Pastor blames Paris attack victims


KLAQ reports…

“Christian Pastor Steven Anderson delivered a sermon attacking the victims of the Paris terrorist attacks. In the hour long sermon, he explains that he doesn’t condone the actions of the terrorist[s], but he also doesn’t condone the concertgoers who went to attend a “death metal” concert.

I know, I know Eagles of Death Metal aren’t REALLY death metal, or even close, but we’ll get to that after we see what  Pastor Anderson had to say….

“When you go to a concert of death metal, somebody might get killed! You know, you’re worshiping death, and then, all of a sudden, people start dying!… Well, you love death so much, you bought the ticket, you love worshiping Satan! Well, let’s have some of Satan’s religion come in and shoot you!

I mean, that’s what these people should think about before they go into such a wicked concert…”

Oh, and he also decided to take it all the way to childish name calling, by referring to read singer Jesse Hughes as a “drug-pushing hillbilly f*ggot.”

The band Eagles of Death Metal aren’t actually a death metal act! Band member Josh Homme described the band’s sound as “bluegrass slide guitar mixed with stripper drum beats and Canned Heat vocals.” The name is actually a parody and their music could be described as bluesy rock more than death metal….”



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