WA Christian school contaminated by outside world – updated*


The Sunday Times reports…

“A Mandurah college has hit back over a gay parenting storm that forced a seven year old to find a new school, as it reels from an angry backlash.

A Year 1 student was withdrawn from Foundation Christian College by her gay father after staff banned her from speaking about him to students.

The school’s principal Andrew Newhouse said they did not ask the girl to leave because her father is homosexual but it does say its values were being undermined.

He said the school had been vandalised and they had received hundreds of abusive emails, which forced them to take the school’s website down.

The incident came to a head when the seven-year-old girl’s presentation to her class was shut down because she brought up the subject of gay marriage.

“She was telling news about her disappointment of Tony Abbott, the then-Prime Minister, not allowing her dad and his partner to marry,” Mr Newhouse told Nine News.

The girl’s father voluntarily withdrew her from the school after he was called in to discuss the matter.

The principal later wrote to parents saying the real issue was that: “The Christian values being taught in the classroom were being undermined” and “it is not helpful to confuse children at such a young age with complex and controversial issues.”

Education minister Peter Collier told Nine News: “The fact that the child has had to leave the school is a little bit concerning but having said that, the school has been unambiguous in terms of what it represents.”

The school has received over $7 million in state funding over the last five years and Mr Collier said its funding will not change.”

From http://www.perthnow.com.au/news/western-australia/gay-dad-storm-principal-hits-back-after-sevenyearold-girl-withdrawn-from-mandurah-college/news-story/5fbc0bdb7f451e34b9ed560f5bb1be0f

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  1. Lance…I insist you delete Q’s disgusting libelous claim that I am a woman beater. That is an outrageous claim and I can’t understand where any of this comes from! I’m not bothering to discuss anything with you further Q. Lance, please ensure that comment is deleted…it is a claim that can have negative effects on my employment potential and it is an outright lie.

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  2. So in your sick world a 7 year old girl can give consent to sex with 5 boys? That’s the kind of world that gets you a parole officer too, Q…and a cell right next to big bad bubba who will ensure you are protected while your inside.

    And in all seriousness if you have a mind that can produce that sort of rubbish, your not just a twat, your a peadophile, is that what you are Q, a kiddy fiddler?

    No, Q, we did not start it – your suggestion that we care more about a kids right to tell a
    Take about her gay parents than we do about 200 kids killed by ISIS…for which you didn’t post a source, however let’s say it was true…the suggestion we don’t care about that because we also care about the rights of a child of gay parents is simply puerile and is what deserved my calling you a twat.

    And then you pulled out the sick idea of a 7 year old having sex with 5 boys…which in any jurisdiction (except yours where it is quite ok) is statutory rape, and yes, those 5 boys need to be punished.


  3. Why are you being such a jerk Q? Because I called you a twat? Are you serious? You start in on my physical appearance and try to bait me with my past? What kind of Christian does that? You say those things and worship Jesus with the same heart that produced that vile outburst? See ya later.


  4. Hey Greg , did your parole officers give you diet tips?

    How’s it working out.

    Maybe bones can help you out .


    Of and before you start swearing …. You fat boys started it! Lol


  5. Bones. Rob says homosexual sex is sin
    Do you agree or not?

    He says a higher law cancels things out.please tell the obese bald man and the author of this website whether or not homosexual sex is sin or not. Yes or no?


  6. “the 5 boys who raped her should be locked up…”

    That’s the fat bald man showing what s complete idiot he is.

    He just said that no child should ever be expelled no matter WHAT they do.

    Now he’s saying that schoolboys who have sex with a schoolgirl should not only be expelled but they should be locked up?

    Gregory, you are not only obese, and bald but you just won the prize for the most hypocritical inconsistent TWAT the Internet has ever seen!





  7. Rob Buckingham:
    Thoughts on Same-Sex Marriage

    10. The Bible teaches a hierarchy of ethics – that is, a higher law will cancel out a lower one. What is the higher law in regards to same-sex marriage? Would it encourage greater monogamy amongst LGBTI people who want to be together for life? What about the 33,700 same-sex couples in Australia as per the last Census? Further to this, if same-sex marriage is legalised how will local churches respond to two men or two women who want to come and discover the grace of God as expressed in Jesus? Should the church make this conditional on the two people ending their relationship? What if they have children – should the church break up a family? Would a child be better in an abusive heterosexual marriage or a caring same-sex marriage? Would a child be better left in poverty in Africa or adopted by a loving same sex couple who could give them a great future in Australia? What is that the highest law in these situations? These are all questions that churches and Christians need to think through very carefully.

    Scott Ramadge

    Interesting read Rob! Can you please expand a little on point 10. Can you give a couple of Biblical examples so I understand better? Thanks

    Rob Buckingham:

    Sure Scott. The midwives lied to save babies in Exodus 1 and God blessed them for it (higher law). The apostles told the religious leaders that they would obey God rather than them (higher law). It’s wrong to lie and wrong to not obey authority (the Bible teaches both these things – but when there’s a higher law things change. I hope that helps. In point 10 I’m just asking questions about what the higher law could be in these various situations.


    So Q, Rob thinks there’s a higher law that overrides condemnation of same sex marriage.


  8. Of course Gregory would argue that even if a 7 year old girl had sex with 5 boys in the class and continually swore at everyone that they still shouldn’t be expelled (No child should ever be expelled for anything)

    That is correct – she shouldn’t be expelled – the 5 boys who raped her should be locked up…and their parents or the teachers and school investigated – but the girl? No, she should be taken into care and protected from the sick evil people who did this to her and also protected from the sick evil man who thought the whole escapade up.

    Your sick Q – how your brain can go to something as sick as this and yet you still claim to know the holy spirit and we don’t? Pfft – yea, tell that to your parole officer buddy.

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  9. Of course Gregory would argue that even if a 7 year old girl had sex with 5 boys in the class and continually swore at everyone that they still shouldn’t be expelled (No child should ever be expelled for anything)

    Piss off ya twat

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  10. Well if there were a fundamentalist Christian family that sent their kids to a public school, and their 7-year old daughter made a presentation about Jesus, would it be OK for them to say “We are secular, I think you would be happier in another school”

    Dang, they are not allowed to do that. I guess they will just have to deal with the situation as it arises without expelling students.

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  11. “Yes Rob gets lots of you HillsongChurchwatch types who hate him over his stand on same sex marriage.”

    I don’t hate this man at all. Not the slightest. You brought him up. I am saying I disagree with him. See, you can disagree with a person without hating them. Don’t you understand that? I’ll say it again. I don’t hate him at all. I don’t even know the man. This is just a tired old tactic.

