Phil Pringle supports church fraudster


(City Harvest Church) City News reports…

Phil Pringle, City Harvest Church’s advisory pastor, was in court yesterday morning to support CHC’s senior pastor Kong Hee. We spoke to him after the verdict.

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How did you feel when the verdict was delivered?

Obviously, the verdict is very serious. I was initially shocked, and then deeply concerned for the families—I’m praying for comfort for them. I know Kong is more concerned about others, especially about Sun and his family.

I feel that even though the judge commended them for intending to do the right thing, he [found] that the investment strategy of CHC was not acceptable to the law. I think the situation was that he said, “You meant well, but you did wrong.”

It’s easy on hindsight to pass criticism, but at the time, it obviously seemed right to them, as they had sought professional advice on their plans.

I also think that the judge felt that Pastor Kong was the only one making decisions and that everyone was simply doing what he was directing. I think it’s true Pastor Kong presided over the larger vision; however, the activating was certainly in the hands of many people in the team.

The judge noted the facts that Pastor Kong has not wrongfully gained, nor church wrongfully lost money. However, that fact that the funds had been, in his words, misappropriated, attracted the judgment he delivered.

So, in the light of all these events, we remain filled with faith, that the promises of God are not deactivated by negative circumstances. All of us have made mistakes. We can be thankful to God that He continues to work with us through grace despite our shortcomings.

Let’s continue to stand together believing in the sovereign hand of Almighty God.

We’ve prepared for this as best as we could but the shock of the verdict and the flood of attacks from the public—and even friends and family—may be hard for some of our members to take. Remind us again what we should do.

The Bible says, don’t revile people who revile us, but bless those who curse us. And leave any negative response in the hands of God. Our calling is to love, to love those who hate us. We shouldn’t try to engage those who have only negative things to say—if we can’t say anything constructive, we should be silent.

Jesus was accused of breaking the law and breaching the Sabbath and the law of blasphemy. Paul was accused of treason. Peter was imprisoned for preaching, which was deemed against the law.

We sometimes have sanitized Christian history. But when Jesus was treated like a criminal and executed, his disciples fled. We must learn from these moments that though people make mistakes, it’s not a reason to leave them. When people are unjustly accused or unfairly treated, it’s not a time to depart.

How should members deal with public humiliation?

It’s never been popular to be a Christian, especially when you’re standing for somebody or something. Don’t get into that strange thing when you’re persecuted and you think, “They appear so good, yet the verdict from court has declared them wrong.” You simply need to trust in the Lord, and trust what you know about Pastor Kong from your years in church. He is endorsed by many ministers around the world and the faithful members of the congregation who’ve been with him since the start.

Do you, as our advisory pastor, think we are prepared for this?

More than anybody! The church will stay together. You’ll be strong. You’ll only get stronger. The church is not built on Kong Hee. It’s built on Jesus Christ. The church is more together and more resilient than you think it is. It survives any kind of persecution. The worst kind is when Christians fight against each other, when ministers criticize each other. It’s the worst kind because it’s confusing for the younger believers.

At this moment Pastor Kong is still discussing with his lawyers about an appeal. Do you think he should? Would it be prideful if he did?

To not appeal is to say “Okay, I guess I’m a criminal.” It’s not an arrogant pride. It’s a pride that says “I know who I am. I am not a criminal.” If you could appeal, you should. He has a responsibility to CHC to do that—the church needs him.

It’s a tough time for us all. What do you want us to fill our minds with?

This is the God of Jesus Christ, of David, of Moses—all who seemed like they were in impossible circumstances, but God delivered them. God’s glory is manifested in the darkest hour. We can trust God: His love for CHC will shine through.”



10 thoughts on “Phil Pringle supports church fraudster

  1. I suppose that vindicates the whistle blower they threatened to sue and made publish full page apologies in the national papers…….


  2. If you watch the video Phil Pringle actually says he does not understand the facts as presented by the judge when he is delivering his verdict. Phil Pringle is also visibly shaken and has come straight from the court room – he would not have had neither the time nor the state of mind to fully understand the complexities of the matter.

    It was not a matter of a person going into a bank with a shot gun. Rather it is a matter of a well intentioned, yet naive group of people who believed they were doing the right thing and that they had God on their side. They were already successful in Asia in the mando-pop scene.

    It is more a case of wrong-headedness coupled with naievity and perhaps a sense of entitlement.

    Clearly it was wrong.

    The contemporary church as we have asserted for many years needs a greater level of accountability, transparency, governance and theological integrity.


  3. “I also think that the judge felt that Pastor Kong was the only one making decisions and that everyone was simply doing what he was directing. I think it’s true Pastor Kong presided over the larger vision; however, the activating was certainly in the hands of many people in the team.”

    So when it fails or is illegal its teamwork. If it succeeds its all down to the vision of one man. You can bet that if it had succeeded then the chance of Pringle saying it was “certainly in the hands on many people in the team” is about as likely as a Calvinist saying “I may have got some aspects of this Scripture interpretation wrong”

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  4. easy – all that blood is the blood of the lamb ad all that money is like the money in the temple and so the blood of the lamb flows from the temple out to al the people who listen and so they are saved by listening. It s in the bible man – Don’t you even Jesus?


  5. Have any of you seen the videos Kill Bill and China Wine? I cannot see how anyone would be won to Christ by seeing these videos.


  6. Kind of disappointing that Pringle said he wasn’t completely aware of all the facts of the case. I’d think if he is going there (I assume on church money) and asking for offerings to support the defence that he has a duty to the church members to know the facts completely!

    I don’t say that because I want to see anyone jailed. In fact I feel sorry for church members who thought they were doing the right thing.

    But, Phil – you really should know the facts of the case by now, and if there is something you can’t understand you should have some legal people explain it to you.

    Even if you do believe everything was done honestly and they aren’t guilty, the courts have ruled otherwise – so a leader of a movement and someone with influence in the Singapore church (enough to get paid to go and stay there), should be completely aware of the facts and what was deemed wrong, so that this never happens again in Singapore or Australia.

    Otherwise no lessons have been learned.

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  7. “Explain to me how China will lead people to Christ?”

    It’s easy. Girls will watch China Wine, think Sun Ho is really cool, and then follow her, and then eventually listen to some of her other music and hear the gospel and believe.

    And guys will think she is really sexy, then become fans, and then look at a youtube with her name on it, and end up listening to a sermon and getting saved.

    And Asians will go to gospel events in Asia because they want to attend a meeting where an Asian woman has made it big in the US. And they will attend and get saved and live happily ever after.

    And then people will also realise that you will have your music career blessed when you follow God.

    I think that’s it….


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