Jerry Falwell Jr. shooting his mouth off – updated*


Peter Galuszka writes in the Washington Post…

“For a while it had seemed Liberty University in Lynchburg, Va., had finally turned a corner. The conservative, private Christian school had recently included socialist Bernie Sanders among speakers at a weekly convocation. The Democratic presidential contender was received politely.

The school was founded by the late political firebrand Rev. Jerry Falwell, former spokesman for “The Moral Majority” of right-wing Christians back in the 1980s.

It had been growing quickly and gaining respectability, moving far from its hardscrabble background as a a collection of trailers near Falwell’s Thomas Road Baptist Church.

But Jerry Falwell Jr., who succeeded his father as school leader, came out with a bizarre and dangerous statement at another convocation on Dec. 5.  Referring to the tragic shootings in San Bernardino, he told students that they should obtain concealed-carry permits, buy handguns and stand ready to repress alien, non-Christian attackers. The school would offer free firearms instruction.

“If more good people had concealed-carry permits, then we could end those Muslims before they walked in,” Falwell said.

His racist and bigoted comments came just days before leading Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump urged that U.S. borders be sealed for people of the Muslim faith. He drew international rebukes for his outlandish idea.

But then, Liberty has a curious history. It is rated by Young Americans for Freedom as being in the top 10 most conservative colleges. Despite its remarkable growth, it ranks only as No. 80 among regional schools in the South, according to U.S. News & World Report. Fewer than half of its students, which number 13,800 on campus and 100,000 online, actually graduate.

Daddy Falwell was also known for outrageous comments that got him a lot of attention when he was a televangelist thumping for cash donations. His most astonishing was his 1999 attack on the “Teletubbies,” a BBC-TV children’s television show aimed at toddlers. According to Falwell, Tinky Winky, a purple-colored creature who has an antenna on his head and carries a handbag, was an attempt to make children homosexual.

“As a Christian, I feel that role-modeling the gay lifestyle is damaging to the moral lives of children,” he said. His clues: Purple is a “gay” color, and the triangular antenna on Tinky Winky resembles a symbol of the gay culture. The other characters are Tinky Winky’s friends “Laa-Laa,” “Dipsy” and “Po,” but knowledgeable observers argue there’s really not much difference among the four.

Falwell was closer to the mark when he argued that the TV show South Park was “vile and impudent.”

This might seem amusing except that the United States seems to be going through one of the worst periods of anti-intellectualism, xenophobia and race-based hatred in its history. Falwell Jr. has certainly tapped that venomous strain with his awful remarks.”






7 thoughts on “Jerry Falwell Jr. shooting his mouth off – updated*

  1. Falwell’s ‘Go ahead, make my day’ remarks have actually made Liberty a potential target. Radical extremists would not have even heard of the university until now.

    The problem with the ‘finger gun’ argument is that a single person with a real gun still doesn’t stand much chance in a real-life active shooter situation.

    They’ve already got the advantage of surprise and are heavily armed (thanks to a culture which allows them to accumulate a weapons arsenal)

    Yes, you all think you’re John Wayne and could take out the shooter with 1 or 2 shots, but the reality is you would most likely slightly wound them and not slow them down.

    Even a well coordinated response by heavily armed Police takes a while before the shooter is subdued (and often it only ends when the shooter has turned their gun on themselves)

    Some of the recent mass shootings in the US have been committed by Christian-trained students who have had some falling out and used a gun to exact revenge.

    I see Liberty as a hard-edged right-wing organisation that’s ripe for having some moody gun-trained irrationally-minded post-adolescent feeling wronged by some faculty decision that would prompt the student to seek revenge with a weapon.

    By shooting his mouth off, Falwell has helped create an environment where the Liberty students are in more danger than ever before – becoming a potential target for an outside assailant attack or an insider attack by a failed gun-carrying student who’s pissed with the university.

    As for Boko Haram, the world should have been bombing the crap out of them and sending in UN peacekeepers long ago.

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  2. When your declared enemy says he wants to kill you and your students, and does 147 at a time in Kenya… then it is smart to arm your 21-year-old students through the concealed carry programs of Freedom States. Oppressive, Progressive states hate citizens who can stop themselves being slaughtered by ISIS with GoPro chest cameras capturing the death video for ISIS promulgation?… Progressive mind-think will get you killed every time. Just as the unarmed 14 people slaughtered in Progressive-disarm-the-citizens-in-California by the ISIS GoPro husband wife team. Oops, you can’t ask them (the 14), because they are dead. Progressive culture invites death unto itself. True Christianity says, No, you cannot slaughter our children. CA says, OK… in gun free zones?

    How about it Group Sects? You would use your finger gun in the Kenya School where Muslim Extremists slaughtered 147 students, mostly girls? Or would you prefer to be armed in Virginia at Liberty, and have a fighting chance? (I know… you want OTHER innocent students not armed, even if they die, and die, and die. But the flyover states refuse to die. Only the Progressive East-West cultures want & get their way… which is to learn nothing from 147 or 14 slaughtered. just mock those who would live. God is about living, not dying. Live! Confront the problem. Fight back. WIN! (Try it, Group Sects! You will live!)


  3. In Utah, for a long time, students 21 or older can and have carried in public schools. Guess what. No slaughter. You are prejudiced against young adults to think they would slaughter themselves. If one individual goes “running amok” (See Captain Cook, 1770… when he discovered the term in Malaysia) then the majority stop the sole lunatic. Live, do not die. Don’t be a victim of your own finger gun when facing ISIS. They slaughter innocents, now with GOPRO cameras on their chests! Fight back. Confront the problem. Live! Point your gun, not your finger!


  4. And Group Sects, if facing an ISIS shooter, would use its finger gun?

    CAN you think this through, Group Sects? Liberty Students will live (compared to 147 that died in Kenya!) and any school that listens to Group Sects, has only fingers to point, whereas Liberty folk will LIVE!


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