Pastor’s gay marriage gun threat


Advocate reports…

“Christian evangelist and social media personality Joshua Feuerstein is taking aim at marriage equality — literally.

Feuerstein ended a recent video rant posted to his Facebook page by holding up a semiautomatic assault rifle and encouraging his followers to fight for their “First Amendment right to refuse” recognition of marriage equality with their Second Amendment right.

In the video, which has been viewed more than 5 million times since it was uploaded to social media July 9, Feuerstein claims the recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling legalizing same-sex marriage nationwide is “not about equal rights” but “about reconstitutionalizing a term so that now it opens up the door for the left and the liberals to come after Christianity.”

He then proceeds to inaccurately report incidents as his proof that LGBT equality is an attack on Christianity. He cites the case involving the bakery Sweet Cakes by Melissa, which had been ordered by an Oregon state agency to pay $135,000 in damages to lesbian couple Rachel and Laurel Bowman-Cryer after the owners refused to bake a cake for the couple’s wedding, claiming it would violate their religious beliefs.

However, Feuerstein does not mention that Sweet Cakes owners Aaron and Melissa Klein did more than simply refuse service to the couple. They posted a copy of the couple’s legal complaint on the Sweet Cakes Facebook page with their home address visible, which led to a wave of harassment for the couple, which included hateful comments and threats on social media and news websites.

He also highlights another story that gained much media attention last October after ordained ministers Donald and Evelyn Knapp, who own the Hitching Post Wedding Chapel in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho — which is also registered as a for-profit business — said they were worried about facing legal action after refusing to host a same-sex wedding. Feuerstein falsely claims the Knapps are being told if they “don’t marry gay couples [they face] arrest and imprisonment.” (We debunked that claim here; no formal complaint was ever filed against the Knapps, although they have sued the city.)

“You see what’s beginning to go on here? You see how they’re beginning to paint Christians? I’ve been telling you guys for a long time. It’s happening,” the evangelist says before launching into the most disturbing moment of his 2-minute, 36-second rant.

“Why are we backing down to the government and not drawing a line in the sand? They’re coming after our First Amendment constitutional rights! Well, check this out, this is one pastor that will not bow. Why?” he asks as he pulls a semiautomatic assault rifle into the frame and poses with the weapon. “Because my First Amendment right is guaranteed by my Second Amendment right. Think about that, ladies and gentlemen. It’s time that we finally take a stand and say no more. We’re not backing up any further. We’re not going to allow a tyrannical government to come in and strip away our rights as Christians and try to demonize us so that they can make the Bible bigoted.”



53 thoughts on “Pastor’s gay marriage gun threat

  1. “Q’s lost it when he started using hate sites.”

    Please dispute anything I quoted re the list of church burnings from that list. Go ahead.

    If that list were on an anti-Semitic website it would still be truth.

    Please provide me with anything in that list that was error.

    On the other hand, that insane stuff you posted about the Talmud from the anti-Semitic website is very easily disprovable.

    As was the crazy photo story one you published which wasn’t true.

    Maybe you’re confused. It’s easy to call something a hate site. What is important is whether what is quoted is true or not. Do you understand that?
    Or not.

    Okay. Maybe you don’t. Okay, if an anti-American hate site said that the U.S. dropped an atomic bomb on Nagasaki on Aug 9, it’s okay to quote that.
    But you saying Jews are allowed to have sex with children because of some OBVIOUSLY ridiculous quote on an OBVIOUSLY pathetic anti-Semitic website is unacceptable and really astonishing.

    If you really don’t understand the difference maybe you should go back to teachers training college because it’s really frightening what you teach your kids.


    Again, I’m waiting for your list of Islamic terrorist attacks I listed that didn’t happen.
    In response I will gladly refute the totally absurd things asserted in the fake Talmud attack piece you joyously quoted from.

    Up to it BB?


  2. “Btw our Muslims in Bundy are good people.”

    I think you said that. If they are good, please keep them that way and maybe ask them for tips on how we can stop their brethren from killing, bombing and raping.

    “Better than Q.”

    Oooooo not again!


  3. “Maybe Q can point out an islamic teaching on raping women and burning churches without going to an insane site.”

    Maybe you can tell me how many churches have been burned and how many women raped by Muslim mobs in Indonesia, Nigeria etc in the last 20 years. Go on, tell me!

    “The Muslims here in Bundaberg are wonderful people.”

    Lovely. Since you know them intimately enough ask them 1. would they like Sharia law in Bundy, 2 what they think of the holocaust and 3. Why their brethren rape, kill and bomb and how they can stop them. Just 20 people survey is okay. I’ll give you a month.

    “Better than Q.”
    Lol sounds like you are a primary school girl more than a teacher!
    What next? “anyway I like Wazza better than q” lol

    “I hope he never come here.”

    Oh, how much that hurts! Lol

    Okay, I won’t go there.

    Oh tell your wonderful Muslim friends about your colossal website mistakes so they don’t fall into the same trap.


  4. Maybe Q can point out an islamic teaching on raping women and burning churches without going to an insane site.

    The Muslims here in Bundaberg are wonderful people.

