Revenue Church pesters congregation for $8 million makeover

Riverview (Revenue) Church video


Riverview (Revenue) Church Senior Pastor Haydn Nelson writes…

“We passionately believe that God has called Our Church to lead people to Christ and build them into a worshipping community. This is Our Church’s wholehearted response to Jesus’ call to go and make disciples, baptising them and teaching them all that He has commanded.

We believe that:

  • Now is the time for Our Church to step into the next chapter that God has for us.
  • Now is the time to create better and larger environments for our family and friends to gather.
  • Now is the time to expand and deepen our experience of worship and celebration. 
  • Now is the time for Our Church to step forward with faith and expectation for what God is still yet to do.


Riverview (Revenue) Church video


Tiered seating

We want to increase the capacity, improve the versatility and enhance the intimacy of our auditorium environment. We are enlarging our seating capacity, redesigning for adaptability and incorporating tiered sections of seating to lift the visual engagement and overall atmosphere.

New chairs

Though we have appreciated our ageing blue chairs over many years, we believe the creation of an exciting and enhanced worship environment for our next chapter necessitates new, attractive, strong, versatile and comfortable seating.

Open Spaces

We want to open up and open out the foyer space so that it is more welcoming, more attractive and more convenient. It will be an open space providing better movement and ease of access as well as including attractive smaller places for people to gather. The transitional spaces between inside and outside will become more fluid and versatile.

Air conditioning

It is time to provide refrigerated air conditioning throughout our building. This will be a big improvement over our current evaporative system that has struggled with our increasing numbers and summer heat. It will provide the bonus of both cooling us in summer and warming us in winter.


The safe provision of electrical power is a necessity for us. A careful review of our electrics has provided sufficient evidence to justify a thorough rewiring. It will not only improve the supply of power to all parts of the building but will also greatly simplify the existing electrical infrastructure. 

Roof upgrades

We believe that the installation of a secure, strong and soundproof roofing system is an essential step forward. It not only provides better protection from the weather for us, our equipment and facilities, but will also ensure acceptable levels of noise for our neighbours who live or work nearby.

Improved cafè

We want to create a better and more efficient café experience so that you can have more time for coffee and conversation. Enhancements will include larger serving areas and shorter queues.

Kidz environments

The shaping and championing of the next generation is a high priority for our church. We want to provide environments for our children that are safe, engaging and fun. These will include redesigned spaces, better facilities, improved access and attractive styling in which our children can thrive. 

Multi-purpose rooms for youth, young adults and discipleship

Providing a range of attractive and inviting medium-sized spaces in which people can gather around a shared age group, interest or passion is a priority for us. These multi-purposed environments will be ideal contexts for our young adult and youth communities, discipleship courses and other on-site connection activities.

Steps to give


Spend the next few weeks praying and asking God, “What would you have me give towards our church’s renovation project this year?”


Make a written pledge at one of our church services (ideally on the weekend of 7th/8th March).


Give the amount you have pledged for this year as a one-off gift or monthly donation.”




Riverview (Revenue) Church video

2 thoughts on “Revenue Church pesters congregation for $8 million makeover

  1. Back of the envelope – $8M is not really that much for a Church of (say) 5000 adult contributing members. To raise funding in full over 3 years this average of $10.26 per member per week for 3 years (which is also tax deductible).

    If a loan is taken out and repaid over 15 years (at current interest rates) could be an average contribution of a $2.56 per member per week (tax deductible).

    People spend more on their Gym | Golf Club | Foxtel membership.

    As long as they are teaching the Gospel with integrity, there is financial accountability and transparency and the coffee is good, then let them be.


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