Ashley Madison’s not worth it


CNN Money reports…

“John Gibson was a pastor and seminary professor. When he wasn’t teaching at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, one of his favorite pastimes was fixing cars.

He was married with two children. His daughter, Callie, was teaching in front of 250 college students when she got the call. Her father had killed himself.

It was August 24, six days after hackers exposed the names of millions of people who had signed up for Ashley Madison, the notorious site for those seeking affairs. Gibson’s name was on the list.

His wife, Christi, discovered her husband’s body.

“It was a moment that life doesn’t prepare you for,” she told CNNMoney. “I had to call my kids. How do you tell your kids that their dad is gone and that he took his own life?”

In his suicide note, Gibson chronicled his demons. He also mentioned Ashley Madison.

“He talked about depression. He talked about having his name on there, and he said he was just very, very sorry,” Christi said. “What we know about him is that he poured his life into other people, and he offered grace and mercy and forgiveness to everyone else, but somehow he couldn’t extend that to himself.”

Ashley Madison was hacked in July, and hackers released users’ personal information in August. Since then, authorities in Toronto have said they’re investigating suicides that could be linked to the data dump. Hackers have also sent extortion emails to people who were on the list.

Gibson said her husband was likely worried he’d lose his job.

“It wasn’t so bad that we wouldn’t have forgiven it, and so many people have said that to us, but for John, it carried such a shame,” she said.

Gibson, 56, was known as a great teacher with a “quirky laugh,” but he had struggled with depression and addiction in the past, his family said.

In a statement, a spokesman for Avid Life Media, Ashley Madison’s parent company, expressed the firm’s condolences.

“Dr. Gibson’s passing is a stark, heart-wrenching reminder that the criminal hack against our company and our customers has had very real consequences for a great many innocent people.” 

Since his death, his family has made a pact to be more transparent with one another about their struggles.

Christi Gibson has a message for the 32 million people exposed and their communities.

“These were real people with real families, real pain and real loss,” she says. But “don’t underestimate the power of love. Nothing is worth the loss of a father and a husband and a friend. It just didn’t merit it. It didn’t merit it at all.”


20 thoughts on “Ashley Madison’s not worth it

  1. Well I like to be up with the news. And groupsects is as good as any.
    And no I can’t stay away.
    You got me there.

    But I also come to help me stay away from Ashley Madison. And it worked!!! Didn’t see Q on the list did ya!

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  2. “You can always stay off the Christian Internet sites.”

    Harder to stay off the adultery sites though.

    You love a good scandal, Q.

    That’s why you can’t stay away.


  3. The photo of the family is sad.

    I’m sure the family would rather have him around.

    You can always stay off the Christian Internet sites.

    As for Sproul – he lost his wife a few years ago.

    But everyone loves a scandal.
    (Unless it’s there own)

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  4. If Ashley Madison had’ve added that they were a concubinage service than it would be alright.

    Even God recognised that a man’s needs needs to be met sometimes.


  5. Tell ya what, I’m getting a roasting over at Stuff Christian Culture Loves (search it in the search bar on Facebook – you’ll soon see where I’m being villified!) on face book for daring to suggest gloating over the failings of men on Ashley Madison is actually not a nice thing…too many hurt people to listen to that kind of talk!


  6. Oh greg…..if more guys listened to Driscoll they wouldn’t have been caught on Madison.

    And if more wives listened to his preaching on the Song of Solomon, then the men wouldn’t have had the energy to go on Madison..


    hmmm I’m going to get beat up over point 2 i think! lol

    But, i dunno, i think going after driscoll if you think a persistent practice or attitude is wrong. I just feel sorry for the kids etc of people who get shamed on the internet.

    But. i guess King David had to put up with it.

    Be good guys. And if you can’t be good, don’t use your real name.

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  7. you can’t really afford to stay out of Christian circles for too long.

    Corrective Domestic Discipline, Blood Moons, Shemitta, Harp and Bowl Prayer, Soaking. Without google I couldn’t live a decent Christian life…..


    I hope his wife slapped him around the ears for the Ashely Madison stuff


  8. Bomes – that CDD stuff is unbelievable! I’ve never heard of it before, and I would;’n t have believed it at all and I can’t believe some of the absolute shit that is going on in the name o f being in a Christian marriage! This is outrageous.


  9. “I can’t believe that Ashley Madison have absolved themselves of the matter by apportioning blame to ‘The (Evil) Hackers’.”

    The criminals are the psychopaths – how on earth do you apportion any blame to the business (however detestable their line of business is) for a criminal act committed against it and then it’s clients?


  10. You’re right Q – I have a particular distaste for bloggers or anyone else who ‘out’ people for shameful things. People are human and need love and acceptance, not shame and rejection. Jesus came so that the lost may be found the sick healed, and the rejected given a home. Mark Driscoll however…


  11. Wife discipline???

    Is that a kinky sex thing?

    You would mind if you weren’t getting any.

    One rich guy’s wife was in it. She wasn’t interested in sex with him, and refused anything except like oral sex.

    Her profile ? Am into oral sex and anything kinky.

    That husband minded.

    Wife discipline?

    Please don’t tell me that’s a literal Calvinist doctrine?


  12. Working in IT, I cannot believe how lax security at Ashley Madison was. This should have been the No1 Killer Business Risk!

    The Ashley Madison hack is the ultimate case study in multi-party, multi-level foolishness.


  13. Wazza, I feel sorry when I hear about anyone who has killed themselves, and for their families. Heck I feel sorry for anyone who gets caught for just about any bad behaviour because most people don’t start out that way. Its a pity that a man or woman can do a lot of good but then be remembered for the bad. And we’re all bad.

    But I’m think I’m FAIRLY consistent on that. I think it was outrageous to spend all the time on that famous guy who talked about the definition of “is” (man that’s just a great quote! lol) and the young lady.

    I’d rather the President concentrate on his job than be spending his time being hauled over the coals over how he liked his cigars…

    But maybe its an American thing. Such a sex-saturated society, but then they pounce on anyone who falls.


    This site is no comparison to the watchers place. This is an equal opportunity bad news site. Catholics, Cavinists, and Charismaniacs – not really any special treatment. Except gays of course….

    And Mr group sects usually presents the news as it comes. The Watchers will go on and on and on, and go back to what someone had for breakfast 6 years ago. And then follow that up with esteemed Calvinists internet radio Pirates who are completely unbiased.

    And like you said. Sproul they don’t talk about.

    Now if Houston or even Mark Driscoll was on the list, that be posting three articles a day for the next 10 years.
    – on each of their churchwatch sites.

    Mr Groupsects doesn’t come across as a psychopath.

    The people who run churchwatchers are just another breed.

    And to think, I used to be on their side against you and Bones….

    How the mighty have fallen.

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  14. Hey Q

    R C Sproul Jr got caught on the Ashley Madison list but it seems he’s using the Clinton defense – I guess it all depends on what the definition of “is” is.

    Tell that to your uber-Calvanist mates at the Watcher sites.

    Actually there’s been very little comment on this site about the fallout for Christian leaders from the AM breach.

    Josh Duggar was another one – anti-gay activist executive director of FRC-action.


  15. I can’t believe that Ashley Madison have absolved themselves of the matter by apportioning blame to ‘The (Evil) Hackers’.

    This is a psychopathic organisation with no genuine care for this man.


  16. That’s just too sad.

    But I guess he knew that by going on living he would have had to live with the shame for the rest of his life. Even if he was forgiven by his family and himself, there would have been bloggers writing about him forever. Especially if he had anything to do with Hillsong.

    People seem to have a special relish for documenting and rehashing other peoples failings.

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