    Better than Q.

    I hope he never come here.


  5. Q’ll hate this as he hates all Muslims.

    Who Guards The Most Sacred Site In Christendom?

    In fact, it’s two Muslims: one man from the Joudeh family and another man from the Nuseibeh family, two Jerusalem Palestinian clans who have been the custodians of the entrance to the Holy Sepulchre since the 12th century.

    “After the Muslim conquest in 637, the Caliph Omar guaranteed the Archbishop Sophronius that the Christian places of worship would be protected and so entrusted the custodianship to the Nuseibehs, a family who originated in Medina and had had relations with the Prophet Muhammad,” said Nuseibeh, a retired 63-year old electrician, while waiting in a nearby cafe to carry out his duties at the Holy Sepulchre.

    “It happened again in 1187, after Saladin ended the Crusader Kingdom of Jerusalem. He chose our family again to look after the peace between the different Eastern and Western Christian confessions, which were at odds over control of the Sepulchre,” he said with a gentle smile, sitting next to his son, Obadah.

    To this day, coexistence among the several Christian churches sharing the Holy Sepulchre is a delicate one. Catholic, Greek, Armenian, Coptic, Syriac, and Ethiopian Orthodox monks have resorted to fists more than once to defend their respective denomination’s rights and privileges in the church, as defined in an decree by the Ottoman Empire, known as the Status Quo of 1853.



  6. Okay Wazza. You don’t like that website. Okay just go to WIkipedia and look up terrorist attacks.

    Glance through the list and have a look at the perpetrators and tell me if you see a particular religion coming up more than others.

    Hint. It aint the Buddhists, and it aint Hillsong.

    Keep reading, looking at the numbers, and imagining your wife and kids were there. You may even hyperventilate.


  7. “Calm down, take a few breaths … in a few years it will be some”

    Wazza, the communists killed millions. NO, I don’t like communists either. Exactly right. Talk to the people who lived under communism.

    Talk to the people in North Korea. You think its funny? Do you know how many millions died in China? Russia.

    You think thousands of people being murdered and hundreds of churches being bombed is not worth talking about?

    On the other hand, you and Bones and Mr Group Sects spend everyday getting upset about things like a Pastor riding a Harley Davidson, of HIllsong music being too rocky or poppy or cheesy.

    I brought up this stuff to make a point. And I stand by it. I think the Muslims who are blowing people up and beheading them and raping women are much more dangerous than a church that has lots of young people in it like HIllsong.

    People here are on the other sites you guys love spend al your time trying to tell the world how terrible it is that some preacher from america was going to be interviewed at a conference that you won’t attend.

    Don’t hyperventilate over that. Hyperventilate over the people still recovering from burns received in Bali, Hyperventilate if you must over the Christians girls trying to recover from being gang raped in Indonesia. Hyperventilate if you must over the parents whose kids were killed in churches in Nigeria.

    But Driscoll speaking at Hillsong? Justin Bieber attending a conference? Some lesbians having to find another cake shop??

    YOu are the guys hyperventilating everyday over complete rubbish.
    Rape, burns, missing limbs, orphaned parents. That’s what upsets me. And if you want to talk about communists – yeah they crucified Christians, and many CHristians were imprisoned for years. and they still are in North Korea.

    Oh to be a middle class looney left wing girlie man who can ignore weekly deaths, rapes and explosions to worry about lesbian cakes and church conference interviews.

    As for disputing that website – read through the list – if you know about current affairs you should remember the ones with the big numbers of casuaties.

    PS Talk to the law enforcement people and ASIO in australia.

    They aren’t that worried about the next HIllsong CD….


  8. Read 1984 especially ‘Hate week’ – the object of hatred changes but Hate week always remains.

    It used to be the Jews, then it was the Communists and now its the Muslims – as long as they can keep us fearful and hating someone we can be controlled

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  9. I’m not going to try and validate un-sourced and un-cited claims from a web-site which is dedicated to proving that Islam is a uniquely dangerous and violent religion – created by someone who won’t even give his real name.

    But there are people who have taken the time to do it – have a look at

    Calm down, take a few breaths … in a few years it will be some other group that we are supposed to hate.

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  10. “Q is quoting the hate site , it is not an authoritative source for this information – he rightly criticized people for quoting anti-Semitic hate sites before.”

    The difference is that anti-semitic websites had insane allegations of the content of the Talmud.

    If you can go through the list of bombings and murders from that list (which I readily concede was from that site), then let me know.

    I was going to look up and list myself.

    If you don’t accept that list and other quotes I gave from wikipedia etc,
    then I am more than happy to spend a few weeks aggregating the number of churches destroyed and bombed.

    I’m also happy to point out the church bombings and rapes of Christian women in Indonesia and other countries PRIOR to the Iraq invasion.

    The problem is not so much the site, but the information on the sites.

    I disagree with you about whether it is an authoritative site IN REGARDS to church attacks.

    Like I said, let’s just leave it to attacks on churches in Muslim countries or Muslim areas of non-muslim countries.

    Maybe you haven’t had much to do with persecuted Christians.

