Rambling Danny Nalliah declares media ‘our biggest enemy’

Rise Up Australia Party video

5 thoughts on “Rambling Danny Nalliah declares media ‘our biggest enemy’

  1. I noticed the rather robotic or jerky movements for a while. I thought it was indicative of someone in inner conflict – trying to project an image or a message that he didn’t fully believe. Of trying to project a confidence that he didnt really possess.

    Never thought about the possibility of a neurological explanation – its quite possible.


  2. He is making jolting movements throughout the video that are indicators of neurological damage. He also appears to have facial tics. This video has about 30 seconds of material that is repeated over and over again to make up 12 minutes? The man is rambling and making no sense at all.


  3. OK, I’ll ask.

    For a year or so now, I’ve noticed Danny doesn’t seem to have total control of his body movements.

    Early stages neurological degenerative condition?


  4. Praise Allah! Danny became a Muslim in this video

    He says at 6:17
    He said ‘I believe in Allah and Mohammed is the Prophet’


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