    “Gay people deserve exactly the same human rights as straight. Period.” spot on Lisa, I totally agree.”

    But he thinks homosexual sex is sin. That’s what I’m saying. He is against Christians opposing gay marriage. I disagree with him. He’s like you were a few years ago, when you said that homosexual sex was sin, but that Christians shouldn’t impose their thoughts. Now you don’t see it as sin. Rob does. But he just doesn’t want to say it loudly for fear of offending people. I understand. I don’t usually go around telling people that they are sinners either. But on the internet when people say that homosexual sex or pornography or abortion is okay, I will say its not when asked. But Rob still knows that two men having sex is sin. You and Rob have different views. And your views of the bible are different in many ways.

    “Looks like someone has a problem with comprehension and is making himself out to be a twat who is no different to the people he hates (not gays this time, but HillsongChurchWatch).”

    No, you are wrong again. I don’t hate the people of Hillsongchurchwatch. I really object to what they say and do. Just like I object to you quoting from anti-semitic sites. I think that was wrong. And I disagree with your opinions on homosexual sex. But I don’t hate you. It’s completely childish of you to keep saying I hate people when I don’t. Maybe you should get out into the real workforce.

    “Maybe Q needs to go back to primary school.”

    No. Because then I’d end up with a teacher who quotes from anti-semitic sites, and who got duped time and time again. Well, maybe its only primary teachers in Rockie…??

    “But yeah according to Q and Brett and HillsongChurchWatch what would he know about the Holy Spirit or grace.”

    I think He understands grace. He is probably sensitive to the Holy Spirit.
    He understands that homosexual sex and fornication and adultery is sin. But he is reaching out in love. I do to. Most of my friends and workmates have and had sex before marriage. I know lots of drunks and readers of porn. I don’t hate them or tell them they are sinners. But, if you Bones start telling me that something is not sin when it is, I’ll just say it.

    “The morality police are in town.”
    Once again, this a a pretty worn out tactic. Next will be bible basher or wowser?

    No, like I said, if people want to watch porn, have orgies, have homosexual sex all day, I’m not interested in going after them at all.

    Bones, you have my permission. Go for it.

    But, I think a Christian private school along with a Buddhist or Muslim private school has the right to have a different standard of conduct, and mission statement to the public school down the road.

    Which is what this article was all about.

    You are a very sad, bitter man. lol

    If there are any morality police – you are it! Because you can’t tolerate Christians holding to the same morality they have for hundreds of years.

    Why that enrages you and makes you continually lie by saying I hate people is something for you and your psychiatrist to discuss.

    There’s medication available for stressed out primary school teachers…

    Have a lovely night.


  12. Yes Rob gets lots of you HillsongChurchwatch types who hate him over his stand on same sex marriage.

    From Rob’s comments at the end

    “By Rob Buckingham July 24, 2015 – 11:02 pm

    “Gay people deserve exactly the same human rights as straight. Period.” spot on Lisa, I totally agree.”

    Looks like someone has a problem with comprehension and is making himself out to be a twat who is no different to the people he hates (not gays this time, but HillsongChurchWatch).

    Maybe Q needs to go back to primary school.

    But yeah according to Q and Brett and HillsongChurchWatch what would he know about the Holy Spirit or grace.

    The morality police are in town.




    I’m not a Hillsing fan, but I am completely against hillsongwatch, and other people who spend all their time attacking Christians. Also, those two aren’t in NYC Hillsong anymore. 

    “swearing and porngraphy and nudity are the order of the day,”
I know that school. A lot of my footy mates went to it.The captain of the school football team was banging one of the teachers.

    And it was Catholic….

    No doubt. 

    Is it just me or does any one else notice the many similarities between Q and HillsongChurchWatch.”

    It’s just you. There are more similarities between you and the churchwatchers. Anger and hate. I’m laughing. But genuinely concerned.

”Q goes into a rant because there are people who are happy for gays to be in love and have the Holy Spirit.”

    Not ranting at all. No anger and no swearing. Just truth. Truth that you have no answer for.

”Q makes the rules about who has the Holy Spirit along with his mates at HillsongChurchWatch.”

    I don’t make the rules. And they aren’t my mates! Lol

    Re Bayside Rob

    He completely disagrees with you, Wazza and Greg. He obviously believes homosexual sexual activity is sin. He sees heterosexual marriage as ideal, and doesn’t see homosexual marriage as God’s plan or beautiful. He also wants Christian schools to be able to teach their views on sexuality and you all don’t. You all believe that Rob and other Christians should believe and teach that homosexual marriage is fine. Rob isn’t saying it’s good. He’s saying the church can’t force the biblical view in others and must be gracious.

    You need to work in your comprehension.

    But who knows . Give him a few years and he might think male anal sex is beautiful like you guys do.

    “I’m concerned that there could be an increase in lawsuits against those who, because of conscience or faith, cannot endorse, or provide services for, a same-sex union.  I’m concerned that refusing service may lead to people being punished under anti-discrimination laws.  Currently none of the bills on same-sex marriage offer enough protection of religious freedom and individual conscience.  Any legislation needs to be carefully drafted to give religious exemptions.  Similar immunities need to be provided to religious colleges, schools and social-service agencies.  Religious institutions and schools should not be punished if they teach their own beliefs about marriage. ”

    Yeah very different to you and Greg.

    Hope you don’t teach reading and comprehension to those youngsters up there…

    Nobody who knows the Holy Spirit intimately would teach that homosexual sex is wonderful.


    Get to know the Holy Spirit Bones.


  14. Q might have to join HillsongChurchWatch

    “”I became truthful with my church. I’m a part of Hillsong NYC. I’m one of their choir directors. I also sing on their worship team. They’ve been amazing as well,” Canfield told Playbill.com. “Nothing has changed there now that I’m completely out and with Reed. He sings in the choir as well. I found that being an honest person has actually come with a lot of benefits. People are more sincere with you, and you find out a lot more about other people when you become honest.”

    “It’s been frustrating and a bit crushing that one crazy person could interfere so easily with the healthy and steady dialogue we’ve been having, but in a new world of social media and instant exposure, we are left unsurprised. Thankfully we are led by pastors who are grace-filled and committed to continuing to try to discern God’s will on this matter.”

    As for why the men would remain at a non-LGBT affirming church, they explain, “If we, as gays, pack up and leave every church we feel less than welcomed in or where we feel spiritual resistance, how will there ever be growth?”