    I have. The horrible mob violence in Indonesia last century had nothing to do with Iraq. The lack of Christian freedoms in Saudi Arabia and country after country run by Muslims is no secret, and not something only talked about at “anti-muslim” websites.

    I’m not sure whether you read the news on a daily basis, but I do. And have for decades. It’s all there and all public record. And not negated by the fact that there are some churches or synagogues in certain countries.

    The only thing I can say is that majority muslim countries run by secular leaders are easier to live in for Christians.

    Spend some time reading about and praying for Christians in persecuted countries Wazza. 80% of the countries where Christians are killed, raped and have freedoms severely restricted are Muslim.

    If you and Bones can’t even admit that, then it’s pretty pointless arguing.

    But if you don’t believe me or the news, or anyone, then I suggest you and Bones go and live in each Muslim country for a year each, and experience it for yourselves.


  11. Q is quoting the hate site , it is not an authoritative source for this information – he rightly criticized people for quoting anti-Semitic hate sites before.

    The fact remains that most victims of terrorism are Muslim and terrorism has increased overwhelmingly because of the ‘War on Terror’ – something that the US knew would happen. Iraq became a mecca for terrorists during and after the war. You are more likely to be killed by slippers or obesity than terrorism (not you obviously, Q, because you look like a men’s health front-page model). Wake up, its not about the terror its about the oil.


    In the year before the Iraq War (from 3/19/2002 to 3/19/2003), there were only 13 terrorist attacks and 14 terrorism-related deaths in Iraq. In the year after the Iraq War (from 3/20/2003 to 3/20/2004), there were 225 terrorist attacks and 1,074 terrorism-related deaths. In other words, the U.S. invasion of Iraq resulted in an over 1600% increase in terrorist attacks and an over 7500% increase in terrorism-related deaths in just one year.

    At the height of the Iraq War, there were 3,968 terrorist attacks, resulting in 9,497 deaths–which amounts to an over 30,000% increase in terrorist incidents and over 67,000% increase in terrorism-related deaths as compared to pre-war years.

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  12. No can’t be done. I think I need 4 comments boxes. Too much work.

    Its a pretty terrifying list. But if one mUslim gets hit on the head with an ice-cream Bones will be saying see!!!

    If Bones were in Germany in WW2 he would have been great at finding a soldier beaten up by a Jew.


  13. Incredible. The list of attacks on churches and christians in muslim countries in the last 10 years was just too long to post.

    couldn’t be done bones.

    I need to break it up into several posts. thousands of churches destroyed, Thousands of women raped in the streets. Beheadings.

    But somewhere Bones and Groupsexts will post about some guy burning a koran, or saying something in a church somewhere.

    Really, the list was just way too long. Bones – please go live in a Muslim country.


  14. Bones proudly boasts.
    “There are plenty of Christian churches in Muslim countries. ”

    Yes. But the number decrease for some strange reason. See list below.

    I””n Syria they even exchanged services before the civil war.””


    “Iran even has synagogue s.”


    “Since the start of the civil war in 2011, 700,000 Christians have left Syria. What began as a popular uprising with demands for political change has increasingly developed into a ‘jihad’ against the Syrian government. Islamic State (IS) have claimed parts of Syria for their ‘caliphate’ (Islamic state), and other radical groups such as Jabhat al-Nsura are also a threat. Christians are frequently attacked, abducted and killed, and one Muslim cleric has declared that ‘raping Alawi or Christian women is not contrary to the precepts of Islam’.”

    By all means, go and live in Syria Bones. But leave your wife behind.
    It’s number 4 on the Open Doors watch list.
    Wow, Syria. Bones is using this is hit trump card evidence that Islam is a religion of peace and the more Muslims the merrier.
    Great ….

    “The Islamic Republic uses factions within the Iranian Jewish community to win public relations points with the Western world, but privately many Jews complain to foreign reporters of discrimination. Foreign reporters are asked by the Iranian Jewish community to self-censor their own reports for fear of repercussions on the community.”

    Well, looks like they fooled Bones again. You know Bones, you have a long history of falling hook line and sinker for anti-semitic and pro-Muslim websites and propaganda.

    Find something supported Islam on the web, and it will at right up there on Bones Balmy Bookmarks. Find something anti-semitic and it will there in a special folder.

    Bones, seriously. You really need to access information on the internet a lot more critically. You teach kids right?


    2Now boys and girls, lets do some internet research. You just find something that agrees with what you want to say and then copy and paste, and everyone will know you’re such a clever person.
    Well, at least in Bundaberg…..”

    “Sir, do we have to check the website? Can we trust it?”
    “Noooo. I never do”

    Watch out for the next generation coming out of Bundaberg.

    Okay, here’s some light reading for you Bones. You were crying about some llutra-orthodox bad guys. And some American preacher a while back who burned a Koran…

    Sorry, the list only covers this century.

    I won’t go into the stories of rapes and beating and church burnings by Muslims in the 90’s/. I*ve met Indonesians who told me first hand about it.

    I’m sure though that you will tell me about the nice churches the Muslims allow in indonesai, and say it was the Christians fault because of…..oil?

