The Cage

Promo video


Wonkette reports…

“Hey, there, all you sinners, apostates, reprobates, fornicators, sodomites, adulterers, whoremongers, and occasional jaywalkers!

Time for another visit to Fundamentalist Land, with an enchanting little book for kids called The Cage: A Young Children’s Guide to the Biblical Teaching on Hell, by one C. Matthew McMahon, Ph.D., Th.D.

It’s published by an outfit called “Puritan Publications” out of Tennessee, and is aimed at helping your lovely little child understand that they are headed straight to the Eternal Fires of Hell, and will burn forever unless they are saved by the blood of Christ.

We were initially intrigued to see a kid’s book titled The Cage, but extremely disappointed when it turned out to have nothing to do with the pilot episode of Star Trek. It might be the worst kids’ book we’ve ever seen, though it’s got some stiff competition.

In addition to writing terrifying children’s books, Dr. C. Matthew McMahon also runs the website “A Puritan’s Mind,” which is chock-full of Calvinist theology (the very SMUGGEST of all the theologies), but sadly lacking in comics about stuffed tigers.

Dr. McMahon even made a wonderful preview video flogging the book, in case you were wondering why kids aged 5 to 9 need to learn about “the doctrine of endless punishment in Hell, and salvation in Jesus Christ….”



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