    “Many try to discredit biblical scholars and laymen alike who have shifted their stance from non-affirming to LGBT-affirming by saying ‘the only reason they have changed their mind is because they know a gay person.’ This only confirms to us that personal relationships are transformative,” Canfield and Kelly add, noting that “personal relationship being a foundational tenet of the Christian faith.”

    The men conclude in their statement: “After we inadvertently and unintentionally became public representatives for gay Christianity, we feel like we have been called and have a responsibility to continue to stand authentically in our truth — especially within the church family that we call home, Hillsong NYC — we are seeking the Lord, we are Christian, we are gay, and this is our journey.”



  15. “But if you and Bones and Greg start a Chrustian school where swearing and porngraphy and nudity are the order of the day,”

    I know that school. A lot of my footy mates went to it.

    The captain of the school football team was banging one of the teachers.


  16. Is it just me or does any one else notice the many similarities between Q and HillsongChurchWatch.

    Q goes into a rant because there are people who are happy for gays to be in love and have the Holy Spirit.

    Sounds like the Calvinists at HillsongChurchWatch to me.

    No, Q makes the rules about who has the Holy Spirit along with his mates at HillsongChurchWatch.


  17. @Wazza, Bones Greg

    Gay brothers want to marry. A gay man wants to marry his son. A mother wants to marry her daughter. They both want to send their child to a Christian school and support their adopted 7 yr old daughter giving a talk in class about Full Marriage Equality. The school thinks the child would be happier at any of the other schools in the area.


    Remember. Saying its yucky or insane or unnatural won’t be allowed in your rules. I’ll say “Twat” to that.

    Remember too that all sin is the same .

    Remember also that you can’t resort to the Bible because it was against other things too.

    Also remember that these people “really really love each other” and might commit suicide if they can’t exchange rings and be accepted.
    And remember most of all that love is the most important thing.

    Repeat – you just can’t say it’s insane or obviously wrong because to me Bones and Greg wanting to kiss and have sex is revolting to me. And … Unnatural.
    And wasn’t allowed in any country for thousands of years.


    Love, love, love…….

    Love and Grace!

    btw, this is like the good old days ay.
    Greg back to angry insults. Wazza coming up with the weirdest hypotheticals and saying inferring that the vilest sin is the same as double parking, and Bones…..well now he’s gone off on to an anti-bible rant which has nothing to do with some private school and their policies.
    But he’ll force it there somehow. Don Francisco…..well, if HE says it’s right it must be. And if you disagree, from what I read his wife will block you or call you an Ahole. Just another guy who made a comfortable living out of singing to Bible-believing Christians who now attacks them.

    So, if there are some Jesus movement geriatric singers who are against gay marriage out there….what do we do? Push them out of their wheelchairs> Hate on them and swear at them and insult them until they
    abandon their beliefs too?


  18. @Greg
    “Piss off you twat.”
    You guys, need to spend time with the Holy Spirit.
    And stay on the appropriate medication.

    Saying that no private school should ever expell any kid for anything is if you think about it for even just a few seconds is probably the most ludicrous statements ever made on this site or anywhere.

    All I can conclude is that the commenter was so emotionally out of control when they made the comment or … I don’t know. Is that what people get to?
    People losing arguments have now come to not accepting any private school having any reason for existence than looking after kids, banning all public schools, and now no private school having the right to expel anyone for anything.

    Whether Don Francisco or Evie or the Popeokays gay marriage or turns to atheism doesn’t alter the fact that I believe that a man loving a man or three men and wanting to have sex with them is unnatural.
    But if they must, that’s okay. But schools, churches and organizations don’t need to change for a very almost negligible percent of people who have extremely strange feelings.

    I never said being gay (if gay means having attraction to the same sex) is sin. Never once said that.
    If I have please find it.
    I’m attracted to a different woman everyday. If I have sex with them and demand the right to have sex with a different woman each week and talk openly about that then many schools around the world would have problems with it. If Hugh hefners daughter gave a speech in grade 2 about the wonders of naked big breasted women walking around her garden some schools might have a problem with it. And that’s their right .

    Of course Gregory would argue that even if a 7 year old girl had sex with 5 boys in the class and continually swore at everyone that they still shouldn’t be expelled (No child should ever be expelled for anything)

    Maybe run for parliament on that platform..,,


    Sorry not worth discussing. Just silly.
    But if you and Bones and Greg start a Chrustian school where swearing and porngraphy and nudity are the order of the day, but you wanted to expel abbots kid because of a statement he made, I’d respect your right to do so.

    If you guys ran a school kids would get detention for reading the Bible probably.
    You guys have defended every crazy warped idea known to man.

    But at the same time you scour the Internet for the sins of Christians.

    Christians have the right to believe in the rightness and wrongness of certain behaviors, whether that’s fornication, adultery, abortion or acting in porn, or displaying porn in tv.

    And they still have that right if some Christian somewhere sins and does the same behavior.

    Just like it’s okay for you guys to preach for homosexual marriage, abortion and tolerance and love even if sometimes you show remarkable intolerance and hatred.

    We all sin.

    If we sin, lets repent and go on.

    There’s a difference between looking stay playboy magazine and repenting as opposed to procuring women to appear in a porn movie, and advocating for showing of porn on TV.

    And both people would be treated differently by most people in society.

    But guys….. You don’t even have s child in this school?!!!! Lol

    It’s in Western Australia for Petes sake.

    Maybe there’s a porno queen who drops off her kids in a bikini in New York at an Jewish orthodox school.
    If the PTA and principal have a problem with it – you’ll go bananas over that???

    You guys would walk ten miles over martyred Christians just to call some Bible believing Christian a Twat.

    Yeah – go ahead Greg. ….

    God still loves you guys. But if you wonder why you have no joy and aren’t leading people to the Lord, there are some hints on this page.


  19. Btw yeah Brett my reading of the Bible shows you’re bat crazy about sin than God is.

    But when you believe in penal substitution and original sin you cant help but have an idol for a god.


  20. Quick someone give Brett a dummy before he cries.

    Someone’s having a sulk because they have a narrow view of grace and can’t own God anymore.

    The Holy Spirit doesn’t convict people anymore.

    He has Brett.


  21. Bones, the Bones who has lost his faith in Jesus and denies the sinful state of humanity, and the concept of sin itself. Are you trying to tell us what grace looks like?

    Grace is deliverance from the death that sin deserves, because of the act of Jesus to save us wretched sinners. To know grace is to be brought to our knees in the knowledge of God’s goodness to save us in spite of ourselves and our failings.