    Date Country City/State Killed Injured Description
    7/28/2015 Nigeria Dille 29 0 Two dozen innocent people are slaughtered by strict Islamists in raids on three Christian villages.
    7/26/2015 Cameroon Tchebe-Tchebe 3 0 Boko Haram behead three villagers and set fire to their church.
    7/23/2015 Libya Nufaliya 1 0 A 25-year-old Christian is kidnapped and executed by Muslim radicals.
    7/14/2015 Iraq Baghdad 2 0 The church reports that two members were kidnapped and killed in the previous two weeks.
    7/6/2015 Iraq Mosul 4 0 Four children are killed when ISIS blow up a church.
    7/5/2015 Nigeria Borno 9 0 Islamists return to the scene of an earlier massacre and shoot nine survivors in addition to burning thirty-churches and three-hundred homes.
    7/5/2015 Nigeria Potiskum 6 43 A women, a priest and two children are among six killed when a suicide bomber detonates during a church service.
    6/24/2015 Egypt Suez 1 0 A Christian is found shot twice in the chest after resisting pressure to convert to Islam.
    6/22/2015 Syria Izra 4 3 Four people are torn apart by a Sunni car bomb blast at the entrance to a Christian town.
    6/18/2015 Nigeria Wakama 2 0 Muslims shoot an Anglican pastor and a 9-year-old boy to death.
    6/17/2015 Uganda Nabuli 1 0 A mother of eleven is poisoned by her own family after leaving Islam for Christianity.
    5/26/2015 Iraq Nimrud 1 0 An 80-Year-Old Christian woman is burned alive for failing to comply with Sharia restrictions.
    5/24/2015 Nigeria Benue 96 0 Ninety-six are confirmed dead following a church-burning spree by militant Muslims.
    5/19/2015 Nigeria Barkin Ladi 27 0 Fulani terrorists massacre twenty-seven residents in overnight attacks on two Christian villages.
    5/2/2015 Nigeria Zakupang 13 0 Women and children comprise the bulk of thirteen Christians cut down by Muslim militants.
    5/2/2015 Nigeria Foron 2 0 Militant Muslims gun down a pastor and a female member of his congregation.
    5/2/2015 Nigeria Barkin Ladi 27 0 Twenty-seven Christians are slaughtered by Muslim raiders.
    5/2/2015 Nigeria Vat 17 0 Muslim terrorists shoot seventeen Christians to death.
    5/1/2015 Egypt Sohag 1 0 A Coptic man is abducted and murdered by Muslims.
    4/30/2015 Egypt Ibrahmiya 1 0 A 48-year-old Coptic woman is stabbed to death.
    4/30/2015 Nigeria Barkin Ladi 2 0 Two Christians returning from a funeral are ambushed and killed by Muslim radicals.
    4/27/2015 Nigeria Guma 13 0 Thirteen Christians are slaughtered in their homes by Muslim raiders.
    4/25/2015 Nigeria Plateau 6 0 A half-dozen Christians are murdered by Muslim radicals in attacks on three villages.
    4/19/2015 Libya Sirte 30 0 The Islamic State releases a video showing the brutal execution of thirty captured Ethiopian Christians, at least a dozen of whom are beheaded.
    4/17/2015 Pakistan Lahore 0 3 Extremists open fire on a Catholic school.
    4/16/2015 Italy Sicily 12 0 A dozen Christians on a refugee boat are thrown to their deaths by Muslims.
    4/15/2015 Pakistan Lahore 0 1 A 10-year-old boy is beaten and burned alive for telling two Muslims that he is Christian.
    4/11/2015 Syria Aleppo 20 24 Terrorists shell a Christian neighborhood, killing twenty residents.


  15. Q:

    Wazza, I’d really like to have a drinks night with you. I’m sure after a few beers or a lot …you’d see reason and abandon your liberal lunacy . BUt then you’d know my identity, and I”ve have to kill you.

    Well you put your email address here a couple of months ago and I sent you an email under my real name. I’m finally going back to Aus on Saturday – wish I’d got in touch with Steve while I was in London but the time just went. Let me know if you want to meet up , although I had the impression you are in Asia.

    Have a look at this, a guy who protects women by following them around on their dates dressed in a burka :


  16. There are plenty of Christian churches in Muslim countries. In Syria they even exchanged services before the civil war. Iran even has synagogue s.

    Its the specific puritanical poison which our allies have exported to other countries because they have shitloads of cash from oil which is the problem.


  17. By putting israel in Australia you would merely unleash the terrorists who want Israel in the Middle East where God fictionally gave them the land.

    Israel was built on terrorism. In fact Likud is a direct descendent of Israeli terrorist group, Irgun.


  18. “So let’s invade Iraq.”

    Ive got a better idea. Put Israel in Australia, bring all the Christians from the Middle East here and have no more Muslim migration here.

    What will happen? The middle of Australia will become high tech zone with state of the art irrigation, the Chritians will be free, and within 10 years the Muslims would have killed each other off in the Middle East.

    Because as you know….there are different branches of Islam.

