Brian Houston body-slam


The Sydney Morning Herald reports…

“It was a Goliath and Goliath story. Channel Nine’s nightly current affairs program versus Australia’s best known mega-church, head to head, in the Twitter arena. 

A Current Affair last week aired a 16-minute special report detailing explosive revelations that the controversial Hillsong Church made a lot of money but, like every other church in Australia, paid no tax. 

Hillsong was making a concert movie set to rake in millions of dollars tax free. Parishioners regularly gave up to 10 per cent of their income in a practice known as tithing. The church was making it so easy to collect tax free dollars through tithing that it was even developing a giving app. 

ACA said the church had not responded to requests for comment, a claim denied by Hillsong in a statement the next day that called the segment “tabloid trash”.

A day after that, Hillsong founder Brian Houston laid down a boldfaced challenge to ACA reporter Ben McCormack.

The proposed coffee date sounded more like the pastoral equivalent of  “Do you wanna take this outside?”

McCormack wasn’t backing down.

Houston shot back:

McCormack repeated his offer of an interview before Houston repeated his mano-e-mano cappuccino challenge. McCormack suggested that, like Hillsong followers, the ACA team “lived to give”.

A bitter stalemate ensued. 

On Monday, not content with having had the last word only once, McCormack tweeted:

Houston may be frantically trying to come up with his own put-down. But maybe he has taken another tack to win this stoush.

As he tweeted the day before it began:




5 thoughts on “Brian Houston body-slam

  1. “It was a Goliath and Goliath story.”

    Hey do you know Goliath wasn’t a giant at all.

    Check out the Dead Sea Scrolls.

    The Dead Sea Scrolls, hidden away in Holy Land caves 2,000 years ago and unearthed after World War II, are often rated the 20th century’s greatest archaeological find. The chief reason for most people: the rediscovery of 230 texts of biblical books, which have begun to change details in the Scriptures read by millions.p. For instance?p. The height of Goliath. ’’He’s barely tall enough to make the all-star game,‘’ remarks Frank Cross, a Harvard University expert on the official team working on the scrolls.p. That is, in 1 Samuel 17:4 most English translations say Goliath stood ’’six cubits and a span,‘’ meaning a towering nine feet plus (about 3 meters). But a damaged Dead Sea scroll can be read as saying ’’four cubits and a span,‘’ a mere six and a half feet (2 meters).


  2. Surprised with Hillsongs sticking it to ACA on their website… I guess there really is only so many times you can have the mud slung at you. Interesting that Ben McCormack isn’t interested in a cup of coffee… come on its Brian shouting… what’s wrong with you Ben. Unless he thinks that he’s going to have to foot the bill. Also, interested that Brian doesn’t want an interview… but who can blame him when it seems that ACA has never really accurately portrayed the church. Oh well… may the awkward narrative that is Hillsong vs ACA ever continue. Till next time.


  3. On the one hand, a sensationalist entertainment show with the pretence of being serious – cynically denigrating the marginalised in society whilst affecting high ideals.

    On the other hand A Current Affair


  4. On one hand a crowd that bleed the taxpayers with their tax free status and pretense of not being a business. On the other hand a crowd who regurgitate the same sensationlist crap that aims to keep people watching the drivel they dish up.


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