  22. What shall we say then? Are we to continue in sin that grace may abound? By no means! How can we who died to sin still live in it? Do you not know that all of us who have been baptized into Christ Jesus were baptized into his death? We were buried therefore with him by baptism into death, in order that, just as Christ was raised from the dead by the glory of the Father, we too might walk in newness of life.


  23. I remember crying to that song! I loved Don Francisco – wow – the Jesus movement of the 60’s early 70’s really had it going on – true radical discipleship came out of that movement. People knew about grace. Keith Green. Don Francisco. John Smith. bring em all back

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  24. “I find it hard to believe that you hold those views and have a relationship with the Holy Spirit.”

    Interesting that Don Francisco has come out in support of gay marriage.

    From his facebook page

    “Don has always been ahead of his time in preaching a message of astounding grace. He has always confronted religion. The reason for the flack now is that the Body is barely recognizable compared to what it was during the Jesus movement when we were all lost drug addicts and we still remembered that we were saved by grace, not by religious people ranting about our sins. The reason people pulled their cars off the road in tears when they heard He’s Alive is that it is about Jesus demonstrating that, even in the face of direct denial, He had a heart of forgiveness. There seems to be little of that in Christianity these days….just scapegoating and public shame for those who believe God is love (BIG love).

    Then in the 80s came the morality police movements and the revival died. Christians were sucked into political expressions of morality based control and fear. Don just sang about grace. Now the country has allowed gay marriage and that did it…. many Christians no longer want to hear about grace. Don’s message hasn’t changed. Jesus came to Don when he was in his 20s and He said, “Don, I love you – why are you running from me?” Don saw the heart of Jesus and it overturned his life immediately and forever.

    It is this heart Don sings about. And he will continue to be honest about how far we are from grace. That is his commission. Inerrancy, a more recent doctrine, especially when taken to an extreme, is a big reason for the hardening of much of Christendom, and many falling into hateful legalism. Many people who do not adopt inerrancy have a more balanced and consistent view of scripture. The bible points to Jesus. Don believes the Bible when it says “the letter kills but the spirit brings life”, and that we MUST “rightly divide”, and “pursue love”. If Christendom goes into error, Don will not follow. And millions of others won’t either. Some will live in the flesh, scapegoating and condemning others, even billions to hell, following legalities rather than love. That is the path of dead religion …that is how “the letter kills”. “

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  25. So if someone like Tony Abbot advocates in public disregarding one of the fundamental commandments given by Jesus (Love your neighbour as yourself) – is this sin worse or better than being homosexual?

    Should a private school expel his children (instead of giving them secret scholarships)



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  26. @bones
    Many pedophiles have children
    And not all public school teachers care for all kids.

    You should know both of the above

    But I apologize to you all. My mistake for commenting.

    If you all believe that homosexuals should be able to marry, and that all Christians should believe that and reach their children that, and that private schools should not be able to teach values different to public schools and much more basic that homosexual sex is not sin whether married or not – and further as Wazza thinks that all women will want to have sex with other women and thus is normal, not sin – and should be promoted anywhere including Christian schools, then every comment I make will just lead to an endless back and forth.

    I find it hard to believe that you hold those views and have a relationship with the Holy Spirit.

    We disagree.


  27. @Bones
    Plenty of pedophiles have kids. If you don’t know that stop talking about the subject.

    And not all public school teachers care for kids . Many of them weren’t good enough to get jobs in private schools. And many of them couldn’t get into other jobs.

    Yeah true. Half the public school teachers wouldn’t make it in the real world.

    But back to topic. Until bones bans private schools I think if you send your kid to a private school it is only common sense to go along with its ethos.

    If not, send your kid to a public school.


    Go to bed bones. You need to be rested so you can teach properly tomorrow.


  28. Meant child of a pedophile.
    Typing this on a phone while commuting and having to respond to one loony left wing liberal’ s lame hypertheticaks after the other


  29. ““Christian school has the right to refuse enrollment of a pedophile who advocated lowering the age of consent outside the school gate.,””

    You’re right.

    They’d probably give them a job.


  30. “Christian school has the right to refuse enrollment of a pedophile who advocated lowering the age of consent outside the school gate.,”

    Like wtf?

    When do paedophiles enrol at schools. Is the child a paedophile?

    I would be wondering what a paedophile is doing with kids and near ANY school. (Shows you don’t know much about schools)


  31. Probably because you talked to much yo W about it.
    Okay I’ll never mention him again !

    Fine by me!

    A plane exploded? I’ll check it out.
    See you later.
    Yes much more important than where homosexuals send their kids.

    You’ve finally seen the light Bones!


  32. I agree bones. I went to a broken down public school while the local grammar school got govt money.
    It wasn’t religious. Just posh.
    Never understood that.
    But…, most of my teachers sent their kids to private schools . So go figure!


  33. While you were whinging about this and Hillsongchurchwatch a plane with passengers exploded killing everyone on board

    Get your priorities right.

    The only time I ever hear about Ian Roberts is when Q is around.

    Why is that?


  34. I think schools and hospitals are completely different with different reasons for existence. A private hospital would perform emergency surgery on a pedophile or rapist but a Christian school has the right to refuse enrollment of a pedophile who advocated lowering the age of consent outside the school gate.,

    And I think doctors in private hospitals should have the right to not perform abortions but many pro-abortionists would oppose me on that too. And probably argue that private hospitals should be closed down.


  35. It shits me that private schools get massive government funding to put in swimming schools and gyms (as well as fees) while we get funding for 1 hour a week for someone to work with kids with learning difficulties (private school rejects) and Students who don’t speak English (actually we have no funding for that).


  36. Actually Bones, I agree with you re public schools.

    I’m public school all the way . And yeah if people want a private education they should pay 100%.

    But whenever I say that people argue that it’s cheaper for the govt to give grants to private schools than to school everyone.

    If I ran the country, I’d have all public schools too.
    But – if I ran the country gays and Muslims would all be living in Tasmania along with you Wazza and Greg and I’d keep your wives ….
    So, I’d probably make a rotten dictator … 🙂


  37. Like can a private hospital refuse service to a gay couple because of their beliefs.

    But then why would a gay couple want to go to a private hospital, right?


  38. I don’t like Roberts . Never have.
    But you certainly did!! Lol

    Video released of 200 kids shot by Isis today.
    But you guys are more worried that a homosexual’s 7 year old daughter can’t give talks favoring homosexual marriage to 7 yr olds in s Chrustian school somewhere in Western Australia and Wazza is wondering whether his wife is a full blown lesbian or just bi-sexual.

