This pastor met with Donald Trump


Patheos reports…

“A controversial New York City pastor warns protesters: If you disrupt my church we will “castrate your men and slit the throats of your women” and then “piss on the graves of your ancestors.”

Earlier this week Harlem hate Pastor James David Manning of the ATLAH Church in Harlem, New York was among a select group of black clergy who met with GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Joe. My. God. reports that in the clip [above] Pastor Manning recounts how one of the pastors at the meeting with Trump (whom he refers to with the N-word) mentions apologizing to his congregation after protesters allegedly “stormed the pulpit.”

16 thoughts on “This pastor met with Donald Trump

  1. it is if you treat prayer as a shopping list of items you want God tofu, change, or do. Prayer is much more than that, although it is that as well! Jesus taught his followers to pray, and so if Jesus thought prayer a good thing, I’m happy to follow suit.

    I meet with the two clergy of our parish every Thursday and Friday for morning prayer, and I have to say that I genuinely look forward to it and feel a whole lot better afterward as well. We use A Prayer Book for Australia (anglican prayer book), and I love it.

    So much so that when we launch a social enterprise market garden next year (The Yarn Tree – google it) I intend starting each dayfrom the prayer book with morning prayer onsite, and ending each day with evening prayer – also onsite. I certainly understand your thoughts about superstition, however I don’t think of prayer in that way – as if it is changing God’s mind, because you are dead right – I thin k it folly also to attempt to change God’s mind – although others have in the past been successful at doing so! Moses was able to turn God’s anger away from his people, not so much by asking him to do it, but by reminding God of his own promises- impetuous? Yeah, you bet- but God, I believe, desires a connected relationship with us, and our method of relating is via the communion of prayer.


  2. If God knows best it would be downright rude of us humans to beg him for a change of mind. Prayer is thus a superstition and I’m not superstitious (touch wood). Well maybe just stitious.


  3. I truly hope so Melly Smuff – I need all the prayers I can have said for me. How about you, anyone praying for you?

    I did just now – although it was probably negated now that I’ve said it out loud and in public – oh well!

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  4. When I get to heaven I’ll take a long fat line of bath salts and projectile vomit on your fat arse in hell, mother fucker.


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