One thought on “Work ’til you drop

  1. We should remain employed at our work until we die? Is this man a twit or what.

    And what a wonderful example of reading into scripture something that is not there.

    Firstly retirement is not what the scripture talks of when continuing to be fruitful or serving God in some form eg good (grand)parent. Retirement is just ending paid employment and living off their previous work/pension. If the retired person decides to live like a sloth then thats another issue.

    Secondly his claim of 2.4? years is the average time to death after retirement. No factoring in that a good percentage retire due to illness, cancer, physically incapable of doing the work, and so on. In any case I call BS on that, in Australia we live too long after retirement for our Government to bear..

    But just because someone retires doesn’t meant they stop doing what scripture says to do for older people. They don’t just vegetate like this idiot suggests, amongst other things they tend to their families, like in scripture, they help society, and so on.

    The report in Australia on the retired population shows they put back into society more than what the Government pays in pensions. That does not sound like they do nothing. That they live on average more than a decade after retirement and that includes the ones who retire due to illness. Not the average 2.4 years this twit suggests.

    Mind you this would be just a idiot speaking if it was not for our Governments raising the retirement age, because as the prime minister has said (paraphrased) the “Gray Army should not be having a good life and should still be working if they can holiday”


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