    And as you know….but not many do…the Palestinians aren’t loved by the rest of the Muslims anyway. Just ask other countries if they’ll provide land for the palestinian brothers… and see what response you get.

    Put all the muslims together and you won’t need to invade anything.
    And once everyone goes solar and doesn’t need oil, the Muslims won’t have any money.

    Of using the latest intelligence from Wazza, we could just send them millions of boxes of slippers/

    That’s an idea. Start a rumour in Isis that the Prophet always wore slippers and according to Wazza they’ll all trip over and kill themselves.

    Got it!


  19. “Johnny Mac and Houston should take their millions and sponsor churches in the Middle East.”

    Agreed. But Hillsong would be better than a calvinist church.

    “Bizarrely churches are banned in our allies, Saudi Arabia.”
    Yeah. Well its a Muslim country. THat’s what happens.

    “So let’s invade Iraq.”
    I was against the invasion.

    Yeah. Great guy! Every day he protects Israel from the Muslims that call for the destruction of Israel. WHat a guy!


  20. Johnny Mac and Houston should take their millions and sponsor churches in the Middle East.

    See how they go with that.

    Bizarrely churches are banned in our allies, Saudi Arabia.

    No wait that’s not a surprise at all when you see what it inspires. Of course nearly all of the 9/11 and Bin Laden were Saudis.

    So let’s invade Iraq.

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  21. “Netanyahu! One of my heroes!”

    The guy who incited the assassination of Israeli PM, Yitzhak Rabin, when Israel was on the cusp of ending the war in the Middle East. Once again showing how much power the ultra-Orthodox have in Israel that they would kill their own.

    Why wouldn’t he be your hero.


  22. “Well there were more.
    Such as Mali, Jordan, Ivory Coast.”

    Yeah go Jordan!

    “And you are ignorant of the different types of Islam such as Sufis.”
    Actually, I’m not ignorant about Islam. QUite the contrary I know too much. And I know the history of how it spread.

    Let’s preach Jesus to them eh Bones. ONly one hope for the world.


  23. “Great, you found one!!!”

    Well there were more.

    Such as Mali, Jordan, Ivory Coast.

    And you are ignorant of the different types of Islam such as Sufis.

    Are you aware that most Christians in Syria support Assad?

    Unfortunately nearly all Islamic terrorists have its roots in our allies, the Gulf States – Al Qaeda, ISIS, the Chechen terrorists, Al Shabaab, Boko Haram, Taliban and even JI in Indonesia all have their roots in our allies, the Gulf States.

    Their goal is to root out Muslim heretics hence why ISIS doesn’t take Shiite prisoners.

    They just execute them on the spot.

    They are the equivalent of the Christian puritans.


  24. Wazza, I’d really like to have a drinks night with you. I’m sure after a few beers or a lot …you’d see reason and abandon your liberal lunacy . BUt then you’d know my identity, and I”ve have to kill you.



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  25. “It may be a shock to some but not all Muslim countries are ruled by sharia law. Take Albania for instance. It’s more liberal than a lot of Christian countries”

    Great, you found one!!! Congratulations. Now what we need are more countries ful of half-hearted Muslims . EVen better if they become CHristians. RIght Bones? right?

    . “It came within a whisker of approving gay marriage.”

    Let’s be thankful for whiskers…..

    Maybe we can starty breeding more cats here.

    Albania. Cool. Lets watch what happens there from now on eh.

    I”ll keep you posted

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  26. “Even Netanyahu has denounced Jewish terrorists who burned”

    But that’s my point! It was one incident. And Netanyahu condemned it. NO jews and christians are rejoicing over that. SO its beyond compare to whats going on with islamic terrorism.

    Israel is a LIGHT amidst the darkness. Netanyahu isn’t delaring death to the arabs everyday. No comparison mate.

    When Netanyahu and other jews and christians start wanting to kill and behead people because someone burned a bible or the torah in some random country I’ll listen to you.

    So see? Netanyahu – he’s a great guy. Civlized, wanting peace, not in favor of murder. And yet people like you hated the guy.

    Great to see you’re coming around.

    Netanyahu! One of my heroes!


  27. “Culture is determined not just by religion but by history, politics and above all by economics. If you have a lot of disaffected youth and don’t give them opportunities then they will unite around whatever ideology they can find – Islamic extremism, fascism, communism , fundamentalism”

    Thats where I disagree. Plenty of educated Islamic terrorists. Look it up


  28. “41 Australians have died in Afghanistan in the War on Terror – a futile war against an abstract and poorly defined concept. ”

    I’d agree there. The US and Australia have been going into countries without understanding them for too long now.

    But just remember both sides of politics supported going into afghanistan in the US. I think by memory only one femail objected.

    But like I said, Call Asio and other agencies. I think you’ll find THEY are worried about terrorism. Its not something I dreamed up


  29. “Johnny Mac gets paid $500 000 too much”

    Okay Bones I got to hand it to you. That’s the perfect comment!

    Havent read your other comments and rebuttals yet. So I’ll stick to that for today. Trying to hide a smile in starbucks after that.


