Pastor faces jail for money laundering – updated*



WSMV reports…

“A Murfreesboro pastor who was the subject of several Channel 4 I-Team investigations is now headed to prison.

The I-Team learned Pastor Mike Whitsey continued to raise money from his congregation without telling them the church was in bankruptcy. Federal prosecutors later charged him with lying to investigators about how much money he was receiving from a well-known drug dealer.

Monday, Whitsey learned he will spend six months in jail.

Whitsey is the pastor of Abundant Life Christian Church.

In June, Whitsey pleaded guilty to lying to agents with the IRS and the Drug Enforcement Agency about the hundreds of thousands of dollars he received from a known drug trafficker who made that money from selling drugs.

Prosecutors said Whitsey then used the money to pay debts and various expenses for the church.

“I fully regret and admit to making false statements to agents. I accept punishment and understand telling the truth is important,” Whitsey said in court.

Whitsey previously served time for drug possession and theft. At his last court appearance, the I-Team asked him if he was worried about going back to prison.

“If we have to go there, we’ll do some work there,” Whitsey said.

Whitsey will enter prison at the beginning of January. After serving his sentence, he will be under three years of supervised release.”




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