Love letters to Richard Dawkins

Warning – frequent coarse language


The Huffington Post reports…

“This is just too good.

It’s not a huge surprise that Richard Dawkins gets a large amount of hate [mail] from right-wing religious zealots. The 73-year-old is an evolutionary biologist and atheist who is openly critical about creationism and the concept of intelligent design.

We also suppose it shouldn’t be surprising that a large portion of this anti-gay hate mail is laced with anti-gay rhetoric. In this new video from Dawkins, titled “Love Letter to Richard Dawkins,” the biologist reads some of these hilarious messages he receives from religious fanatics who seem to be very unhappy with his work.

“Have you ever tried to make love to a monkey?” one reader questions. “I mean, I wouldn’t be surprised if you had since sodomites are now running all of our universities. But either way i hope you do get sodomized by satanic monkeys in hell. Sincerely, a created daughter of our Lord.”

Another gem from the video:

“Hahaha bitch. No you are not an atheist, you are a gay-thiest LOL. They should call you Richard Dick-ins because you’re so busy sucking off Bill Maher and those Labor Party dipshits. You can’t do anything else. Oh, and your science books are shit!”

These will have you cracking up. Check out “Love Letters To Richard Dawkins” above!”



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