Thanks for the Memories


The Telegraph reports…

“A same-sex couple in Indiana have managed to get one-up on Memories Pizza, who made international headlines and sparked debate when they said they would refuse to cater same-sex weddings.

Robin Trevino and husband Jason Delgatto decided to renew their vows on Saturday, and decided to order from Memories Pizza to celebrate the occasion.

The pizzeria had previously announced that they would refuse to cater any LGBT weddings because they are a “Christian establishment”.

Co-owner Crystal O’Connor told local news station ABC 57: “If a gay couple came in and wanted us to provide pizzas for their wedding, we would have to say no,

“That lifestyle is something they choose. I choose to be heterosexual. They choose to be homosexual. Why should I be beat over the head to go along with something they choose?”

The pizzeria became subject to widespread outrage, with customers vandalising their Yelp page.

One critic bought the domain and put a picture of a phallus-shaped pizza there.

However, the pizzeria also drummed up support, raising tens of thousands of dollars from a crowdfunding page.

Mr. Trevino decided to have a little bit of fun at his wedding. He drove to the pizzeria and picked up a few pizzas – filming the whole thing.

He then delivered them to the venue where he was renewing his vows. The pizzas were actually ordered from Ms. O’Connor herself.

This isn’t the first time Trevino has had comedy japes on the internet – his troupe GayCo ensemble have produced a series called 50 States of Gay in celebration of same-sex marriage being legalised across the United States of America.”


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