Pastor pepper sprays driver


WTHI reports…

A man who says a local pastor pepper sprayed him over the weekend speaks out about the incident.

It happened around 5:00 Saturday evening on Hunt Road in Vigo County.

Jeff Boyce admits to driving 10 miles over the speed limit on Hunt Road.

As he turned around, a car driven by Chris McKinney was blocking the roadway.

McKinney confronted Boyce about his driving.

Boyce asked him to move out of his way.

After he made that request a third time, Boyce said McKinney sprayed pepper spray into his face.

The Vigo County Sheriff’s Office investigated Boyce’s complaint.

Their investigation led them to the North Terre Haute Christian Church, where McKinney is the pastor.

“I just hope that they know what kind of guy they have as leadership. I think Christians wouldn’t want to go and follow somebody like this,” Boyce told us.

McKinney spoke to News 10 by phone.

He told us Boyce had been traveling up and down Hunt Road at nearly 100 miles per hour.

According to McKinney, during the confrontation, Boyce moved his vehicle towards him, which caused him to defend himself.

McKinney appeared in Terre Haute City Court, where he’s been charged with misdemeanor battery.

The judge told McKinney to appear with his attorney on May 19th.


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