The Port Macquarie ‘healing rooms’


The Port News reports…

“A sign publicly streaming a religious message opposing same-sex marriage to motorists and pedestrians on Gordon Street has been slammed as ‘hateful’ and ‘disgusting’.

John Lowe, the owner of the AJ and R Business Centre building at the Gordon Street and Ocean Drive intersection, posted the message on the LED sign on Wednesday morning.

The message from Romans 1:18-32, accompanied by today’s weather forecast, says ‘men do shameful things with each other’ when they choose not to have sexual relationships with a woman and for their decisions will suffer the ‘punishment they deserve for their wrongdoing’.

The Port News spoke with Mr Lowe who said the message, like the many religious streamers he personally posts on the sign, reflects his own opinion. He agreed that he knew it would upset some people, but was prepared to remove it when advised of the uproar it had caused.

“It’s just a general message. If it’s offending people I’ll take it down,” he said.

Laura Murphy was among several callers who phoned the Port News and Port Macquarie MP Leslie Williams’ office to complain about the message’s content.

“It is offensive and disgusting and should be taken down. A friend of mine had to explain to her children what it was all about on the way to school this morning,” she said.

Kristy Ringe described the message as a ‘hate speech’ against the gay community.
“It’s the most offensive and judgemental message,” she said.

“Religious groups should not be allowed to display something so disheartening so publicly and not have any consequences.”

The message was posted amid renewed conversation about same-sex marriage with Labor leader Bill Shorten to deliver a private member’s bill on the issue with the support of his deputy leader, Tanya Plibersek.

It follows the historic yes vote in favour of marriage equality in the socially conservative Republic of Ireland….”



Port Macquarie Nationals MP Leslie Williams told the NSW Parliament on November 12, 2013…

Mrs LESLIE WILLIAMS (Port Macquarie) [8.14 p.m.]: On Saturday 2 November I was pleased to be invited to open the Port Macquarie Healing Rooms, which is an initiative of the Port Macquarie Citywide Christian Prayer Group. Healing rooms are ministries established in local communities that are open to the public at regular times of the week where anyone, no matter their denomination, can come to encounter the healing power of Jesus Christ. The Port Macquarie Healing Rooms on Gordon Street are set up in a similar style to a general practice or medical centre, with a welcoming reception and waiting area and three healing rooms. Team members undergo training, and recently a training school was held in Port Macquarie by national directors, Franklyn and Deanne Elliott. This opportunity was taken up by 63 members of our local churches and also included participants who wanted to take advantage of this opportunity so that there could be benefits for Kempsey and Taree.

There are 53 healing rooms in Australia, and worldwide there are 3,000 across 74 nations. I was informed at the function that a recent survey in Australia over the past 12 months indicated that 24,000 people have visited healing rooms throughout Australia. There are also healing rooms in Coffs Harbour and Kempsey and there is one in the initial stages of formation in Taree. The healing rooms are strongly supported by the Port Macquarie Minister’s Association, with sponsorship for insurance from the St Thomas Anglican Church. This initiative would not be possible without the support of volunteers who already represent eight of our local churches. I congratulate director Reverend David Curtis and associate director Stephen Lynn on their hard work in making sure that this initiative has become a reality for our community. I also acknowledge the support of advisory board members John Parer, Reverend David Blackmore, Pastors Todd Murray, Sue Kightley and Coral Bardell.

Finally, I acknowledge two very special people who have been extremely generous and without whose support this idea may never have been realised. I speak of John and Lesley Lowe who are local property identities in the Port Macquarie area and who have provided the premises for the healing rooms rent free for the first three years, including a free fit-out. I also thank the local tradesmen who have volunteered their labour and who are from different churches and trades. This united effort from such a broad range of people from across our community demonstrates what a team effort this has been and no doubt will be instrumental in its success and longevity. Again, I congratulate everybody involved on the opening of this fantastic local initiative. I have no doubt that other communities will be looking on with envy and trying to replicate its success.”


13 thoughts on “The Port Macquarie ‘healing rooms’

  1. “Q now laughs at Christians being killed by ISIS.”
    Not at all. That should be what grieves you and gets your attention.

    “Well you supported Bushes war.”
    Which one? Senior or Junior?
    I’m actually anti-war.

    “And Paul wrote that long hair on men is unnatural and a disgrace.”
    In Corinthians? Seems so.

    “And said the same thing about gays.”
    Everybody knows that homosexual sex is unnatural.

    “But you’re now confused.”
    Yeah, by your flip-flopping and strange logic.

    “So you’ll have to find someone to tell you what to believe.”
    No, I believe what I believe – unlike many people these days.

    “And reading the Bible is all about opinion. Even saying it is the inerrant Word of God is opinion.”


    Be civil and loving please.


  2. Q now laughs at Christians being killed by ISIS.

    Well you supported Bushes war.

    And Paul wrote that long hair on men is unnatural and a disgrace.

    And said the same thing about gays.

    But you’re now confused.

    So you’ll have to find someone to tell you what to believe.

    And reading the Bible is all about opinion. Even saying it is the inerrant Word of God is opinion.



  3. “Apparently Q disagrees with Paul.”
    No, I don’t. Did you think about the absurdity of your Paul vs Jesus thesis? lol
    Okay, I’ll help you out. Paul’s letter gets read out. A hush goes over the congregation. Then saints jump up accusing Paul of dissing Jesus because of his hair length.

