On ya, Nic :)


Listen to Nicole Conner interview on Joy FM


JOY 94.9 reports…

“For young Christians torn between their faith community and the reality of their same-sex attraction, the ex-gay movement can be highly seductive. For many decades, the movement has claimed that same-sex attraction is a choice or a disorder that is curable through a life of ardent devotion to God, coupled with regular therapy.

12 Months ago, Word For Word aired a special four part series “Inside Ex-Gay: the naked truth”, which highlighted the permanent mental damaged and trail of suicides caused by the ex-gay movement – sometimes called reparative or conversion therapy.

18 months of sensitive negotiations culminate in this much awaited postscript to the Inside Ex-Gay series where Dean Beck speaks with Nicole Conner – wife of Mark Conner, the Pentecostal Senior Minister of the charismatic evangelical CityLife Church, Victoria’s largest church.

CityLife Church has five campuses across Melbourne’s eastern suburbs and according to their web site; it is “home to over 110 nationalities living together in harmony, love and equality.”

Courageously, Nicole discusses her journey towards the acceptance of LGBTI people and speaks out against the homophobia and ex-gay beliefs that are widespread in the evangelical world.  Nicole Conner was a pastor and preacher at the church for 15 years before standing down in 2011.

In March 2015, the Australian Psychological Society released an updated position statement condemning ex-gay therapy in all its forms. In the USA, lawmakers in 18 states including California, New Jersey and Washington DC have passed legislation banning ex-gay therapy to minors.  Several more states are about to follow.

In April 2015, US President Barack Obama called for an end to ‘conversion’ therapy aimed at changing the sexual orientation or gender identity of gay, lesbian and transgender youth.

Discussions about similar legislation are escalating across Australia with options including regulation and a dedicated commissioner.

“And so we know and rely on the love God has for us. God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in them.” 
[1 John 4:16]

Inside Ex-Gay: the naked truth – was a finalist for the 2014 GLOBE Award for “Protecting our Community”.  JOY 94.9 broadcaster Dean Beck received the gay and lesbian business organisation’s inaugural award for Media Excellence.

If this program causes you any distress or you need to speak with someone, these services are trained to assist:

LifeLine – 24/7 counselling and referral service   T: 13 11 14

Q-Life – counselling / referral service for people from diverse sexuality and gender backgrounds.  T: 1800 184 527 between (5.30pm – 10:30pm)

For resources and more information about the ex-gay movement in Australia, visit http://insideexgay.org/

This program was produced by Dean Beck and Nathan Despott for Joy 94.9, Australia’s first and only LGBTI radio station.”

From http://joy.org.au/wordforword/2015/04/courage-under-fire-and-brimstone-nicole-conner-an-inside-ex-gay-postscript-episode-5/

15 thoughts on “On ya, Nic :)

  1. SD needs an authoritative text on the sex lives of chickens. You should read something other than the Bible sometime.


  2. Lol. It’s called thinking. You should try it some time. Beats being told what to do and believe by some ‘authority’ like your Mum or STD’s quasi divine interpretation of ancient texts.

    You’d have to say it’s idolatrous that someone puts their interpretation and understanding as Divine Authority.


  3. Just so we’re on the same page…that was a joke.

    I luvz bebby Jeezus, the one that healz tha sickz and maketh tha lames ones to runz agenz. Tha Jeezuz from the pages of the biiiiiible.


  4. It’s ok. STD needs a Bible to tell him slavery and killing people are bad. Oh wait. No it doesn’t.

    By golly I wonder by what authority we can say that.


  5. Thanks Greg – “jesus” is your authority???…….there are quite a few punters running around south of the Texas border calling themselves that at the moment….which one are you referring to?


  6. Jesus only ever told the church to go around forgiving people, not binding them up in moral sweat suits.

    Inconsistency? Post modern liberal hypocrisy? What are you referring to here?


  7. On ya Nic.!!!…it must have taken some real courage to say something “gay” affirming like that!!! Im sure you could have lost your job…such courage…..im mean…. the media would have been all over you if you were seen to be supporting the homosexuals…. they are so persecuted in the media and in society


  8. “…the church is not here to tell people HOW t live their lives, but WHO to live their lives for!…”

    Greg three for ya big guy!!! –

    1) On “WHAT” authority does the Church get to tell anybody “WHO” to live for if, according to you, no authority is given the Church to bind peoples consciences as to “HOW” to live …..???

    2) is inconsistency still a sign of a failed argument in post-modern liberal hypocrisy?

    3) been on any interesting holy pilgrimages lately…?…:)


  9. What a disgusting way to end their article – “Nicole oughta shut up and get in behind her husband and church”

    The fact is the church is not here to be the morality police…the church is not here to tell people HOW t live their lives, but WHO to live their lives for!


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