Pastor Bieber – updated*


Inquisitr reports…

“Justin Bieber has not qualified as a lay preacher and has absolutely no plans to preach in a televised series filmed at Hillsong Church in Los Angeles, says Hillsong Church.

Contrary to an erroneous claim by Irish tabloid, The Sunday World, Bieber did not become a lay preacher “following an intensive, three month bible study course” to “preach to the masses and spread the good word as a part-time televangelist.”

The tabloid also claimed Hillsong Church Los Angeles were negotiating to fill a “prime time small screen slot on Sundays with two networks” via their new Hollywood agent — William Morris Endeavor Entertainment Ltd.

The Sunday World said Bieber not only wants to “boost ratings” for this alleged television deal, but also wants to help by preaching and appealing for donations on-camera.

However, despite a number of media outlets picking up the claim, it has been exposed as fiction by Hillsong Church. A PR rep for Hillsong Church stated on Twitter that The Sunday World story is “totally fabricated.”

The rep also relayed a comment from Brian Houston, co-founder of the original Hillsong Church in Australia, who added that it’s “not true that Justin Bieber has qualified to be lay preacher.”

On Wednesday, February 25, Lyall Mercer, head of Mercer PR, which handles media for Hillsong Australia, tweeted:


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