Former pastor’s murder confession – updated*


WFMZ reports…

“A former pastor from Lancaster County pleaded guilty to fatally shooting his onetime mistress.

Randall Shreiner, 58, of West Lampeter Township, was sentenced to life without parole on Friday morning.

The plea came less than five months after the married father of three fatally shot Monica Lee Miller outside of her apartment in Ephrata.

“He has stated from day one that there were no excuses to be made, he did a heinous crime,” said Shreiner’s defense attorney, John Churchville.

Several of Shreiner’s family members sat somber in the courtroom.

Miller’s loved ones spoke and wept during the proceeding before Judge Margaret Miller.

“It was emotional, and obviously because the crime has just occurred in February, they’re still going through a really rough period of time and they’ll continue to do so, as any family would,” said Assistant District Attorney Christine Wilson.

Miller’s family members told the courtroom that they recently held a fundraiser in her honor. They said more than $2,000 was raised for a local women’s shelter.

While family members did not wish to comment Friday, Miller’s stepfather, Karl Creasy, spoke to 69 News after Shreiner’s arraignment in February.

“[Miller] did not deserve this. She would not hurt a fly, just the lovingest woman in the world, with two great children left behind,” he said. “It’s a real shame.”

Shreiner apologized for his actions on Friday.

Wilson called his words “empty.”

Shreiner’s sister-in-law, Valerie, argued that the defendant is remorseful.

“I know his apology was sincere,” she said, adding that she is praying for the Miller family and trusting in Jesus. “As we were in there I was praying for them to be comforted, and their hearts to be comforted, to be healed,” she said.

“And that they can be made whole.”



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