  30. Q have a look at this:

    Only one case of terrorism in the whole list – the Lindt cafe – death toll 3 including the so-called ‘terrorist’

    41 Australians have died in Afghanistan in the War on Terror – a futile war against an abstract and poorly defined concept. A war which was predicted to increase the prevalence of terrorism and which gave rise to ISIS.

    Ask not for whom the bell tolls IT TOLLS FOR THEE. We are the terrorists

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  31. “And my point is, we are lucky we don’t have 40 percent of the population being Muslim, If we get to 20%even, lets have this conversation again shall we. ”

    Safe to say that Islam in Australia – even if it somehow rises to 20% or 40% of the population will be very different to Islam in Saudi Arabia or Indonesia.

    Culture is determined not just by religion but by history, politics and above all by economics. If you have a lot of disaffected youth and don’t give them opportunities then they will unite around whatever ideology they can find – Islamic extremism, fascism, communism , fundamentalism

    If you give them a place in society and something to do then generally they wont set fire to your parliament or behead your soldiers.

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  32. “And my point is, we are lucky we don’t have 40 percent of the population being Muslim, If we get to 20%even, lets have this conversation again shall we. ”

    It may be a shock to some but not all Muslim countries are ruled by sharia law. Take Albania for instance. It’s more liberal than a lot of Christian countries. It came within a whisker of approving gay marriage.

    They were after all the only Axis country whose Jewish population increased because Muslims actively protected Jews.


  33. “Yes. And even you may note that very few Jewish ultra-orthodox are killing anyone. ”

    Seems Israel disagrees with you.

    Even Netanyahu has denounced Jewish terrorists who burned alive a baby Arab.

    Oh and I have friends who are Arab Chrsitians who were evicted at gunpoint.

    Israel’s hawks can’t dodge blame for this day of violence

    Two bloody attacks in 24 hours have laid bare a culture of impunity – and deep internal divisions

    The condemnations are striking but still they ring hollow. Binyamin Netanyahu denounced the arson attack by Jewish settlers on the West Bank home of the Dawabsha family, in which Ali Saad, a baby just 18 months old, was burned to death, as an “act of terrorism in every respect”.

    Israel is more scared of a religious civil war than they are of muslims.


  34. “Like many corporate leaders John Macarthur is well compensated financially. For example, it’s in the public record that for the 2011 calendar year John Macarthur earned $402,444 for working PART-TIME for Grace To You and $103,000 for The Master’s College and Seminary. That’s more than $500,000, not counting his church salary, book royalties, speaking fees, etc.

    His Grace To You salary can be seen on page 7 of the link here. Remarkably, for just part time work at Grace To You, John Macarthur earns more than the annual salary of the President of the United States (which is $400,000). Of interest, John Macarthur’s two sons hold the positions of Treasurer and Director at Grace To You.

    According to the IRS 990 forms submitted by Grace To You and The Master’s College and Seminary for 2011, John Macarthur worked 20 hours/week for Grace To You and 40 hours/week for The Masters College and Seminary. Does he actually work for these corporations 60 hours/week? Assuming he doesn’t work for either of these corporations on the weekends, then he must work on average 12 hours/day Monday through Friday. ”

    So here’s my question. Is it okay for Hillsongchurchwatch to talk on and on about Houston’s salary?

    If they say it’s too much, that’s fine. I tend to agree with them.
    But they have not once wanted to publish Jonny Macs salary.


    You will all no doubt agree, but I think Houston is worth as much as Johnny Mac. Especially since Johnny Mac spends lots of time attacking Hillsong, the catholics, the evangelicals, you liberal christians etc.

    But, nobody talks about his salary over at Hillsongchurchwatch.

    They’ll get every homosexual and feminist and atheist on their side to attack Hillsong.

    But, what would the homosexuals and feminists think of Jonny Macs salary that he gets for preaching hell for gays, atheists, and others who – well just weren’t predestined. But they’ll form a demo, and go to the media to try and bring Houston down.

    That my friend is why I think is total hypocricy. Dislike Hillsong if you like, but be fair enough to realise that there are Calvinist superstars making big bucks too and they are even more dismissive of women in ministry etc etc.

    Liked by 1 person

  35. “Ok, do your homework Q and find out how many people in Australia were killed by Islamic Extremists”

    Well first of all there were many killed in Bali. But they shouldn’t have gone to Indonesia I suppose. There were also, some killed in the world trade centre.

    And my point is, we are lucky we don’t have 40 percent of the population being Muslim, If we get to 20%even, lets have this conversation again shall we. If only 1% of Muslims become extremists, then the police will be busy. By the way, you do know there are people all the time in Australia watching to stop killings by Muslim extremists. There aren’t many police assigned to the Lutheran extremists, or hillsong or C3 which is claimed to be so dangerous.

    “Then look at how many were killed by faulty slippers”

    I didn’t bother. But you are a clever little boy.

    Okay here’s my answer. I would rather live in a country where slippers were compulsory footwear than a country with 80% Muslims. I know which one I’d feel safer in. How about you Wazza?

    Which would you pick?