    If you like send her over to me. She’ll be heterosexual when she goes back.

    Though she probably won’t want to.



  39. “Private schools, and Christian schools and 100% Heterosexual Q with such manly sweat that its stronger than viagra, aren’t interested in going to your house and stopping you.”

    Q, I’m so manly I cured my wife’s lesbianism/bisexuality. (Although the thought of that is…….interesting…..) Must be my women’s internal healing ministry…..

    You also seem to forget that private schools are massively funded by the state to the tune of $9 billion whereas public schools get $5 billion a year.

    If private schools want to be exclusivist entities pandering to a puritanical Elite than fine. Fund themselves through their tithes, offerings and fees.

    Just don’t take money which is geared for education and comes from the Australian taxpayer who overwhelmingly support gay marriage.

    I find it bizarre that the government gives private schools money to exclude fellow Australians on the basis of their beliefs.


  40. “See I could care less if Bones put naked Ian Roberts posters all over his walls.”

    I did when he played for the Rabbitohs but then he went to the Manly scum.

    Q’s still infatuated with Ian Roberts even though he hasn’t played in 17 years.

    Hard to believe he’s 50.

    In 30 years time, Q’ll still be fantasising about Ian Roberts.


  41. “I would have thought that you would be more compassionate to gay people, Q.Given that you’re married to one.”

    Okay, let’s look at this. Wazzayou think that because you read somewhere that all females are lesbians or bisexuals, that no private Christian schools can ever make rules about who they enrol. And of course judging on prior posts you thinks they shouldn’t be allowed to have ANY rules about morality. Because we are ALL sinners.
    Though, you don’t seem to like the word sin.

    I still disagree.

    But let’s look at the Latest findings. I don’t care too hoots about the latest findings. Social scientists are changing their minds all the time. And the last thing I read was that not only females but males also. we are all somewhere along the line between completely heterosexual and homosexual.
    I talked to an avowed homosexual who said that he as in the past been sexually attracted to a female. He didn’t understand it.

    But, so what? So there are 90 to 95% homosexuals. Then there are 50/50 complete bisexuals. Then there are guys like Bones who are maybe 70% heterosexual but who knows what would happen after a few drinks with some hunky football players …..

    So what?

    If anything, that shows we are in for a real rough ride. (no pun on Bones and his escapades with ex front row forwards….).

    So like I’ve said before. A bisexual. Won’t be satisfied unless they marry both a man and a woman. And what about their poor kids…..
    This is endless. So not only do we have the problem that soon people will want to be married with two others, but you’ll probably find research saying that there are people for whom it would be completely cruel to insist that only marry one person. Like the polymamorous lesbian who is wanting to have the right to marry two women. I’m sure you’ll get some American Phds to back her up too.

    And of course, we might find research that 25% of males are sometimes attracted to their teenage daughters. So what? Or that 30% oF Rockhampton residents fancy their siblings. So what?

    Okay, one issue is that people in the name of love and equality might want to marry someone who until now they couldn’t.

    But the issue today isn’t really about gay marriage. It’s about the right of a school to have rules and standards and in order to give the kind of education they were originally founded for to the majority of paying parents who made the decision to send their kids there.

    Its not even about objecting to the child of a parent who “sinned” once.
    So no, obviously the school isn’t raiding the bedrooms of parents to look for playboy magazines so they can kick them out. Neither would they kick the kid out if they heard rumours of a a tryst with the father, Bones and a footballer one time after Bones got drunk.

    No, its the problem of a parent who is vocal against the ethos of the school and is supported a id in Grade 2 to talk about it in class when there are many kids and parents who went to the school in order to avoid this.

    SO, over to Gregory.

    Like I said. I think contraception is okay. I don’t believe its a sin. If I had my way, I would liberate Catholics from their teaching on contraception, and their insistence on celibacy for priests. I think its ridiculous, and don’t think it’s biblically supported, but the Catholic church has their beliefs. And everyone KNOWS their beliefs. So I would defend the right of a Catholic school to not want to enrol a child who is using condoms for show and tell, and railing against the Catholic church – esp with the consent and support and probably instigation of the parent who runs a condom stall and parks outside the school.

    Now, you’ve brought up as many strange hypotheticals as you can.

    Alright, I’ll take you up on it. If there is a school that wants to ban the lame on the basis of the bible then they would probably have a hard time finding funding. But that’s completely different because there ARE no such schools. But they ARE and HAVE been schools who have clearly stated ideals that have continually operated with no problems until now.

    But if your argument is right. Then no private religious school could EVER make a rule because Greg will always say they can’t because one day somewhere on the planet a school will exist that will come up with an obscure rule.

    But. once again. IF there is an orthodox school which has rules about beards, or blending of cloth or whatever, I’d say let them have their rules.
    And I wouldn’t send my kid there. Or if I did, I would be telling them that its better not to spend the next few years, arguing against orthicon Judaism.

    See its common sense.

    But, there is no common sense on these websites. Nothing but pure fascism.

    See I could care less if Bones put naked Ian Roberts posters all over his walls. And spat on the bible everyday in the safety of his own home. And he can watch all the porn he wants.

    Wazza, by all means, get some pretty ladies (7 if you like) to come and have sex with your gay or bisexual wife. Go ahead.

    Private schools, and Christian schools and 100% Heterosexual Q with such manly sweat that its stronger than viagra, aren’t interested in going to your house and stopping you.

    But, private schools including religious schools that have existed for decades and hundreds of years ? Bones wants to shut them down completely. Groupsects wants to right their mission statements and make sure they close at three. Wazza wants them all to accept that all women are gay and bisexual and won’t let them dismiss presumably even those who advocate changing the child sex rules because after all…..all sin is the same…. and you can’t differentiate.
    And Greg won’t let them have rules either. – just in case a school out there somewhere bans people who didn’t offer a sacrifice after giving birth??

    No, you guys are the intolerant ones.

    People have different beliefs.
    I like the law saying that marriage is between a man and a woman. I think its good.
    I like the law that doesn’T allow sex and urination in the streets. You can argue that you can’t legislate morality, and that if you ban that you have to ban oysters, or that these things are natural and should be allowed and all these other crazy loonie arguments you come up with.

    But, I like the way it is. And so do most people. But i admit that number is decreasing because of the continual brainwashing.

    And you will get your own way. No doubt. Now its normal for teenage boys to watch pornography. Its normal for people to have many partners. Abortion is not seen as bad.

    You guys are winning.

    But you’re sliding down the slope, but you make sure you steer clear of the Muslims on the way down. You attack the weak.

