Church treasurer thief


WCPO reports…

“A former church treasurer is charged with felony theft after police said he stole more than $364,000 from the congregation over the course of many years.

Garry Meyer was the former treasurer for Tri-County Baptist Church. Now, he sits in a Butler County jail as he waits for his court hearing tomorrow.

Meyer hasn’t been to court yet, but he already confessed — to the church’s pastor.

Senior Pastor Brian McManus said Meyer called him last week to confess to the crime and ask for forgiveness.

As one might expect, the pastor looked to scripture for a response.

“God says ‘You will reap what you sow.’ But how does he want us to act and react to this?” McManus said. “It didn’t surprise God at all, He knew about this. So, how does he want us to take this information and react in a way that glorifies him?”

Police said the investigation isn’t finished yet, and McManus said the church wants to be certain that something similar can’t happen again.

Meyer’s family wasn’t available for comment for this story.”


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