The New York Daily News reports…

“A sticky-fingered church usher was busted pocketing hundreds of dollars in donations from offering baskets while church members prayed, a bombshell video released by a Florida sheriff’s office shows.

Detectives in Ocala, Florida, placed video cameras inside the Blessed Trinity Catholic Church after church officials asked them to investigate suspicions that one of their volunteers, Mario Condis, was stealing church donations.

The video, depicting Condis, 60, grabbing handfuls of cash and picking every last penny from offering baskets and shoving it into his pockets, confirmed their suspicions.

The video is the latest of multiple videos showing Condis stealing offerings while church members bowed their heads in prayer, detectives said.

The social media reaction to the video, which was published on the Marion County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page, was fierce.

“OMG…he even steals from God,” posted Octavia Spencer.

“It looked like he took every dime…” wrote Matt Champagne.

On Sunday, detectives stopped Condis as he approached the altar to pray and escorted him out of the church, Florida cops said. They found over $300 of stolen cash on him.

Condis was arrested and charged with grand and petty theft.”

From http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/video-shows-catholic-church-usher-pocketing-cash-donations-article-1.2429457


8 thoughts on “Sprung

  1. Lance, can you post an article about Muslim terrorists so we can all say how horrible it is and make Q feel better?

    Apparently every article has to be about Muslim terrorists….

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  2. If a Muslim terrorist accepts Jesus as his personal Lord and Saviour, he goes to heaven where he is welcomed by God and can laugh at his victims in hell.


  3. Eh, I feel sorry for people who get caught for doing the wrong thing. It wasn’t a statement at all about anything else. Just clear cut – a guy caught doing wrong who has lost his reputation. Yeah and it’s all his fault.

    You attack me now for when I don’t say poor guy or poor girl?

    Everybody hates on macho heterosexual white guys.

    Not a peep of criticism about the Muslim terrorists in Paris. No you’ll save your energy for someone not saying “poor person” equally. ?

    And they’ll blog about some crazy lady who said crazy words to some pop singers father?

    I’ll never understand you guys.

    But keep going – there’s probably a Pentecostal pastor who didn’t return his library book on time in France somewhere.

    I grieve for more innocent people butchered by Islamic terrorists. Not some homosexual bullying a school to let his daughter speak about gay marriage in one a several schools he can go to.

    Of in other news they’re burning down churches in Indonesia again.

    But you could care less. There’s a yuppie homosexual somewhere who has to walk down the street to get some cakes and that takes all of your rage quota


  4. Why is he deserving of sympathy for his sin.

    when the 7-year old daughter of two men does not get any sympathy for the consequences of the ‘sin’ of her parents. You never said ‘poor girl’ to her for losing her school and friends.

    Yes, not all sins are born equal.

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