    One day my friends, the church will be powerless, and it will be left to you left-wing gays to fight with the Muslims. Have fun!

    Nah, you’ll just convert….


  42. You should know that the old testament contains different types of law, civil, ceremonial and moral. Always check with your local fundamentalist to “rightly divide the word of truth”

    Liberal theologians are going to hell too, along with unbaptised babies, the criminally insane and public transport CEOs.

    Liked by 1 person

  43. As for refusing the blind, no school is using scripture to disallow students on that.

    True- but they are using scripture in an attempt to justify why they shouldn’t accept the child of gay parents…the very same scripture that says do not allow any blind, lame, broke handed or broke foot (don’t start me on broke back!) man can come before the Lord – these sort of people were NOT allowed to become priests.

    If I started a Christian school and I started to employ teachers, could I, based on this scripture; and because mine is a Christian school and so I should be allowed to be true to my long held beliefs, could I discriminate based on this scripture…NOW, if you say no – then tell me why that school can discriminate based on other outlandish pieces of scripture they should not pay any attention to?


  44. @wazza
    I’ve never said I’m more righteous than anyone.
    You are no doubt much more holy than I am.

    But yes, there is a difference in levels of sin.
    Ask your local judge or police officer.

    Or I’ll pay you a visit. I’m sure you’d think there’s a difference between your wife looking at me with lust for a few seconds and if she had sex with me ten times a day for a week and told you she wants to keep doing it.

    The issue here is the right of a private school to have rules. Bones has worked in a private school..,

    Wow. Everyone bow down!!! Lol

    Well thousands of teachers have too and not all of them want to ban private schools.

    Bones, you are free to believe what you want about the Bible. It’s not new. Fools have been teaching liberal theology for a hundred years and seeing the traditional churches die.

    And the result of you believing it is what?
    That you spend everyday attacking Christians, swearing and don’t know what you believe at all.

    As for growing up?

    Growing up means that now you can’t say that any sexual behavior is sin?


    And you both always miss the point.

    This is not about people sinning and having their kids thrown out of a school.

    It’s about people insisting on continually being vocal against the rules/ beliefs/ ethos of an organization and spitting the dummie when they can’t force change.
    It’s pretty simple.

    A Catholic Church has the right to have problems with a parent setting up a confirm stand outside the school gates.

    Anyway guys, be really tough and enroll your kids in a Muslim school. And carry on with this.

    You won’t.

    God is watching.

    God loves you. Come back to God and He’ll take away the hate, bitterness and depression you are living in.


  45. “This story is akin to an atheist who deliberately enrols his daughter into a devout Christian school, even though she has been brought up with an atheist belief system. Then the fireworks start happening when she tells her class that God isn’t real, he’s a fairy tale. Of course the school would be compelled to act. They have an obligation to the parents of children in their care, to uphold the beliefs of the Christian school, and to ensure the children are not influenced by atheist beliefs. It is naive to think the school would just ignore the situation.”

    That’s right get rid of the threat. We can’t handle an atheist student. That might ruin our mission of being a witness to the world. Woooohh

    Nah private schools get rid of kids they don’t want or like including the disabled.

    Having said that they are happy taking parent’s money until their child becomes a problem. Then they kick em out to the state school down the road.


  46. “And someone like Bones has gone from stating that homosexual sexual activity is sinful but that you “can’t legislate morality” and Christians can’t enforce their beliefs through laws to now being so led about by the nose that he is ready to ban all private schools.”

    Well yeah.

    I’ve worked in private schools.

    I know how they are run.

    It’s interesting how say children of parents who are going through an adulterous divorce are treated. They need to be supported and cared for because it’s not their fault.

    It quickly changes when the gay comes out.

    Education is a state responsibility.

    I also don’t believe the gospels are simple biographies nor Revelation was futuristic nor did Moses/God write the Torah.

    It’s called growing up.

    It would be much easier to walk around blind.

    I’d still have a lot of Christian friends.


  47. Good Ol’ Q standing like a statue above us all – watching us slide down our slippery slopes. I’ll soon have slipped down to the level of your feet of clay.

    So you can judge others sins and state which are worse sins and which ones can be overlooked? Can you state categorically that homosexuals are committing a worse sin than say.. someone who is full of pride or someone who cheats on his taxes? Is your eye so clear that you can remove specks from others eyes, or how do you know there is not a plank in there?

    Have you read the latest research which says that all women are either bi-sexual or gay? This coupled with Jesus’ advice that if you look at a woman with lust you have committed adultery with her, means that all women are adulterers… (as are all straight men of course)

    Liked by 1 person

  48. Just confirms what I’ve said for years.
    Homosexuals and others they’ve brainwashed won’t rest until society completely changes.

    Years ago they said they didn’t even want the right to marriage – just decriminalization. Then civil rights.
    Then they wanted homosexual marriage and said they wouldn’t infringe on anything else.

    But here in this blog you see the evolution – or rather where all this ends.

    Now they want Christian schools to change their beliefs and to agree that homosexuals can send their kids there and spread their homosexual beliefs.

    The writer of this blog is so hell bent on this that he thinks that no private schools should have a different stance or even mission statement and reason for being other then looking after kids between 9 and 3 and can’t teach their beliefs.

    And someone like Bones has gone from stating that homosexual sexual activity is sinful but that you “can’t legislate morality” and Christians can’t enforce their beliefs through laws to now being so led about by the nose that he is ready to ban all private schools.

    It’s incredible.

    And Wazza..,?

    We’ll probably you can’t take action even if the homosexuals are having oral sex on top of their cars waiting outside the school because now he is against nothing / and after all the school would have to expel parents for speeding because he has all these weird ideas of not singling out some sins over other sins.

    Yeah / this is where it ends. Except that it has t ended yet. Unfortunately the radicals and those who completely change there ideas year by year as they slip down the slippery -wait I can’t say that can I. …..

    But there’s definitely a slope.

    And luckily I’m still above it watching the silliness as person after person tumbles down.

    Except that I’ll have to be picking up the pieces of injured humanity at the bottom .


  49. What is interesting is the child’s father chose to enrol his daughter in a school which openly professes a belief system at odds with his own.
    Therefore it was either ignorance on his part, or there was intent to make a political statement.

    Foundation Christian college has a reputation being one of the most devout Christian schools in the Mandurah region. The father must have known this. Therefore I suspect this was a form of political activism.

    It’s sad he allowed his daughter to be put in this situation, where the school had no other choice but to act.