    No, that didn’t happen! Obviously. Think about why not! lol If you can’t work it out I’ll explain it to you in a few days. This will be a good test for your research ability and thinking skills. lol

    “Because all of Paul’s letters are his opinions and only that.”
    Okay, that’s your opinion. You don’t believe in the inspiration of scripture and probably are a few months off being an atheist. That’s your right.

    “LOL @ the personal attacks.”
    Keep laughing man. It’s better than your usual anger.

    “You gonna threaten to bash me again, you Christian warrior?”
    No. Are you still having wet dreams imagining you sexy footballer bashing me? lol

    “Maybe you should save your rage for ISIS.”
    I don’t have any rage. I’m actually laughing.
    So, you training it down on the Sunlander to get to the demo? Not exactly the million man march.
    Probably Bones and the Churchwatchers. Hey that’s a great name for a band.
    Maybe you can sing Driscoll to death!

    “If your goin to the Hillsong Conference demo….be sure to wear your Pirate Radio T-shirt…”

    I know you hate the Calvinists, but it will just bring a tear to my eye to see you link arm in arm to join forces with the Churchwatchers to fight against the greatest threat to Western Civilisation! ….the Driscoll Interview.!

    Maybe you could threaten to jump off a Hillsong amp if Houston asks more than three questions?


  4. Apparently Q disagrees with Paul.

    That’s OK.

    Because all of Paul’s letters are his opinions and only that.

    LOL @ the personal attacks.

    You gonna threaten to bash me again, you Christian warrior?

    Maybe you should save your rage for ISIS.


  5. “Next quote “Men with long hair are a disgrace and unnatural” (Paul)
    Hey that’s you Jesus.”

    Bones ……lol

    Eh…. Do some study – just a little and come back and tell me again whether you honestly think Paul would have said the length of Jesus hair was a disgrace.

    Actually you’ve just disgraced yourself.

    Sounds like the argument of someone in a pub in Queensland!

    I see that your simple minded approach is that you’ve seen a movie about Jesus or some pictures. And you’ve decided that Jesus and the disciples looked like hippies and would have been expelled from grammar school.
    You see Paul talking about long hair …… And with the logic unique to Rockie theologians you assume that Paul shocked everyone in Corinth by dissing Jesus’ hair length.

    So….just think it through Bones. And if it’s beyond you, just read a book.
    Or do some internet research.

    But here is the conclusion that most scholars arrive at.
    Paul did not think Jesus’ hair was a disgrace.


    You should have been in the witch scene in the Holy Grail….,

    No , maybe I should cry….


  6. “Why are people worried about gays when ISIS is wiping out Christians?
    Seems some people have their priorities wrong.”

    No. You’ve completely misunderstood.

    First, my point is that the time and money spent on referendums etc could be better spent.

    And I’m not worried about gays as such except that I am worried that they will continue to try to put people out of business and disallow freedom of speech.

    And I object to people being attacked as bigots and as evil for simply holding the same view that Obama did until 2010 or later.

    It’s insane that even someone like you who has flip flopped all over this issue in the last few years has the gall to attack people so much. Probably not more than three years ago you argued that homosexual sex was sin – but you argued that the govt couldn’t legislate morality (so following that logic you thought porn on TV was okay….)
    Two years later you viciously call your one-time theological hero (no- not your gay footballer pinup boy ) a bigot just for arguing that the bible teaches marriage between a man and a woman.

    Your flip-flops and blowing in the wind of every latest opinion poll is forgivable – and of course understandable as you are so easily influenced by the latest webpage you read….
    But your rabid attacks on people for simply holding the position you recently flip-flopped from is puzzling.

    Of course you could just be an angry man struggling with your own sexuality….?
    Is that it?
    If so, you have my sympathy.


  7. Sorry if you didn’t get the point.

    But if it made you stop punching your computer and think about Isis. Then good.

    But yes. Harvey Milk is more relevant over in the 19 and counting.

    Hopefully you will be enraged about people forgetting his targeting of youth but then being venerated.

    You know about Harvey Milk right?
    You probably have his life story in your DVD collection. But , dig deeper my friend. If you learn more about him you might take his poster off your bedroom wall.


  8. Lauren,
    You remind me of this I read.,

    “A Christian street preacher revealed yesterday how he was arrested and held in a cell for 11 hours after a lesbian falsely accused him of homophobia.

    Rob Hughes, 38, was speaking in Basildon, Essex, when the woman said she was ‘gay and proud’ and he should ‘get down off your pedestal, you judgmental **** – homophobia is not in this town’.

    However Mr Hughes – who had a voice recording of all he had said while preaching for 20 minutes that day – had not referenced homosexuality.


  9. It’s not even a church! Perverting the bible to support anti-gay bigotry would be bad enough on a church, but that on a business centre should be criminal. I hope I hear of him taking it down by tomorrow.

    We wouldn’t allow him to quote the sections about stoning to death disobedient children. I’m tired of homophobes asking for special treatment.


  10. Prayer rooms?
    Nice idea.

    As for the sign, he probably could have put up any other sign and had no problem. But one gay will see something and complain about hate speech.

    And how terrible that a parent might have to explain something they see to a child. Here’s a hint to the incompetent parents. You say, “Some people believe ….”


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