentalism and the “deeper life” groups.

    Now that these have almost without exception sold out to the world-
    what next?

    -Source- “We travel an appointed way” – A.W. Tozer, chapter 8

    When All See the Apostasy … (In That Day!)
    By Robert Winkler Burke
    Book #11 of In That Day Teachings
    Copyright 12/18/14

    When all see the apostasy…
    How venal emotions were boldly sold in subtext,
    Making Gospiel ecstasy,
    Fear, greed and laziness shall die as did T-Rex!

    When all see the apostasy…
    Venerable A. W. Tozer saw, & wrote magnificently about, in his day,
    Think of the multitudes set free!
    Tozer saw the problems, not solutions redounding, of In That Day!

    When all see the apostasy…
    That strangely somehow, necessarily had to excruciatingly come,
    With multitudes in heresy,
    Rapture isn’t the best description of how comes now God’s Son!

    When all see the apostasy…
    That wraps up so very, very many in unholy give-to-get greed,
    Self-dealing wolves set none free!
    True prosperity includes eyes to see… self-service’s foul creed!

    When all see the apostasy…
    And the trick is to see all this as a whole, undeniable, enlightening package,
    Seeker-Dumb/Emergent: Whoohee!
    Sells subtext laziness/weakness causing sheep/shepherd implosion wreckage.

    When all see the apostasy…
    And the simple-minded see prophetic leaders corrected… absolutely nothing!
    But feathered their nests easily,
    And seminaries taught leaders this circular-cabal, so that all now woe bring!

    When all see the apostasy…
    Out of soul will go lies of subtext, con job shenanigans,
    Lies from Satan, God’s enemy,
    Once lies out, truth comes in with many born-agains!

    When all see the apostasy…
    The boring repetition of line upon line of lies will then cease,
    And springs of truth allowed to be,
    Then the here-a-little, there-a-little pedagogy will increase!

    When all see the apostasy…
    They will read, truly, truly: life-enlarging and life-changing books!
    Not pastor books of fantasy,
    But In That Day Teachings… halting the sale of books by crooks!

    When all see the apostasy…
    And where… rebirth of reason, reason eliminating treason, is at last heading!
    Christ-in-You! (in you comfortably!)
    All will bless Christ-in-You in others to increase God’s holy-most bedding!

    When all see the apostasy…
    They’ll say the price was spiritually: EPICALLY HIGH!
    Many new apostles, there’ll be,
    They’ll say Burke was God’s seer, not horrific,ugly guy.

    When all see the apostasy…
    They’ll say the big, important bottom line was Living Master LOVE!
    (Too much EVIL in fear, greed, laziness, weakness & prophetic corruption!)
    That Western Enlightenment’s Tragic View is God’s gift from above,
    And so also are In That Day Teachings, enabling Christ-in-You’s eruption!

    When all see the apostasy…
    My, my, what a fine day that will be! Christ-in-You unbound!
    But what you say? Gatekeepers, publishers, seminaries hate it when found?
    They hate Christ-in-You? Or In That Day Teachings all round?
    Yet…there’ll be a tipping point, a tipping point no man can stop: profound!

    When all see the apostasy…
    We shall all have to forgive ourselves for what we refused to see,
    That Tozer pointed the way to Reno, a place making Christ-in-You’s history,
    Oh the humble pie that will be ate, when seminaries stop their hate,
    None can stop Christ’s Millennial Renewal story, Christ-in-You!… GLORY!


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