    This story is akin to an atheist who deliberately enrols his daughter into a devout Christian school, even though she has been brought up with an atheist belief system. Then the fireworks start happening when she tells her class that God isn’t real, he’s a fairy tale. Of course the school would be compelled to act. They have an obligation to the parents of children in their care, to uphold the beliefs of the Christian school, and to ensure the children are not influenced by atheist beliefs. It is naive to think the school would just ignore the situation.

    There are plenty of others schools he can enrol his child in. No one forced him to enrol his child at that school.
    But as per usual the pro gay movement will not be satisfied until they force every Christian school to conform to a pro gay agenda.


  50. Group sects, you’re a smart guy, but that comment is unbelievable.

    Most of the Christian schools I know initially started with a few families in a church wanting an alternative education for their kids.

    Even the posh private schools wouldn’t agree with your mission statement.

    And here’s the problem . Private schools are started usually with a lot of sweat and idealism. Then later parents send their kids there at financial sacrifice for the VERY reason that they want more out of a school than what homosexuals or atheists, or anti-private school people want.

    Why don’t YOU mind your own business?
    It’s not your school, you’ve never spent a cent on it, you’ve never volounteered there, and you don’t know the people who started it (to my knowledge anyway).

    Post your comment there to the principals of private schools around the world and see what they say.

    If that’s the limit of purpose for private schools they wouldn’t exist. If that’s all you want you send your kid to a public school. You don’t send them to a school with a specific aim, and purpose, and ethos.

    So you as a homosexual think that Catholic Church schools not only have to teach and accept homosexual marriage but according to your post should stop all mention of religion?
    SDA, schools would have to stop with their emphasis as would Muslim, Buddhist and Jewish schools.

    So, iow close down Religious schools unless they are exactly like public schools but charge money?
    That is complete nonsense.

    Argue for your view on homosexual marriage, but that comment isn’t worthy of s smart guy like you.

    And, private schools aren’t about 9 – 3. Ask private school teachers.

    For the record, all my education was in public schools and universities and I support the public system. But I think it’s okay for religious schools to teach that Saturday is the sabbath, or contraception is wrong, or sex before marriage is wrong , and to also object to students /parents who will be on a mission to promote the opposing view.

    You could argue like Wazza that it might be part of a good educational experience to have students and even teachers debate from an opposing view – but that’s the school’s call. And I’m pretty sure that the great majority of PAYING parents at this school aren’t wanting their 7yr old kids to be debating or even thinking about two men marrying it even having sex.

    Yes I know – many of you think that at 7 kids should learn about sex, condoms, and how two men pleasure each other but many people don’t.

    And guess what ? Some of them even pay to send their kids to schools where they have specific guideline.

    Public schools will no doubt soon have Dick and Jane replaced with Dick and Jane and Elton because Dick loves both boys and girls and that’s perfectly normal boys and girls and you may be like that and anybody who says differently is terrible and needs to be silenced ……
    But just leave other schools be.

    Also, if you really believe what you’re saying – let’s see the homosexuals enroll their kids in Muslim schools and then send them nasty letters.

    It won’t happen.

    And you know why.


  51. A Christian school (or any school) has an obligation to provide an education service to students between 9AM and 3PM Monday to Friday and a duty of care to ensure they have some means of getting home.

    Anything beyond that is massive over-reach. (MYOB)

    Liked by 1 person

  52. They could handle things differently.
    Eg Explain why the school believes what it does.

    But I think you’re missing the big issues here.

    1. Did the Grade 2 girl just decide by herself to talk about Tony Abbot and the gay marriage issue or did the father help /encourage her somehow knowing full well what the school believed.

    2. If the teacher / other students explained why they disagreed with her views, would the girl/father then complain that she was being brainwashed, or damaged by the school giving a it’s views on gay marriage? And would this just continually happen?

    3. Perhaps many teachers and parents don’t want kids in Grade two to be worried about talking about homosexuality.?

    The easiest thing for all concerned is if the girl is in another school.
    If she stays there then everyone the school talks about marriage, or another kid says in the playground something about men marrying women will this girl go home crying to her homosexual father who will then start crying and complaining about victimization and bullying and how homosexual marriage is normal and beautiful and should be accepted by everyone?

    You see most people can accept that people have different views- except homosexuals who won’t rest until the whole world religious or not agrees that homosexuality is normal and beautiful and should be accepted in churches and anyone who disagrees be punished.

    Actually the longer I think about this the more I think it’s ridiculous.

    I accept that there are men who are sexually and romantically attracted to men and have no feelings for women. But to say it’s normal … Goes against plain common sense and biology.

    But I feel extreme pity for people like that.
    It must be terrible.

    Just being honest.
    I guess I should comment on the issue.


  53. Having read the updated article, the Principal claims that the child wasn’t asked to leave because of a homosexual parent but because of her presentation which was undermining the Christian values of the school.

    So the school couldn’t deal with a seven-year old’s opinion, and was worried that the other Grade 2’s would be more influenced by this girl than their teacher/principal/school counsellor etc.

    Liked by 1 person

  54. Wazza, I don’t know about your school. But if this particular school had a policy about parents adhering to the rules or ethos of the school, you can hardly blame them for having problems with a student whose father is openly gay and then when a 7 yr old is doing a presentation about tony abbot and gay marriage and why it should be accepted.

    Many people pay good money to send their kids to religious schools because they want their kids brought up in an environment where their beliefs and principles are honored and want them to not have to be confronted with the attacks on their beliefs that they have in public shools.
    I went to a public school, and have not wanted to send my kids to private schools. But the majority of the parents there have made decisions about their education. I’m sure this father and his daughter would be happier in a public school where they can believe, say, promote anything they like. Whether that be gay marriage, sex before marriage, drugs, porn or anything.

    Porn is legal is many places. An AV actress sending her child to a Muslim or Jewish school, and then having a 7 year old say that further laws re decency ratings should be changed would no doubt face the same situation.

    No this father is just another gay terrorist wanting to force Christian schools to change and have to accept that men should be able to have sex with men – which they clearly dont believe in.

    and its working, because the school was attacked. Once again the majority suffer because of a very vocal, vindictive minority.

    as for your couple. Its one thing a catholic school to let in protestant students. Its another to have a raving calvinist who openly preaches that the pope is the antichrist send their 7 year old there and do presentations about why Catholics are going to hell.

    to me this is just common sense.

    Think about why this school was begun in the first place and what the hopes and feelings of the majority of the parents is.

    this is just an attack. And as usual a gay terrorist is using a little kid for their agenda.

    Now, Greg will no doubt take back his statement that I’m reasonable.