    No, I’m not worried about slippers, no matter how much fearmonegering you do.

    But, if i can be serious? You are a total bonehead. Perhaps there are more women in hospital because of bike injuries than there are women who were attacked after midnight walking through parks.

    So, Wazza, in scintillating style will conclude that its absolutely ridiculous to warn women about walking through parks at night.

    You work with statistics right?

    Throw your math books out. You’ve missed the common sense applications.

    “Its a serious problem. People are being killed in their thousands.”

    Sure. Okay, go and join the demonstration and ask the people beheaded by Isis and the women raped in country after country and tell them to focus on slippers instead. Start a demo. Maybe you could join with the anti-hillsong demo. There were five of them. Combine with your slipper demo, and you’ll bring it up to 6. And guess what. You could lampoon Hillsong and even Jesus and you’d be safe. But Would you hold a slipper in one hand and then say the same kind of things about Islam or Mohammed and feel safe? No you wouldn’t. Because you are a liberal coward like all the others who will ridicule Christians all day because nobody fights back, but you wouldn’t dare publicly say even a tenth critical of Islam. There is nothing more cowardly than a liberal Christian. Or hateful.

    “We need to have a war on slippers, or at least a demonstration “Reclaim bare feet”. Lets have a few beers and shout at the slipper manufacturing scum”

    Ha. I should have read to the end. Go ahead. If you honestly think slippers are more dangerous than Islamic extremism go ahead Maybe you can talk to the police and ASIO about how many people are assigned to slipper control


    You still don’t get it?


  36. “Btw there’s a whole world of difference between Jewish ultra-orthodox extremism and Jews.”

    Yes. And even you may note that very few Jewish ultra-orthodox are killing anyone. Know any cases in Australia? the US? How many cases can you give me of ultra-orthodox flying planes into buildings, or raping Christians in Indonesia? Go ahead Bones, make my day. You found a Palestinian child dead? Yes, it’s terrible. Let’s add up the scores. How many people have been raped and killed by “Islamic extremists” (your words!!! )this year. And how many people killed by ultra-orthodox. You might find a Presbyterian extremists who did something. And what would you prove? Heck you might find and extremist Bahai faith guy kill someone.

    I think we have a huge problem in the world with Muslim extremists killing people, and not only that buy “normal” Muslim countries persecuting Christians.. If you aren’t aware of it, stop reading Ian Roberts biograhpies and check out persecution in the world today.

    “Like there are between Muslims and Islamic extremists. Unlike you I can tell the difference.”

    I can tell the difference between Muslims and Islamic extremists. What i know is that in countries with majority populations of Muslims, there are no rights for Christians. It’s not the same the other way.

    And I know that are millions more Muslims who are prepared to say they want Israel annihilated than there are any other people of faiths who want palestinians annihilated. Look it up.

    Just look it up,


  37. “They take the Bible seriously Q. They don’t quote Leviticus and leave it at that.”

    A lot of people misinterpret things. My point is that there the most zealous Jews and Christians aren’t killing people. Hillsong aren’t killing people. Baptists aren’t killing people. The people most into studying the Bible know what it says in Leviticus but aren’t killing people.

    On the other hand, look up what’s happening around the world where there are large populations of Muslims and what happens when people take the Koran seriously.

    “How many Christians have quoted those verses as justification for condemning homosexuals? ”

    I know lots of Christians. And nobody is killing homosexuals are adulterers. On the other hand would you like a list of countries that imprison or kill people for converting FROM Islam. Would you like a list of countries with majority Muslim populations that persecute Christians.
    I can publish them if you like. Or you can to to Saudi Arabia and hold a bible study for your Muslim friends and see how you go.

    “They do what it says to do. Kill gays”

    who does? Hillsong? Me? Anyone in Australia?

    “Which is what Muslim extremists do as well.”

    Hey progress!!!!!! lol now you call them Muslim extremists!!

    Did you hear that internet? Bones is talking about Muslim extremists.!!!

    Don’t let Mr Obama let you hear that. So Bones. How much of a problem do we have with Muslim extremists in the world in terms of bombing, raping, killing, torturing, persecting -as opposed to Buddhist and christian extremists. That’s your homework.

    “Because God doesn’t like them. ”

    God loves everyone. He doesn’t approve of lots of things. And people doing evil should repent.

    “Like you don’t.”

    Slanderous statement. I get on with gays.


  38. Btw what does Johnny Mac earn?

    I doubt he’s worth it.

    He strikes me as a depressing individual. Most Calvinists are.


  39. Ok, do your homework Q and find out how many people in Australia were killed by Islamic Extremists

    Then look at how many were killed by faulty slippers

    Its a serious problem. People are being killed in their thousands.

    We need to have a war on slippers, or at least a demonstration “Reclaim bare feet”. Lets have a few beers and shout at the slipper manufacturing scum


  40. They take the Bible seriously Q. They don’t quote Leviticus and leave it at that. How many Christians have quoted those verses as justification for condemning homosexuals? They do what it says to do. Kill gays. Which is what Muslim extremists do as well. Because God doesn’t like them. Like you don’t.


