Gay student forced out of Lutheran school


The New York Daily News reports…

“A Houston teenager says he was told to leave his Lutheran high school after he posted YouTube videos declaring he was gay and not ashamed.

The student, who asked to be identified only by his first name, Austin, told local TV stations that the principal of Lutheran High North gave him an ultimatum: take down the postings or go to another school.

“He said that in the Bible, it declares that being a homosexual is a sin and we cannot have you promoting a sinful lifestyle,” Austin told KPRC-TV.

To the teen, the decision was easy, he said Friday.

“I don’t want to go back into the closet. That’s not what I do,” he told KTRK-TV.

An unnamed student told KPRC: “It’s a Lutheran high school. What do you expect?”

The school released a statement saying it did not comment on student issues.

“We profess and proclaim our Christian beliefs, with the foundations and authority taught in the Bible,” said Wayne Kramer, executive director of Lutheran Education Association of Houston. “Students have to make choices and decide whether their beliefs align with our community.”

Austin said he has enrolled in a new school and wants to move on.”


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