Hill$ong – The Movie


ninemsn reports…

“They’ve been packing out church services, conferences and concerts all over Australia. Now, get ready for the major motion picture.

Hillsong has gone to Hollywood, and is about to release a feature film about their band Hillsong United. But where is all the money going to go?”

From http://aca.ninemsn.com.au/article/8979327/hillsong-goes-to-hollywood


5 thoughts on “Hill$ong – The Movie

  1. I am

    I have to admit, UNITED have talent and their music is appealing. This young generation appears to act with a level of authenticity and integrity and are having a positive impact upon many people.

    There has also been an observable move in Contemporary Churches from pente-madness and also away from prosperity towards orthodoxy.

    Unfortunately, the criticisms around financial transparency and accountability remain valid. Hillsong as a Church would do a greater good by becoming open and transparent around financials and demonstrating charitable use of their tax-free status to do more that build more and bigger events.

    Simply, Hillsong just need to demonstrate that they are above reproach.

    Nick Xenophon is a good man and I respect the way he champions fairness and justice in Australian society. He even has the balls to take on the likes of Google, Microsoft and Apple for profit shifting. He may not be known as a Christian – but we need more people like him to act as salt and light.


  2. Pressed ‘post’ too soon…add a politician who benefits from more perks than any of us would dare dream. Put in some buzz words. “Business” “profit” “what would Jesus think?”, and voila you have an investigative report that rivals the watergate report…not!

    I’d love to know what Hillsong do with their money…but the thing is this…NO ONE is forced to give. They choose to give based upon their own lack of…I dunno, lack of self understanding?’ They fall under the spell of NLP used by so many preachers and sales people and ‘coaches’ these days…but you can’t fall under their spell if you don’t want to.
    The fact that Tanya Levine was dusted off and dragged out of the cupboard and Valle an ‘author’ on the back of one awful book, makes me puke.


  3. Wow, what a scoop! A disgruntled former member who hasn’t attended in 20 years (?) and wouldn’t know nothing about what’s going on in Hillsong. Add in a pusses off minister who also belongs to a church who benefit under the tax freedom SLL churches enjoy (they don’t have to be registered as a notnfirnprofit to do so.


  4. If I understand this right then

    Hill$ong will be using this movie to effectively make the public pay to have hillsong band advertised to them for *90* minutes. And the sheeple will be eager too.

    Brilliant if your goal is to amass wealth and have success in numbers.


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