Comedy gold


Queerty reports…

“It was like some kind of supernatural dump truck from heaven opened up over my head and literally the gold of heaven poured over the top of my head all the way right down to my feet and I was covered in gold. Not just a few specks — like millions. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say millions because I looked like I was painted with gold,” totally straight-acting Christian televangelist Joshua Mills tells the host of It’s Supernatural with Sid Roth.

“I wasn’t in that elevator, but I have seen you like that, and it is a sign and a wonder,” replies the host.

“It happens on occasion,” Joshua admits. “It’s just God’s glory.”

So send in your money, folks?

But Joshua’s demeanor, mixed with the fact that he’s talking about being covered in gold glitter, compounded by the brilliant production decision to create a reenactment of Josh’s brush with the heavens, means we really are seeing gold.

Comedy gold.”



5 thoughts on “Comedy gold

  1. God gave me a vision that I was eating a giant marshmallow. When I came around my pillow was missing.

    I think theres something in that for all of us.


  2. I have a friend who is convinced he has a gold tooth that he never had before a meeting. He does have a gold tooth. But I have no records saying he never had one before.

    All I know is that if I suddenly got a gold tooth that I never had before, I’d be going back to every dentist I knew to get them to sign statements. And I can’t think I’d have a sad day in my life again.

    And if I honestly had gold dust fall on me, I’d run straight to a TV station, or the local university to have in analysed.

    It’s hard calling people liars…..but, they’re either lying, or really somehow deluded/mentally ill – or if it’s real -well, show us the proof and get Stanford University or somewhere documenting it.

    As a charismatic, I often wish I could believe things as easy as all my friends. But, I can’t.

    I’d love to be covered in gold dust, gets some gold teeth, find some diamonds in my pocket and laugh uncontrollably for a few hours though.
    If it every happens I’ll come here and tell you about it.

    Unfortunately every meeting I’ve been to where people are shaking and laughing just seemed completely weird and contrived.

    And no, Benny Hinn’s suit didn’t knock me over either.


    Maybe i didn’t give a big enough offering?

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  3. For crying out loud – get those people on tele to confirm the story…where is the gold now? Surely he didn’t just wash it down the sink – save that Gold and get it assayed! I truly can’t believe the total bullshit that people will allow themselves to believe.


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