Pastor accused of lying about robbery


WTVR reports…

“Pastor George Hunley, who yesterday said that he was robbed and shot while attempting to be a “Good Samaritan,” has been arrested for making false statements to police.

Hunley told police that he stopped to help a family he believed was having car trouble in Louisa County, according to Louisa Sheriff’s Office Major Don Lowe. He told police that he saw a man, woman and infant in a blue Taurus along the side of Chalk Level Road.

When he pulled over to check on them, he told police he was robbed. A fight between the man and Hunley also allegedly ensued, in which he was shot twice.

Right now police are investigating how Hunley actually got the gunshot wounds. He was taken to UVA Medical Center for his wounds and released Thursday night.

Hunley is currently out on $2,500 personal recognizance bond. His court date is set for Feb. 17. He called the situation “ridiculous.”

CBS 6 first reported on Hunley in April 2014, when his home burnt to the ground,started by a turkey fryer. That charred foundation has since been replaced with a brand-new one with a new house in Carson’s Corner.”



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