Gun-running pastors arrested

Pic:Saturday Sun


The Saturday Sun reports…

“Detectives attached to the Mon­itoring Unit of the Imo State police command have arrest­ed two General Overseers (GO) for alleged gunrunning. The sus­pects, Clifford Nmenabu, founder, God Covenant of Christ the King Sabbath Missionary and Festus Daniel Igwe of Zion House of Prayer Sabbath Mission­ary were alleged to have procured five AK47 rifles for use during the forthcom­ing general elections.

Speaking on how the suspects were busted, the state Commissioner of Police, Abdulmajid Ali told Saturday Sun that the command acted on a tip-off which indi­cated that the suspects had acquired some firearms. According to him: “On February 13, 2015, policemen led by the officer in charge of the Monitoring Unit, Superin­tendent of Police, Linus Nwaiwu stormed their churches in Oru East Local Govern­ment Area, arrested and recovered all the guns.”

CP Ali explained that in the course of in­vestigation, it was discovered that the cler­ics were contracted by one Mr K. Nnamdi who they claim is based in London.

“The two clerics were given an advance cash of N300,000 for 10 pieces of AK 47 rifles and to be given a cash balance of N1.2million as soon as they deliver. The suspects were nabbed when they were about to hand over the five AK47 rifles to a group of persons who claim to be repre­senting Biafra in the church premises of Pastor Igwe.”

The police boss also said that his com­mand has declared Nnamdi wanted and would charge the suspects to court at the end of the investigation.

One of the suspects, Pastor Nmenabu, 67, said that apart from his ministry, he is dealing in arms. “I am the General Overse­er of God Covenant of Christ the King Sab­bath Missionary. I have been in the minis­try for over 35 years. I am also into buying and selling of arms and ammunition. I was listening to Radio Biafra London when the broadcaster, who introduced himself as Nnamdi, gave out a number through which he can be reached. I called him and he ex­plained that he is the coordinator of the popular Biafra group.

“I told him who I am and what I can do for the group. He gave me the contract and I decided to ask my fellow priest, Igwe who has contacts. He offered to pay N1.2 mil­lion for 10 AK47 rifles. He gave us N300, 000 as a deposit. We were waiting for the balance when policemen stormed my house and arrested us”, he confessed.The second suspect, High Priest Festus Igwe, 63, said that he is willing to assist the police to track down Nnamdi who is currently on the run. “I am the GO of the Zion House of Prayers Sabbath Mission. I was in the church, when Pastor Nmenabu contacted me that there is a good business on ground. I rushed to his church and gave me the details. Luckily, I still had contact with some arms dealers in Imo state.

He also introduced me to Nnamdi who gave us an advance fee of N300,000.

“We had delivered the five AK47 rifles and was waiting for Nnamdi to bring the balance when the police arrived. I am very sorry. I am ready to assist the police to track down Nnamdi”, he stated.”


One thought on “Gun-running pastors arrested

  1. Don’t know where else to post this.

    I used to be an evangelical. I like a lot of what they say and stand for.

    But – I don’t get this gun thing.
    I know all the reasons they tell me.

    But I’m glad Johnnie Howard got rid of them.

    One crazy man – and they’re usually men can just inflict too much damage too easily – whether they are a Muslim terrorists, a right-wing militia man or just some crazy angry man who wants to go out in a blaze of murder – and they are usually white men.
    Not being racist – I’m a white man – and they seem to be the ones more likely to shoot up random people just because they’re mad at the world (without a political or religious reason)

    I hope the US changes it’s gun laws.
    No you’ll never stop the gangsters from getting them .
    I get that.
    But you’ll definitely stop deaths from the non-gangstrs who just should never have access to high powered weaponry. And nobody was going to hit Stephen Craig Paddock in the 32nd floor with a handgun used for self-defense.

    You’ll also decrease accidental deaths of kids who find guns at home.

    And also suicide.

    I’m one person who is alive today because I never had a gun in the house.

    But it’s your country and I understand the culture and history is different. But if any Americans read this – I’m not attacking you. And I’m not a left-wing globalist.

    Just saying – please think about it.


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