  41. “That’s why you’re here Q.”
    No, I’m here because someone has to counter your hate. Your friends over at Hillsongwatch hate Hillsong as much as you, but I’m not allowed to point out their hate of almost every group that isn’t calvinist. They say Darlene isn’t even a Christian because she sang at the Vatican, etc etc.

    At least on this site comments are allowed.

    Maybe I can even post the salaries of John Macarthur and other churches and get away with it.

    No, just here to point out the hypocrisy of some commenters.
    And to make sure you don’t quote anti-semitic websites. That was the real “ripper”.


  42. Though, you’d probably get a pass for that if you continued to bash Hillsong, and the Jews and churches

    So maybe you’ll be okay


  43. One pastor raping is too many in the world.
    Just like one King taking a soldiers wife is too many.

    But for you to search the world news for an example of someone taking the Bible seriously is ridiculous. Everyone who takes the bible seriously condemns the people you mention.

    On the other hand, look at the countries where Christians are being persecuted.

    Which would you rather live in now in 2015. A country where 99% of the people take the Bible seriously? Or a country where 99% of the people are taking the Koran seriously.

    Just search anywhere for info about Christian persecution.

    It’s overwhelming. And just remember – I warned you.
    If the Muslims DID take over you better burn those nude footballer hero pics.


  44. Didn’t you post a link about a rapist pastor?

    That’s why you’re here Q.

    To remind us how evil Muslims are and post studies from Muslim hating groups.

    That one of yours was a ripper from a group that thinks Republicans are conspiring with Muslim extremists including that the logo of the U.S. Missile Defense Agency “appears ominously to reflect a morphing of the Islamic crescent and star with the Obama campaign logo” and is part of a “worrying pattern of official U.S. submission to Islam.”.


  45. So you find the weirdest pastor in America who races and some ultra-orthodox Jew who has already been imprisoned and you think you’ve made some clever point.

    Okay, do some homework and write up all the people who were raped, killed, imprisoned, beheaded, forced to marry, – and then list the countries where Muslims don’t allow conversions or evangelism and then finish it with
    “At least here are a couple of million people who take the Koran seriously”

    The homework shouldn’t be too hard.

    So in how many countries of the world with a majority Christian population is conversion to Islam banned.

    How many Muslims live in fear of teaching the Koran in England ect.

    Wow, bones has found some loonie preacher and an ultra-orthodox ex-jailbird. Yep, the bible sure is dangerous.

    You do realise Bones that they’d imprison you in many Muslim countries if they found your Ian Roberts nude photos under your bed.

    Taking the bible seriously ? No, you found two people who the rest of the Christian world condemns.

    On the other hand, look up persecution of Christians in Muslim countries.
    That should keep you busy.


  46. At least this guy takes the Bible seriously. (What’s concerning is that this guy got elected. Well I suppose people voted for Nile)

    Drown the gay scoutmasters, says Dr. Chaps

    Gordon Klingenschmitt, the Republican House District 15 representative from El Paso County, now says it’s better to drown gay scoutmasters than allow them to participate in Boy Scouts of America, triggering condemnation from several quarters.

    Klingenschmitt, who fashions himself a pastor and formerly served as a Navy chaplain, runs the “Pray in Jesus Name” TV show and has made headlines with hate speech against LGBT folks.

    “After making numerous comments over the past year attacking lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people and their families, Representative Klingenschmitt just can’t seem to get enough. He recently called on the Boy Scouts of America to drown all gay leaders in its organization. Gay adults are involved in scouting for the same reasons everyone else is; to serve youth, and to help them grow into good, strong citizens. These comments are reprehensible – and he should be ashamed of himself for making them.”

    After national news outlets publicized new statements from Republican Rep. Gordon Klingenschmitt of Colorado Springs that appear to advocate for the murder of gay members of the Boy Scouts of America, ProgressNow Colorado, the state’s largest online progressive advocacy organization, once again called for Klingenschmitt to resign—and questioned Republican legislative leaders who restored his committee postings after a previous incident.

    “Just how far is too far?” said ProgressNow Colorado executive director Amy Runyon-Harms. “After Rep. Klingenschmitt claimed that a sitting member of Congress from our state wants to ‘behead Christians,’ and that the tragic attack on a pregnant woman in Longmont last March was ‘the curse of God,’ ProgressNow Colorado called for him to resign. Instead, House Minority Leader Brian DelGrosso restored Klingenschmitt to his committee assignments as soon as the media stopped paying attention, and swept the matter under the rug. That was a huge mistake, and today Republicans are paying the price as Klingenschmitt once again brings shame upon the entire state of Colorado.”

    In a new video posted to Rep. Gordon Klingenschmitt’s Youtube channel this past week, Klingenschmitt claims that allowing gay scoutmasters to serve in the Boy Scouts “will lead to sexual abuse.” Klingenschmitt invokes a Bible verse that says for those who cause “little ones to sin,” “it would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck, and he were drowned in the depth of the sea.” Klingenschmitt then says it would be “better” for “child molesters” like the scoutmasters he previously described to be drowned.


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