  55. I was on the board of a Christian school – back when I believed in them.

    We had a big argument about whether we should let in a student whose parents were (“… oh the horror”) not married. I argued that we couldn’t discriminate against this student because otherwise we would have to look at the morals of all the parents and it would be a never-ending moral policing task.

    Then one of the parents left his marriage and took up with one of the other parents. Were we to expel two children now because suddenly their parents were sinful?

    In my view this is the same problem schools will face if they try to exclude children of homosexual parents. Or is there something in particular about homosexuality that makes it more ‘sinful’ than other sins?

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  56. A Christian school like that has had beliefs and standards that have been no secret to anyone and they have held them from their very beginning.
    Beliefs vary from religion to religion, and society and the Dept of Education included has always known the basic beliefs of Catholics and Anglicans and SDA’s etc.

    It’s only been extremely recent that people have been openly gay and openly made a fuss about sending their kids to a religious school.

    You could argue that an openly high profile practising prostitute, or adult video actress, or a man in an open relationship with 6 women should be able to send their children to a fundamentalist school if their activities are legal, and the school is receiving govt funding, but until now, most people have understood that such schools have beliefs and standards.

    I think its okay to keep it that way.

    As for refusing the blind, no school is using scripture to disallow students on that. If you want to come up with all the hypertheticals, then allow me to also do that with the gay marriage debate – i.e. what if someone wants to get married with 3 women, or a gay horse or a transvestite robot. But the gay marriage proponents with attack over that for being irrelevant.

    I think a Jewish school or a Hindu school, can also have standards which i might not believe or agree on, and have a policy of who they will accept. If I were in complete opposition to their views, I wouldn’t send my kids there.

    Some churches have strict rules about divorce and other things. If there is a church school that doesn’t allow divorced teachers, or whatever, I think that’s okay.

    There are plenty of public schools that gay parents can send their kids to. Anyone can send their kids to a public school – black, white, gay, sweet transvestites from transylvania, meat eaters, vegetarians, prostitutes, strippers, and even Calvinists.

    If Hillsongchurchwatch started a private school, and didn’t want to allow the the Houston kids to go there wearing Hillsong United T-shirts, and humming Oceans, then I’d accept that. And I wouldn’t send my kids there.

    To me that’s just reasonable and common sense.

    But I’m probably a little overboard in this respect. I live overseas where both whites and Christians are in the minority. If there were a private religious school that taught that whites are unclean, I wouldn’t send my kids there and expect them to change.

    that’s how extreme my views are.

    But even if we keep it simple and uncontroversial, obviously a school like that will be better off without the problem. If in class a teacher says the bIble teaches marriage is between a man and a woman, then probably this father will get upset and claim that his daughter is being psychologically abused.

    So i think its better for everyone to just let the school live by their beliefs and admission policies.

    But the real issue here is that gays want the Christian schools, and churches to change their minds.

    I accept the right of people to propagate the belief that gay marriage is right and good, and even that people who don’t accept that view are wrong and even sinful or heretical.

    The public arena is the best place for that.

    Disallowing funding for Catholic schools on the basis of gender discrimination because women can’t become priests is not something I concur with. So I’d understand if a Catholic church didn’t want to accept an ex-Catholic nun who was openly advocating for female priests and criticising the Pope – even though I’m all for female clergy.

    and my final thing that I keep coming up with. There are people who think bi-sexuals should have equal treatment under the law, and who think that a bi-sexual will only be fulfilled emotionally if they can marry two people. That’s an opinion and i accept their right to promote it.
    But I also would agree that a religious school should have the right to not take in students whose parents live in a bisexual situation and are promoting the right for bi-sexual marriage.

    But if you say that’s wrong because some church schools might disallow parents who mix different kinds of materials in their clothing, I’d say that’s irrelevant. but…..if there were an extreme Orthodox Jewish school who had a policy of not accepting children of fathers who didn’t have a beard, or didn’t adhere to their particular rules of orthodoxy, then I’d accept their right to do so. And I wouldn’t send my kids there are try to bully them.

    I’d a pretty peace-loving guy. As you well know…….lol

    So even if gay marriage is allowed, I think a school should be allowed to keep their policies.

    But you are probably right.


  57. A school should be able to not allow who they want.

    I disagree with that statement quite strongly Q – can you unpack why you think they should be allowed to disallow anyone? Let’s say they adopted Leviticus 21:18 as their schools motto and on that basis wold not allow a blind or lame or any imperfect kid to come to their school – would that be ok? You’re a reasonable person so I know you will say of course that’s not ok = so why is it ok for them to disallow a child of gay parents?

    Liked by 1 person

  58. @wazza.

    It’s never been an issue before.

    A religious school has beliefs that they’ve stood by for years. This is just ridiculous.

    A school should be able to not allow who they want.
    If you want to argue that then they shouldn’t be govt funding then I probably agree. I’m public school and don’t think private schools should get govt money.
    (But that’s a different issue)


  59. I simply do not understand why a gay person would want to put their child into a school that doesn’t support who they are as human beings. It makes no sense. It is not rocket surgery to realise that a fund school is not gong to be happy with your daughter being open and honest (they don;t want anyone being open and honest about anything. Because that leads to empathy and empathy leads to compassion and compassion leads to doing things that might not be in your own best interest, and all these schools and communities are after is what’s in their own best interest.

    Churches should not be running schools or marrying people – that is a state job.

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  60. No big deal.

    It’s a religious institution that gets govt money like many private schools and they have religious beliefs.
    How would that sound if we replace ‘gay’ with ‘black’?

    Let him try enroll the girl in a Klan school and then go after him.

    Blacks of the world, there are people who don’t agree with interacial marriage.
    Notice he says what will happen when interacial marriage is legalized?? Meaning when that day comes religious schools will be forced to change their policies. This guy is a walking advertisement for the no vote for interacial marriage . No, blacks DONT just want the right to live in peace and marry who they love, they’ll go after schools and then of course churches.

    Never before in history has such a minority wanted to bully everyone else.

    poor ex-wife.

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  61. No big deal.

    It’s a religious institution that gets govt money like many private schools and they have religious beliefs.
    Let him try enroll the girl in a Muslim school and then go after him.

    Gays of the world, there are people who don’t agree with homosexual marriage.
    Notice he says what will happen when gay marriage is legalized?? Meaning when that day comes religious schools will be forced to change their policies. This guy is a walking advertisement for the no vote for gay marriage . No, gays DONT just want the right to live in peace and marry who they love, they’ll go after schools and then of course churches.

    Never before in history has such a minority wanted to bully everyone else.

    poor ex-wife.


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